Left Olga a natural and unrestrained back.

After leng leng, Olga calmly waved his glass at the coachman and said, "Well, go home."
Chapter 144 Select the target
Time Flies
After Alison Gollum left, Olga ate and died, and Augustu played for another two years.
I didn’t make any big news or do anything that attracted much attention, except occasionally secretly throwing diseases, and I have been trying to be a qualified and good demon.
Sitting on the windowsill chair, looking at a building in the distance, two people were talking, and his eyes showed a trace of interest.
Although the other party has pulled the curtains, the strange energy in his eyes is simply eye-catching
Bright spiritual brilliance is like a jewel hidden in the sand, which makes him have to look at it more.
Then I looked at it and found Sarah next to each other.
Although France probes into what they communicate, from her respectful attitude, we can know the identity of the other party without asking.
There is no one else to choose except the evil god whom she worships.
"Strong one-on-one hit seems to beat …"
In order to avoid being noticed by the other party, Olga did not observe too carefully. After a little bit of bottom, he withdrew his eyes and looked at each other.
Normally, don’t say that this kind of eye-catching peep will be detected by the other party even if it adopts prophetic circuitous means
However, its natural ability [Exoskeleton Scarlet] has its own camouflage. If it is not too obvious, it is only by a busy opponent that Olga’s behavior can be perceived. After all, this is the epidemic effect of world consciousness and the basis for Olga to wander around the spiritual world.
But although there is no direct observation of each other, but looking at their two buildings, several’ acquaintances’ Olga still analyzed what tricks they wanted to play.
Although those’ acquaintances’ didn’t know him, after living in Olga for two years, they got some information about them more or less.
Every one of them is a real aristocrat in Augustu.
And that’s what they mean when they go to an evil god.
It can be said that they are all guys who have betrayed their own camp, although this kind of thing is worthless in many cases.
Evil spirits woo these guys and demons woo these guys. It seems that everyone has seen this delicious cake, but they just don’t know if the two sides are clear about each other. It will be fun if they are not clear …’
He sighed with a smile, "And although these nobles may not have high ability, the most basic insistence of aristocratic honor is still not so easy to win over. After all, it is a failure to win over the world so simply."
After some thinking, he understood the reason. "It seems that he has given up some bottom lines by sensing any crisis …"
So what crisis is nothing more than seeing the head and the gods don’t care much and want to change their homes to keep safe.
How will it end? Olga doesn’t think much of it anyway. Neither an evil god nor a demon will do charity.
Just when he was wondering whether to get involved.
A strange feeling sprang up in my soul.
It was the abyss contract signed two years ago, and it was sending him some kind of signal.
His face smile more heart’ seems to be about to start work …’
I waited for two years and the plan was finally implemented.
He has always been interested in many things about Augustu, but he has no chance.
It’s about time …
Or the first time I gathered in the cave
But this time, the number of participants is a little more than the second time, and the number of demons is close to 200.
Presumably, in the past two years, I have once again attracted the devil.
Olga doesn’t care much about this.
However, other demons don’t necessarily think so, and they think that new entrants will share their own benefits, so they look very bad.
Although they look bad, everyone wants to cut twice.
The host is still Gewa, but his appearance has changed. This time, he is a human male image. After seeing him clap his hands lightly and attract the attention of demons in the place, he said calmly.
"First of all, thank you for being there on time. I have completed all the pioneering work in the past two years. I will hand over some materials to you. You’d better have a look and then choose your own goals and I will make a record here."
With a wave of his hand, he saw a scroll in front of each demon.
"In the past two years, because of the monster attacks in many areas around, Augustu, as the largest city nearby, has become a destination for many people to migrate. Its population has already reached 20 million, and the number of strong people has naturally increased with the increase. There are hundreds of known demigods alone …"
Ignoring his explanation, Olga directly hit the front scroll and looked at it carefully.
The name, appearance, residence and strength grade of each important person are clearly marked on the surface.
From the duke of Augustu to the steward of various departments, if the position or strength reaches a certain level, they have made a note.
Of course, you can’t believe all this stuff. Who knows if there is a pig to eat a tiger? Besides, it’s normal for millions of people to come up with a few strong people who don’t list. You ran over there one-on-one and found out that the other side was fighting one.
Thinking of this situation, he could not help but perceive the approximate strength of a demon.
According to the principle that 37 [medium demons] and 144 [medium demons] can mix demons in the hinterland of the enemy, most of them are stronger than ordinary demons at the same level, and those ordinary demons are stronger than the strong ones at the same level in the world, Olga thinks that it should be no problem for these guys to deal with the strong scrolls even if they drill out one or twenty more demigods.
Even if you make the worst guess, Augustu is really hiding very deep and can get rid of these guys. If they don’t have the real god body level, the strong will never get rid of these guys easily.
What’s the unexpected problem really? These guys can be a shield to let themselves get away …’
With this idea, Olga nodded with satisfaction.
Then he pointed to a certain goal of the scroll and said to Gewa, "This goal counts me as a quota."
And that sign is the largest library in Augustu!
Even if we exclude the countless magic circles responsible for guarding the Taling, there are four strong demigods there.
According to the information of the scroll, it takes at least three demons to get that place, which is one of the most difficult targets.
In the face of Olga, the first guy to choose a good target, Gewa sensed the intensity of Olga’s breath and registered it directly without saying much. It didn’t matter whether he was a middle demon or not.
After all, there are so many freaks in the abyss, who knows what strength he is
If he dares to pick himself up, he dares to register!
With Olga in the lead, the remaining demons quickly chose their own goals.
"Now that each has chosen the target, I won’t say much. I hope you can restrain yourself when you start work. I don’t want those civilians to be ruined by waves, because they are all important materials for building pollution and can’t be waved at will."
Only then did Gewa arrive at the civilians in Augustu.
Because the demons know very well that to get rid of those transcendental people, those civilians can be regarded as movable resources, and any two [demons] can clean up everything they have done without aiming at value, and then deal with it slowly after all the dust settles.
Fully embodies the most basic phenomenon of the abyss.
That’s the situation where you are not strong enough. How can you live or die and your own will be arranged?
Chapter 145 It’s unfortunate
the next day

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