上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 喝茶工作室VX Between the mind and mind. Chen Shaobai raised his hand and gestured, "You lead the way."

Between the mind and mind. Chen Shaobai raised his hand and gestured, "You lead the way."

The woman in front of her revealed almost all the information, wishing to tell him when her first night was broken, but she never dared to mention her "master" in a word.
Chen Shaobai is also interested in meeting such a mysterious "big shot".
"Should be a fat sheep with plenty of oil and water? No slaughter, no slaughter. "
They walked through the jewel-encrusted palace, carved the beautiful jade gallery of J and jīng, stepped through the fresh lotus pond, Lingcao Animal House, and finally came to a quiet and peaceful place.
The bluestones are piled up, and the gold-plated gates are carved with purple silver. The unicorn and jade beast stood in front of the house, and several mighty guards were waiting for the door, and the weather was strict.
These guards are all burly, with steady breath, flashing J: ng light in their eyes, and good mana fluctuations. Obviously, they are monks who have been chuan chuan.
"This is it."
The sycophantic woman left this sentence. Just like an ordinary handmaid, she stepped down slowly and didn’t dare to do anything out of line.
"The handmaid who has been refined at the beginning of the peak, the bodyguard who has quenched the gas in the secret land. I am getting more and more curious … What kind of person can be so rich! "
Chen Shaobai, with a faint benefit hanging on his face, strode cheerfully, pushed open the door of gilding and entered the first room.
The purlin is small, but it looks very imposing and magnificent. As soon as he entered it, Chen Shaobai saw nearly 100 brothers quenching gas.
"Can you please so many monks? The owner here has a lot of energy! "
Chen Shaobai was taken aback when he first came here.
You know, after the last Fairy-Demon War, the aura materials in Kaiyuan World were not as abundant as before. The brothers who quenched their breath were not the devil of purgatory, and they were extremely rare, so they cherished animals. There were only three or five hundred chuan disciples in the whole Qing Xuanmen.
Sitting in this house, it is almost equivalent to the chuan power of less than half of the Qing Xuanmen.
Although the power of the sects can’t be calculated in this way, the energy of the Lord of this place can already be seen.
Chen Shaobai looked in the direction of the theme along the line of sight, and it was a young monk who appeared in his field of vision.
From the outside, this is a young man dressed in a golden dragon yellow robe with five claws. His mouth is covered with light fluff, his lips are red and his teeth are white, but his eyes are shining with wisdom.
"I thought it was a young man at first, but at worst, I practiced two jiazi. Now it seems that this boy doesn’t seem to be older than me?"
Chen Shaobai looked intently, listened attentively to the avatar’s instantaneous operation, and knew each other’s accomplishments clearly.
Heavy quenching, evil fire!
"Gee … this guy is delicate and expensive, and he hasn’t experienced any training at first glance. In his twenties and thirties, he can have this kind of cultivation, either because of his talent and wisdom, or because of his wealth. This person’s reputation is not obvious, and he has become the latter. "
Moment will cause and effect, Chen Shaobai couldn’t help secretly tidy, had some speculation about the identity of the youth in front of him.
"People are more popular than dead people … but look at some of his movements, and it seems that people who want to do great things? Ten times out of ten, the auction is not a painstaking effort to cháo. Let’s watch for a while … "
Chen Shaobai eyes swept in the hall, hundreds of monks quenching gas shakotan coast. Jinyuan, Haotian, Liuli Void, Huangquan Sect, Hehuan Valley … There are all kinds of fairy tales and magic sects, but all of them live in the same room and live in peace.
This is no longer something that money can handle.
According to the previous maid, this is not the first quenching party. Before that, it has been held several times.
But let Chen Shaobai some curious is that there is no clear the xuan door.
"Now that we are all here, let’s begin."
As the youth spoke, she casually cast her eyes on Chen Shaobai, and subconsciously operated to spy on Shou Yuan as a hermetic. But secretly taken aback.
Practice less than half a jiazi’s evil fire monk! What is this man’s origin?
When we first met, Chen Shaobai left a mysterious impression on the young people in the Dragon Robe.
Surprised, the young man immediately waved and said, "Be seated!"
Exalting, two pure-looking female monks carried Xuan Jing’s chair and set Chen Shaobai as a VIP.
"Who is he? How can you get such courtesy? !”
A huge question mark appeared in everyone’s mind.
Everyone’s eyes "swish" to Chen Shaobai, envy, jealousy, surprise, doubt and many other complex emotions appear one by one, nearly quenching gas shakotan coast monk’s eyes, even the core disciple of Sendao Zongmen. Nine times out of ten, you have to fight for it and make a fool of yourself on the spot.
And no one took the initiative to run mana j and jīng god stroke of bad luck. But the will of all people gathered together and turned into an almost substantial force on Chen Shaobai.
Hoo …
Blow a sigh gently, and the coercion generated by the gathering of nearly 100 quenching monks will vanish.
After this, Chen Shaobai smiled, calmly sat on the black throne, big makin knife, above all, and stopped looking at them half an eye and looked at the young man on the seat.
"I have a treasure left by my father. Who is he who can resist all the pressure of qi, and he can actually resist it by himself? "
In contrast to Chen Shaobai’s eyes, the young people in the dragon robe have indifferent smiles on their corners of their mouths, but their hearts are full of twists and turns: "I know Situ Yutang, Taishilin, Fang Tangjing, Wu Nayan, Ma Fengzi and Yuntian, and I know most of the information of the heroes in the world, but I have never heard of such figures …"
"The world will be chaotic. Demons are born! Another peerless genius! Kaiyuan world, will no longer be calm … "
With a sudden change of mind, the young man’s eyes crossed the crowd and touched Chen Shaobai: "Let me introduce myself first. My surname is Ren, and my name is Xi, but I am an unemployed bum on Star Island. "
"It was him! No wonder you can have such authority and power … "
At the moment of hearing this name, Chen Shaobai understood why people in front of him could have such great energy.
Tuky, the son of the only great avatar in Star Island, and Luo Xin are the second generation of gods, and his background is enough to kill all secular princes, princesses and princes.
I don’t know what kind of feeling I have in my heart. Chen Shaobai replied casually: "A surname is Chen, and his name is Shaobai. He is a true disciple of Qing Xuanmen."
When this statement came out, the house was silent. People looked at Chen Shaobai in a complicated way, like sympathy and admiration.

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