上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 品茶喝茶联系方式 "Remember that little strange spell that killed Liu Jing? That must be the first treasure effect! It was so powerful before birth, but after birth? Gee, what a good baby! " Yang Qing eyes tightly staring at the half that thunder openly show greed.

"Remember that little strange spell that killed Liu Jing? That must be the first treasure effect! It was so powerful before birth, but after birth? Gee, what a good baby! " Yang Qing eyes tightly staring at the half that thunder openly show greed.

"Congratulations to Brother Yang. According to the agreement, the multiplier belongs to me. It seems that you really found a treasure." Wu Wenhua said with a smile.
"Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s just rush over and grab the things, and don’t let him get away again by this little discovery!" Yang Qing is too lazy to talk to him, and his whole body is full of qi.
However, their luck was obviously not so good. They were completely angered, and they could watch their companions being robbed one by one, but there was nothing they could do. However, when the two men broke in aboveboard, they immediately took them as vent objects, and all the snakes with five scales at the beginning were attracted.
"damn it! We are trapped! " Soon, the two men were surrounded by snakes and launched a fierce attack on them. However, the two men had a skill but dared not kill a snake. They were afraid of being caught in a fire and could defend passively. They were simply wronged to the extreme.
What makes them feel wronged is that Wang Gan is in front of them, but they can watch the thunder grow bigger and bigger, and the momentum becomes more and more horrible, but there is nothing they can do.
"Hey? These snakes seem to be attracted by something? " Wang Gan swept away all the vipers in the rear and was about to pounce when it was discovered that something was wrong. You can’t help but be taken aback. "It turned out to be these two Luo Tian cousins! How dare they attack me? "
Wang Gan sneer at repeatedly slowly fell to the ground to restore touch kind.
Suddenly, several snakes descended like magnets around him, but he didn’t panic. The first layer of meditation in his mind forged the soul, and all the snakes in his eyes spontaneously ignited into a ball of fire and were finally refined into a soul bead.
Nowadays, it’s a piece of cake for Wang Gan to cultivate the four-scale snake equivalent to the fourth monk.
These snakes have been taken away from Leili, and naturally they have lost their profit value. Wang Gan will no longer keep his hands and refine them into soul beads. In the future, if he finds good materials, he can make digital instruments.
As soon as the eyes were swept away, there were large tracts of snakes, all of which died and blinked. Thousands of snakes were all refined. This scene not only stunned the remaining snakes, but also shocked the besieged Yang Qing.
They can’t imagine how this world can have such a tyrannical spell to kill the quartet like this.
"This little what kind of bearing power terrible spells can emerge in endlessly! But the more I do this, the greater the benefits I will get, and I will die a natural death for people! " Wu Wenhua licked his dry lips, not only not afraid, but even more excited.
"Ha ha this this is fuck! How many layers of hell does he have to go through to make up for killing so many snakes? What’s the point of getting so many benefits? It’s better to give it to me cheaply! " Yang Qing secretly said that he was happy to think that he would be burned to death by sin sooner or later, and he immediately felt at ease.
Boom Wang Gan once again turned into a thunder, which was six feet long and dazzling. It simply made this small piece of heaven and earth shine brightly. Although the snakes were all five scales, the attraction of such a thunder could not be sustained soon, and all of them were taken away by him.
There are thousands of scales all over the five-scale snake. This is a thousand leili, and more than 100 thousand leili have been swallowed up by Wang Gan.
Suddenly, he felt that the Penglai Imperial Symbol seemed to have changed in his memory, and there were many more details, and the route of behavior also changed, which became more complicated and changeable. After a little meditation, he felt that the loss rate of body qi was accelerated several times.
However, the thunder he incarnates actually shows a black-and-white gas, and even if it touches a leaf, it will carbonize the whole tree, like a beast running through the wild, emitting a threatening and horrible atmosphere.
"Haha, the first floor has absorbed more than one million thunderbolts, and I finally broke through to the first floor!" Wang Gan’s heart was overjoyed that he had accomplished what Master had been able to do for 20 years in less than an hour.
This made him feel very satisfied!
According to Fu Tian’s predecessors, the Imperial Thunder has been cultivated to the first floor, and even if it is refined by others, it can be snatched away!
[ w w w ]
Chapter 30 Device
A thunder Wang Gan personified again, although it looked no different before, but for Yang Qing, this is still a human root, which is the incarnation of disaster!
This is a horrible spell that thousands of snakes will die if they are stared at by his eyes. They have never even heard of it.
At this moment, the two of them finally understand what it means to look at each other. If this person looks at each other again, he can’t help but avoid his eyes. His heart is pounding as if the soldier saw the general.
"I’m so scared when I’m going to be famous and his body is so murderous!" Yang Qing’s heart jumped and realized that his momentum had been suppressed, so it was extremely bad for him to start working.
However, there are also hundreds of five-scale snakes who are indifferent to Wang Gan’s murderous look. Although they have been robbed of Leili, they are not injured. At present, their compatriots are almost dead, and their revenge is very strong. They are completely ignited in despair and unexpectedly turn around and kill Wang Gan.
"hmm? How dare you come and die? Is there such a good thing? " Wang Gan was not afraid to hold the flash lava in a crisis, but his arm turned into a black-and-white thunder. Now he has cultivated to the first floor of the Imperial Thunder Sutra and can transport the thunder more skillfully, which makes it more convenient to transform and transport part of his body.
The destructive power of this thunder is so terrible that it will kill the snake in front of it. It’s effortless, and Wang Gan doesn’t think about it. These snakes that just died not long ago all turned into a flame and then condensed into soul beads
This five-scale snake soul bead is three or four times bigger than him and more substantial.
The thunder was handed from one snake to another, and soon it spread in a network to turn into a sad cry.
It’s a long story. It’s very short. It’s just a blink of an eye. These snakes have already died. Ten thousand soul beads are suspended, and they don’t feel a trace of life. It’s as if they have just experienced a battle of ten thousand people. The battlefield is full of resentment, desolation and strangeness, which makes people feel scared.
"Dead dead! Ten thousand snakes are dead. Doesn’t he feel anything in his heart? This is still not a person? " Wu Wenhua was also intimidated by his murderous look. Although the murderous behavior in the sects has long taken care of death, he has never seen such a killing as before.
Wang Gan naturally didn’t know that the idea in their hearts was to see their eyes cringe without saying a word, and then they stopped caring without any fighting spirit.
He paid attention to the immediate gains!

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