"PSST …"

Xiao asked to breath in a gasp. Almost stood there.
"Master Xiao is too expensive?" The wang xing youth frowned and added, "at least one hundred and eighty thousand. If it is less, it will not work. "
However, Xiao asked where it was too expensive, but he clearly didn’t expect it to be so cheap!
The monster beast can only be pulled down after it is dead. He really didn’t expect that the one-track mind of the seven-order monster beast red beast was only worth two hundred thousand!
So after hearing that the wang xing youth offered another price of 180,000 yuan, Xiao Wen immediately looked up, as if he had made a great determination: "Well, 180,000 yuan is 180,000 yuan! I bought it! "
"Shameless!" Ninety thousand disdain.
At this time, Xiao Wen didn’t care about 90 thousand, so he quickly poured his mind into the storage ring, and a small bag of spirit beads flew out.
"Ten thousand per bag. A total of 180 thousand, brother Wang still need to order a little? "
"No, I trust Master Xiao."
"Thanks a lot."
After receiving the 180,000 spirit beads, wang xing youth took leave, and Xiao Wen and Duan Changxing and Duan Yan went home.
Although it took 145 thousand spirit beads. But Xiao Wenke didn’t feel a loss at all, but felt that he had picked up a big bargain.
Seeing Xiao’s beaming face, Duan Yan was also happy for him, so she couldn’t help asking, "Brother Xiao, do you really need red-blooded animal tendons?"
"It’s not urgent, but it’s better to reserve points first than to find them now when you use them." Xiao asked with a smile.
"well. Brother Xiao, you are really good at refining! " Duan Yan sincerely tunnel.
"Ha ha. You only saw my present scenery, but didn’t see how I got here step by step. "
Duan Yan didn’t answer the words, but she said in her heart, it would be good if I could watch you go on step by step in the future …
"Brother Xiao, second brother and swallow are back." Duan Chang often came out of the room and said to the three people.
"well. Often, let me ask you something. " Xiao asked.
"What is it?"
"Do you understand the price of fairy materials here? Needless to say, gold and stone, only the monster beast, such as blood, bones and muscles, demon Dan and so on. "
"Well. Although my realm is not enough, I have been dreaming all day, but I have not paid less attention to the prices of these materials. "
"You also know about the high-order monster beast?"
"Not bad."
"Don’t be modest. Let me ask you, how much is this red-flame beast tendon worth?" Talking Xiao Wen has put the beast muscle out.
At this time, Duan Yan was nervous, watching Xiao ask her eldest brother for fear that her eldest brother would name a layman’s price.
"This is red beast muscle? Well, it should be from the calf of the red-flaming beast. This size should be around 200,000 Lingzhu. "
Duan Yan quietly breathed a sigh of relief, but also stole a glance at Xiao asked, that look is really cute.
"I’m not black …" Xiao asked with a whisper, and then he said to Duan Changdao, "Do you know the price of fire unicorn blood and dragon blood? Let’s have a catty each."
"A catty should be about 150,000 Lingzhu."
Xiao Wen was finally moved, and suddenly he found that he had probably walked into a misunderstanding all along: he misjudged the price of this demon material!
He can earn 60,000 or 70,000 Lingzhu in a day, but that 150,000 Lingzhu is really nothing!
"Is it easy to find a source of goods?"
"There must be one in Longjing’s collection."
"What about Jiuyang Baojing? About two pounds, is it easy to find? "
"I can’t remember the price of Jiuyang Baojing, but it certainly doesn’t exceed 100,000. Longjing can definitely buy it."
Xiao Wen couldn’t say anything, but he roared in his heart: I’ll blow up! ! ! !
What the hell is going on here? ! !
After Duan Changchang’s explanation, coupled with Xiao’s own inference, the real situation is finally presented!
Ordinary fairy materials in Tianlan demon world are cheap, but demon materials are not expensive …
This is because the monks in this world are all amateurs, and the output of demon materials far exceeds their needs!
Supply exceeds demand, how can prices go up?
Therefore, even those high-order demon materials are within the acceptable range! Of course, for those who are particularly rich …
But in any case, Xiao asked is understood, he actually completely don’t need to give up!
Even, his savings are enough to buy the demon materials he needs for refining Qibao Xuanhuo Tower!
At this time, he had to think about another possibility, that is, can he buy three kinds of demon materials needed to break the seal …
If so, he can clap his ass and flash people from Tianlan demon world …
For him, this is really a completely unexpected situation, which will almost upset his overall plan.
On the evening of the same day, he set up a stall and earned more than 20 thousand spirit beads. Then Xiao Wen rescheduled his future trip.
There is definitely no way to slow down on the animal road, and 90 thousand won’t promise him; Ghost Tao has been introduced, and it’s a pity to give up immediately …
Soon Xiao Wen made a decision: both sides didn’t delay, so they took the time to collect materials to refine the Qibao Xuanhuo Tower. Anyway, the refining device is actually a one-time deal. When it is refined, it will be completely finished, and at the same time, we will find out the news of the broken seal.
The next day, Xiao Wen took the time to take Lingzhu to the collection of Longjing, but Longjing was so big that he didn’t find the right place to sell demon materials.
When I went there again, Xiao asked that I was a little lucky, and I got a catty of fire unicorn blood!
After another three ri, dragon blood and another piece of red beast muscle came to hand!
Xiao asked the spirit bead to flow out like a flash flood, and his savings shrank sharply. He didn’t worry, but he was terribly anxious for 90 thousand.
The refiner saved two days’ money again, and Xiao Wen went out again, starting with two pounds of Jiuyang Baojing!
At this point, six of the seven main materials needed for the Qibao Xuanhuo Tower have all been in hand, and he has already collected all the auxiliary materials, except for ninety thousand blood …

Chapter three hundred and fifty-eight A sill
The response of 90,000 yuan to Xiao Wen is: You can put this girl’s blood, and bring 100,000 spirit beads …
Xiao Wen said, I give you so many spiritual beads every day, which adds up to far more than 100 thousand. Don’t talk nonsense, put them away quickly …
Ninety thousand and he said, those are the wages that this girl used to contribute to you. If you really count them, you still owe me a lot …
So Xiao Wen can only recognize the planting, and honestly earned a day’s spirit beads, and received 91,000 Jin of fire and phoenix blood at the market price …
At this point, the materials for refining Qibao Xuanhuo Tower are finally completely collected.
Open training?
Never! It took Xiao Wen a lot of effort to collect these materials, and he didn’t want to practice it again! He wants to succeed once, so he must be well prepared!

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