上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 各区高端喝茶会所 The swords used in the two wars are exactly the same, both of which are the Juexue Bailing magic heavenly sword array of Taiyi Xianmen Town. Two lightsabers with a length of kilometers immediately condensed and formed, and they split at Chen Han with the potential of Wan Jun..

The swords used in the two wars are exactly the same, both of which are the Juexue Bailing magic heavenly sword array of Taiyi Xianmen Town. Two lightsabers with a length of kilometers immediately condensed and formed, and they split at Chen Han with the potential of Wan Jun..

Concentrate all the immortal powers of hundreds of six robbers who scattered immortals. After the attack of the increase of war, even wearing two pieces of fairy armor can easily break the defense. Don’t say that if you fall directly on your body, even if you attack and confront it, you will be seriously injured. Seeing two giant swords cut down in the air, Chen Han suddenly started.
Ben Lei-incarnate ten million.
The figure disappeared from the original place, and between the crackle, he finished breaking the void seven times in a row, which is the limit of his continuous breaking of the void now.
That’s right!
This is exactly the posture of the emperor’s opening the heavens corresponding to the celestial order. As early as many years ago, from the breakthrough in the late Mahayana period to the four robberies and scattered immortals, the emperor’s shaking the heavens and the emperor’s opening the heavens directly reached the celestial order, it was completely unsealed at one time. Cheap master was seriously injured at the beginning, and he was greatly reduced. The layers of bans can only be maintained until the fairy level. When the cold breaks through to the realm of four robberies and scattered immortals, all subsequent memories are presented.
However, just like the sky-breaking leg method and the split-virtual knife method, it is much more difficult to display the martial arts corresponding to the fairy stage than those before.
The reason is very simple, scattered fairy is called scattered fairy, which means it is not a real fairy.
Counting from the realm, the Six Robbers Scattered Immortals correspond to the later level of the Immortals. However, in the case that the increase in talent is equivalent to the external increase, the Immortals can easily kill the Six Robbers Scattered Immortals in the later stage. There is a big gap between scattered immortals and real immortals in terms of physical body, energy and yuan god, just like the pseudo-then fighters who use martial arts to enter the Tao compared with those who fix the truth in the then period.
Therefore, for Chen Han, who is at the level of scattered immortals, it is necessary to achieve five or even six robberies before the martial arts can be displayed.
Avatar ten million!
His current practice is not so exaggerated, but at the same time, based on the broken void posture, he left seven identical figures. That’s not the illusion of ordinary people who fix the truth, even if they are stronger than him, they can’t be broken, so every figure is himself.
However, the speed of breaking the void is too fast, leaving a figure in seven different places.
Mind can’t judge the real body?
Qi Jianqiu and Cheng Qi, who presided over two wars, were blindsided. In addition to the illusion of seven incarnations, there were eight ontologies of Chen Han.
That is, in the next moment when the avatar must be launched, his broken vanity appeared in front of Qi Jianqiu, and his fighting knife was chopped down with all his strength. Poor souls can’t tell the difference between the real body and the virtual image at all. The two lightsabers have been hanging high and hesitating, and all the energy has been poured into the lightsaber without being sent. How can Qi Jianqiu tell the fairy power to meet the enemy?
Barely spit out a primitive effort, about 30% of the fairy force was shot with a palm, but it was a recruit and three types of Chen Han’s all-out attack.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
He was found here, and two lightsabers roared and cut at once. Others also tried their best to motivate a few immortal forces and launched sporadic attacks.
With a gorgeous glow exploding from Qi Jianqiu, something like a toy puppet broke into a powder in the air.
It is this thing that saved his life, otherwise, with the gap between him and Chen Han, he will meet a recruit and three-style volley with 30% immortal strength, even if he has one more life, he will be stunned.
"damn it! Body double Fairy, how could he have this thing? " Yi Hao outside the array could not help but scold 1.
"This old bastard saved his life. See how he can escape next time!"
Kouxun couldn’t help swearing. For a moment, everyone was still worried about Chen Han, thinking that even if he was desperate to save him this time, this face would be completely lost. After all, no one thought that he could win in the siege of more than 200 people who robbed and scattered immortals. However, with the appearance of a brand-new posture of running thunder, the impossible was fundamentally reversed.
If we kill Qi Jianqiu, we can at least make the other party leaderless. Even if we can’t completely disintegrate the opposing factions of Taiyi Xianmen, we can also create a situation in which everyone feels insecure. No one can think that Qi Jianqiu even has this skill.
Poof …
When everyone decided that Chen’s cold would win, they broke the void again to avoid Chen’s cold of lightsaber and suddenly spat out a big mouthful of blood.
Then, the skin on my body exploded, and ferocious cracks spread all over my body, and I could clearly see the muscles, meridians and blood vessels under my skin.
Ice pupil’s lips turned bluish white and exclaimed, "No! He ….. He can only bear seven consecutive broken vanity at most, and the avatar he just cast must have been unable to continue to cast. He not only surprised Qi Jianqiu again, but also cast it again to avoid the attack, and so on … "
"Chen Han thief, you are dead, don’t waste our precious body double fairy dolls!" Qi Jianqiu burst out laughing.
"Ha-ha … Bing Pupil deserves to be a disciple of this school. Thank you for reminding me that he can only break the void seven times in a row. I’d like to see where he can escape this time!" Cheng Qi’s smile even included some ferocious.
"You … I …" Ice pupil this just found himself in panic gaffes, the cold card made public.
Chapter 443 Witch curse to save the danger
If you don’t display the broken void, you will be hit by the extremely fast sword light. The posture speed can’t avoid the sword light tracked by the consciousness, and you can’t afford to display the broken void body continuously.
Chen cold suddenly caught in a dilemma!
If the first strike is successful, many problems will be solved. Holding the heart of catching the thief first, he naturally chose to deal with Qi Jianqiu first. Where did he think that he had such a thing as a body double fairy doll?
Two lightsabers came after us, but the distance of kilometers is only a moment. If we continue to escape by breaking the virtual force, the trauma on our body will continue to increase, and we will eventually die.
Since the breakthrough to the peak of six robberies, he never thought of the word "dead" in the fix true world, but now he was forced to face death by a group of single people whose fighting power was far less than his own guy.
"Bastard! Want to let Lao tze die, with you? "
He knew very well that continuing to avoid it would only lead to a more unfavorable situation. In a state of shock and anger, he broke down to meet the sword light with a loud explosion.
Sky-breaking-nine prisons sink deep!
Crack virtual-nine chop!
Although he knows what it means to face a hundred-man war, he has no choice now.
Bang …
His attack power is equivalent to nine medium-sized six-robbery peak scattered fairy, which is even better than the attack power because of the fusion of innate E-soil elite. Nine six-robbery peak scattered fairy formed a war, which broke his skin at most, which is still without magic weapon defense.
However, the other party did not have a fairy in hand, especially the magic weapon of Qi Jianqiu and others, all of which are peerless treasures of top-grade ancient fairy wares.
Thirty people can break his defense, and a battle formed by ninety-nine people is not as simple as three times more powerful.
Two giant lightsabers collided head-on with combat knives and knee pads, and Chen’s cold suddenly fell headlong.
Originally, the skin that was forced to break continuously and burst in vain was a little deeper, and a lot of blood seemed to have been run over by a hydraulic press, splashing hundreds of meters in the air.
The war didn’t stop at all, and the immortal power gathered at an alarming rate. The opponent’s vitality and defense had long been learned. Even if he was given a moment, it was possible to recover quickly. If you want to completely kill Chen Han, you must do everything possible to cast a continuous blow until the daylights out turned into fly ash.
The muscles of the arms and right leg almost turned into paste, and the internal organs also suffered light damage. The meridians and bones were full of cracks under the tear of firm but gentle.
Chen Han, who was blasted into the ground by a blow for tens of thousands of meters, quickly stuffed several healing herbs into his mouth and spit out a few mouthfuls of blood again.
In the sky, the immortal power and the immortal sword merged and quickly condensed the second wave of attacks.
He can guess how strong the next blow will be, at least in his current state, but what’s the use of regretting it now?
If it weren’t for body double Fairy Puppet, the whole war situation would be different, but it’s too late to say anything now.
After the immortal herbs, the immortal seal, and the innate decyl water elite are merged, the self-healing ability of the flesh is also extremely strong. However, if you want to repair the heavy injury instantly, it is not something that the immortal seal can do. In the past, at the level of conventional practitioners, he could recover in the blink of an eye by taking fairy herbs, but now he has advanced to the peak of six robberies. With his strong body, fairy herbs have been difficult to achieve the miraculous effect of instant recovery.
What should we do?
He slapped his head hard, his bloody hands intertwined rapidly, and obscure and harsh spells floated out from his lips, full of languages that no one could understand.
Without any energy fluctuation, the previously sprayed blood that fell on the ground and melted into the soil actually floated out of the ground strangely. Being blown into the ground for tens of thousands of meters, the cold of the whole body blood slowly rises, and there are enough ten pounds of blood lingering around him.
Bubbles, large and small, are constantly popping up. When each bubble bursts, a bloody symbol will float out. Everything seems to be slow, but it is as fast as lightning.
Not enough!
There is not enough blood!
Fairy power in the body stirred up a dozen catties of blood, bursting out along the healing wound, and a total of more than 20 catties of blood seemed to boil with boiling hot water.
What is this?
Everyone was confused by this strange scene. There was no energy fluctuation, a spell that had never been heard before, and the osteotome that was as black as ink, and the smell was never seen before.
Yes, this is the method of witchcraft from Xingtian’s family, and it is also one of the few witchcraft spells that can be cast only by means of spells, witchcraft and blood sacrifice without resorting to witchcraft.

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