上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 喝茶工作室VX "Don’t think too much, I will always be with your wife. No matter what problems we encounter, we will solve them together. Don’t give up." Bai Yinting said and hugged Xia Zhu.

"Don’t think too much, I will always be with your wife. No matter what problems we encounter, we will solve them together. Don’t give up." Bai Yinting said and hugged Xia Zhu.

"Honey, where are you going?" Xia Zhuwen
"I’m going to find Yang Shiyun Li Youchen, and I’m afraid she can’t get away with it. If we can open her gap, things may be solved faster," said Bai Yinting.
Xia Zhu was uneasy and said, "Are you going to find her?"
"Everything is developing very well now. I don’t think she wants to be in crisis again. Maybe," said Bai Yinting.
"But doesn’t she like you very much?" Xia Zhu is worried that Yang Shiyun will do the same thing again.
"She is also attached to a man now. Do you think she will give up everything because of me? Besides, she doesn’t really like me, but likes my position. If Cong should know that she can’t get these things, she won’t take risks. "Bai Yinting still has confidence in this.
Even if Yang Shiyun really wants to do something, Bai Yinting will not agree that he is not a person who can be threatened.
"Little edamame, I’ve sent extra people to protect her. Ann won’t let her go to kindergarten these days. I’ve also arranged bodyguards on your side, but I still have to be careful." Bai Yinting charged.
Xia Zhu nodded. "Husband, you should also pay attention to safety."
After all, in a strange country and Yang Shiyun’s territory, Xia Zhuzhen is very worried about what will happen to Bai Yinting.
Yang Shiyun, that woman, knows that she is not kind. If what Li Youchen has done is really directed by her, it is very likely that she has also dug a big trap there, just waiting for Bai Yinting to jump on her own initiative.
But for Bai Yinting, he must solve this matter quickly, and all the crises he faces are unsustainable.
And Yang Shiyun may be the end.
Chapter seventy-six Report to me at any time
Bai Chengyu and Xiao Maodou starred in the costume drama "Inverse Princess", which has already been aired. The ratings of this drama are still very high, and some news that the male host and female host starred in their daughter Xiao Maodou’s parents has pushed this drama to another height.
For the whole play, the story outside the play has gone beyond the body of the play, and Bai Chengyu will also be asked some sensitive topics in some interviews.
Of course, he won’t answer that he is talking about this play, but it will still be affected.
Not only he, but also Yu Qing will be asked similar emotional questions, and it is not convenient for her to answer them. Every time they participate in various activities, they can keep their manners carefully without exposing too much.
Not only they, including Bai Hong, have been greatly influenced. He doesn’t want to go out or accept the hearts of so-called old friends.
Behind these hearts, they are either watching the excitement and hoping that things will get bigger so that they can be interesting.
Bai yinting’s rumor finally evolved into Bai yinting’s HIV broadcaster. It was because of him that Xia Zhu was infected and canceled the wedding. Even if there were follow-up reports that their feelings were not broken, it would not help.
This great scandal in the business circle has also had a great impact on Bai Yinting Company, and he has tried his best to recover the losses.
Looking for Yang Shiyun abroad this time is the biggest challenge for Bai Yinting.
He can even think of Yang Shiyun’s attitude towards him, because after all, Bai Yinting is in the wind and he really has the ability to turn things around when needed.
The last thing Bai Yinting wants to delay now is when, after all, the longer it takes, the worse it will be.
There is no result when everyone is at the forefront, so even if there is a result later, everyone’s note has changed, so it is not satisfactory.
That is to say, leaving an impression on everyone now will become a deep-rooted image, which has long been buried in the truth. Who cares?
Before the plane took off, Bai Yinting was still looking at those unwarranted reports. He was a little upset. These people were afraid of chaos.
"Eldest brother, don’t worry, we will deal with it." Lin Hao knew that Bai Yinting was in a bad mood.
"I’ll leave it to you at home. What can I do for you at any time?" Bai Yinting was very relieved to him.
"I know" Lin Hao’s shoulder is also very heavy.
Chufei came up with a heavy face after the phone call. "Boss just got the news that Yang Shiyun went to Malaysia for a holiday with Mr. Stephen earlier today."
"It seems that she knows that I’m going to deliberately avoid it." But Bai Yinting won’t give up. Even if she avoids it, he will chase it.
In fact, Bai Yinting and Mr. Stephen also had contact and met when they made an appointment. It seems that Yang Shiyun is still a woman with a relatively high status in his heart.
If so, it is not easy for Bai yinting to start from Mr. Stephen.
After all, they don’t do business. Two people just know each other and don’t pay each other.
The main reason for this is that although Stephen is rich, his money is somewhat inaccurate. To put it bluntly, he is really in business and has great influence.
However, the shelf life of women around such men is generally not long, and Yang Shiyun’s current scenery will soon be replaced by letters, but she will also get a considerable breakup.
Bai yinting called Stephen, but the other party didn’t answer, so he changed his flight temporarily and flew directly to Malaysia.
He didn’t expect that he didn’t get the news until he arrived in Malaysia. Yang Shiyun and Steven didn’t really come. After they arrived at the airport, they finally canceled the flight. To put it bluntly, they were just kidding him.
Bai yinting, Kenai, flew over to look for them again, but when he met Mr. Stephen when he was delayed, he also ridiculed that Bai yinting was an unpunctual person.
Bai yinting can endure this tone. after all, the purpose of this visit is not to quarrel with him.
Stephen is a tall German who is almost fifty years old, but he doesn’t look old because of his strong muscles and excellent appearance after long-term exercise.
And he is also a man with deep eyes, seemingly enthusiastic but hiding murder.
Bai Yinting can imagine how many bad things Yang Shiyun said about himself before him. Mr. Stephen is critical of himself and wears colored glasses.
"Is it necessary for President Bai to come to me this time?" Mr. Stephen went straight to the point.
"It can also be said that I know that Mr. Stephen is very busy and doesn’t talk nonsense. I did have some minor troubles recently. Do you mind if I want to meet your wife?" Bai yinting asked
"Oh, I’m afraid I can’t. She’s not feeling well these days and she wants to see you. I don’t want to ask you again about the past and don’t bother her again. I think it’s also a respect for me and her." Stephen declined directly
"I think Yang Shiyun must have said something in front of you. I don’t want to explain too much. I want to tell you that I didn’t have any improper friends with her before, and nothing that shouldn’t have happened. This time I was looking for her because a person we knew together hurt my wife, and this person happened to have some secrets with her." Bai Yinting explained.
"Oh, really?" Mr. Stephen raised his eyebrows, which is interesting
"Of course, this person’s name is Li Youchen. I wonder if you have heard of her?" Bai yinting continued
Hearing Li Youchen’s name, Mr. Stephen’s facial expression changed subtly, which shows that he knows about this person
Bai yinting caught this subtle change and deliberately exaggerated that "this man is still very dangerous, he really has HIV, but he has been relying on his good appearance to seduce many women to take revenge."
"So your wife?" Mr. Stephen was instantly interested.
"I think you may have heard about it, but it’s not what you imagined. He cut his arm with a dagger because he didn’t commit atrocities, and then cut my wife’s arm." Bai Yinting was very sincere
"I see." Stephen did hear about it, but he didn’t know the details.
"This man is really crazy. Many women have been cheated by him for their feelings and health." Bai Yinting is meaningful.
Chapter seventy-seven I compare sometimes
Bai Yinting’s words really caught Mr. Stephen’s attention. He began to think seriously and his face became more and more ugly.
Li Youchen is a stranger to him, but one day Lin Shiyun suddenly told him that he had a cousin who wanted to enter the modeling circle, but his way was cut off because he was offended by the country and was banned. I hope he can help.
This is a small thing for Stephen to please himself, and the woman agreed.
But in retrospect, it seems that it is not the case together.
"President Bai, please sit down and I’ll be right back." Steven couldn’t sit still. He had to be confirmed immediately.
Bai yinting knew what he was going to do and was willing to give him this.
When Stephen came out of the bag, he let people enter the investigation and went to the other room.
Lin Shiyun waited anxiously in the room. Recently, she was the most dazzling woman around Stephen, and she succeeded in attracting his attention. Stephen usually listened to her words, but this time she was not sure whether things would develop in the direction she expected.
Stephen suddenly pushed the door and came in, and his face didn’t look good, so he felt bad.
But she was greeted with a JiaoChen smile "dear, what’s the matter with you? Are you unhappy? "
Stephen didn’t speak, but backhand slapped Lin Shiyun in the face. "What the hell are you and that man?"
Lin Shiyun was deceived, and naturally he wouldn’t think of who he said the man was, so he would recognize it as Bai Yinting.
"Honey, he must have slandered me. He and I really didn’t covet me before, but I really didn’t promise. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have repaired the entertainment circle." Lin Shiyun buried his face in tears.
"no? Didn’t you say he was your cousin before? " Stephen narrowed his eyes.
"cousin?" Lin rhyme one leng immediately to react "dear, do you mean Li Youchen? He is indeed my cousin. "
"Really?" Stephen grabbed her hair. "Don’t let me know that you dare to entangle with other men after you are with me."
"No, how dare I? Besides, I love you so much that other men don’t give you a penny. Am I crazy? Is it not enough to have the best man in the world? " Lin Shiyun praised Stephen again and then began to offer his body to please him.
Steven still likes this set, and soon he will tear Lin Shiyun’s clothes apart. Children, please close your eyes. The picture is indescribable.

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