上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 品茶喝茶联系方式 Although he was at a disadvantage, he didn’t see any embarrassment. Ji Yeyin said firmly, "You are by no means worried about the wild."

Although he was at a disadvantage, he didn’t see any embarrassment. Ji Yeyin said firmly, "You are by no means worried about the wild."

Lin Qing’s eyes gleamed with drooping eyes.
Ji night sneered and leaned over to see her calmly. "How can another pretending to be Ji Qin escape so easily if you are so worried?"
If such a big secret is announced in her mouth, she will definitely put everything to chase and slay the blood brake.
The most important thing is that he didn’t fight until recently, and he was seriously injured in his hand and fled in a hurry. How can this attitude be faced with someone who hit his own people not long ago?
Ji night staring at her every move, secretly thinking about each other until now have not started to deal with him, it must be a scruple.
Lin Qing seemed to casually put away his dagger and shook his head and smiled. "Yes and no?"
Ji Ji didn’t answer her. It was enough for him to make sure that she wasn’t worried at dusk. His psychic powers could delay first and then slowly rush to the acupoints.
Make sure that the other party won’t look at him like a night at present. There is no expression on the direction of Jijiaying. "Are you waiting now?"
Lin Qing knows what she’s doing at night, and she doesn’t know how long the gas medicine can last.
She squinted and smiled with a nice smile. "I didn’t expect to enter this bureau by coincidence. I am an irrelevant person. I want you to make a promise."
She looked at the girl in front of her coldly at night.
Seeing that she was quite leisurely leaning against a tree, she said calmly, "I don’t think you want to let those points go to waste."
"Ji night if I really want to hurt you or Jishi will let you drag your breath? I now kill you in Kyle or take your red ball. I think you have a lot of points. Will it have a great impact on Ji Jia? "
Ji night slightly evoked corners of the mouth.
Good. Dare to threaten him
You can’t just give a big stick. Lin Qing raised an eyebrow with a bright eye. "In addition, those people who conspired against you and I also helped you. If I didn’t throw out the gas and Dan was killed, I wouldn’t be dressed as Jiang Jiaren. Actually, I can help you now. Let people come and pick you up at her house. I can give you a ride …"
Lin Qing hubris at him. "My request is that before leaving Xiaotian, you should still treat me as Ji Jun and leave Xiaotian, so it’s as simple as that."
Ji night’s eyes drooped for a moment, pressing her heart to billow with depression and anger, and she said "can"
Lin Qing nodded with satisfaction.
Junjie, who knows the time, is not surprised that Jiye agrees with her.
Before the end of the ranking battle, it must not be revealed that she is not really Ji Jun. If everyone in Queyang Square knows that she is not Ji Jun, then the points earned by her physical surname will be reduced, and if she doesn’t take the black and white ball to promote the red ball at night, he will be returned to camp, and the points earned by him will be abolished.
Two hundred years after Ji’s death, resources have this pressure on Ji’s night, and he will not make a move, but will try to understand whether she is a person, kill or stay. There is a chance for Ji’s.
Ji night looked at the side woman slowly got up and untied several dead monks’ bags and threw them to him.
People have been restored to their original appearance because of their death.
A quick glance at her night is not a few people in Zhongshan.
In the dark night, it was inconvenient for the enemy to burn the corpse. Lin Qing quickly developed an earthling skill.
When the soil churned, several bodies were buried.
In the dusty sky, the girl in blue is dancing, her eyes are clear and her skin is white, and she is thinking about her true identity quickly at night.
Is it Jiang’s, Yu’s and other people who have interests entangled in the qualifying battle or, as she said, is it to see the qualifying battle with other monks?
Need more information …
"Really JiJun place?" Her eyes fell to Lin Qing before night.
Ji Ye didn’t know whether Ji Jun was replaced before entering the secret land or just changed in the secret land, but he felt a little confused just after listening to the other party’s points and this time Ji Jun’s performance was so outstanding
Now he can be sure that Ji Jun was not the original person before he entered the secret land.
Lin Qing finally asked this question with a sigh …
Chapter 477 Don’t give me any conditions.
Forest dark Lin Qing side head glanced at her night.
I don’t know where she is, but someone told me that she was dead.
Ji Yexin predicted that Ji Jun might have run out of luck.
Anyone who dares to touch him must pay the due price. The cold light in Ji Ye’s eyes flashed and he endured it. "What is it?"
Lin Qing patted his body and his eyes were as calm as a mountain. "This place has just gone through a fight, and it may attract others to be unfavorable to us. Let’s talk while walking in another place."
Ji night nodded his head.
While walking a few steps, Lin Qing thought carefully for a moment.
Do you want to tell Ji Ye what happened? Will he believe it?
Balance one’s situation
Ji Jia is a predator in Zhongshan. If Ji Jia mistakenly murdered Ji Jun with her bad intentions, she will definitely be hunted all over the world by Ji Gang. In fact, he should not tell Ji Ye in the process except her true identity.
She took a deep breath. "This matter should start from the day I came to Yangtai City two months ago …"
Then she lied about her identity, and all kinds of karma coincidences will be countered by twilight sorrow, so she can stay up quickly and simply.
With that,
The two men swam in silence, and Lin rustled with his feet on the dead leaves.
Walking in front of her deep eyes, Lin Qing was slightly coagulated for a while.
Then convergence eyes let a person can’t see what he wants Lin Qing listen to his tone solemnity and meaningful tunnel "won" 2 words.
The midnight cold wind with the cold in early winter is like a fine frost blowing across the cheeks of pedestrians.
Lin Qing doesn’t want to pay attention to Sun Yat-sen’s family’s initiative to believe or not believe her at night, which is also difficult to control.
She pulled out a thing and threw it to Ji Ye.
"Help me return this to Ji Gang’s predecessors. The things in it belong to Ji Jun"
Ji Ye took a gray bag and stuffed something for Ji Jun before Ji Gang entered Xiaotian. He naturally noticed it.
"And this" Lin Qing handed back the magic weapon of Ji Jun’s life to him. "I made an ordinary sacrifice to hide my identity and now the trace has been erased."
Ji night is light and well.
Taking the bag and the magic weapon back in his arms, he looked like a cloud and asked lightly, "Did Kyuro say he would come and meet you when it was done?"
Lin Qing’s forehead "said that before the qualifying battle, he did ambush Queyang Square to watch the monks, and it was not certain whether he would appear as he said."

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