上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 各区高端喝茶会所,私人外卖工作室品茶 However, large-scale mobilization will inevitably arouse the suspicion of Yu culture and push him forward. This matter must be urgent step by step.

However, large-scale mobilization will inevitably arouse the suspicion of Yu culture and push him forward. This matter must be urgent step by step.

However, Yang Guang didn’t expect that his plan would be disrupted soon. The next morning, the imperial commander Dou Xian led hundreds of people to escape. It is said that this influence was very bad. Yang Guang had to rush to send Yu Wenhua, Samurai Lang, Yuan Li, Mai Mengcai and other generals to arrest Dou Xian and hang Jiangdu Gate to follow suit.
Yang Guangyi obviously wanted to set an example for the imperial army to escape more, but he didn’t expect that there were more and more high-pressure deserters, which made Yang Guang’s calculation of Yu culture have to be released.
At this time, Pei Ju, assistant minister of Huangmen, made a suggestion, that is, let the imperial soldiers marry Jiangdu’s unmarried and widowed women to stabilize their morale.
Yang Guang agreed to Pei Ju’s suggestion with a clap of his thigh. At this time, he didn’t know that Yu Culture had launched the second step plan, and the hand of death had reached out to him.
Chapter 132 Daxing City Guard War []
The wheels are rolling. This is the second day of Wei Juan and Du Guyan.
Yesterday, after a day’s rush, the large army was fifteen miles away from Wugu, and the next day, it arrived at Wugu Gukou at noon. Wugu Gukou was full of people, and people had prepared food for immigrants.
Several maid-in-waiting brought food to Wei Juan and ate some casually. The maid-in-waiting advised Wei Juan to shake her head because she was worried.
Half an hour later, the big troops marched into the midday valley again. Although the road was difficult to walk, it also indicated that there was no danger of pursuers. Qiu Shili’s 5,000 military forces were stationed here and held on to the intersection. They were allowed to enter and not leave according to Yang You’s instructions.
At this time, Yang You is listening to Qiu Hanggong in Daxing City, telling that "General Qu Tu launched a sudden attack on Li Xiaogong’s department the night before the temple, and there were about 2,000 casualties in Li Xiaogong’s chaos."
All this made Yang You uninterested. He asked, "Has General Qu Tu passed Tong smoothly?"
Qiu Xinggong nodded and said, "General Dian Qutu has turned to General Hou, and General Liu, the commander of Tong Shoujiang, is heading for Weinan!"
Yang You said several times. At this time, Tang gaozu hasn’t moved, which proves that his plan is successful. Continue to confuse Tang gaozu. Yang You still has things to do. Soon, he took Qiu Hanggong and Yin Shishi to Liren City for a tour and then went to Shangri-La for a look.
At this time, Shangri-La has changed a shop owner, Yang You, and then Shangri-La saw the bearded man again. He couldn’t help but smile. This guy will wait here almost every day, and it’s really hard for him.
Yang You smiled. Now that he was acting, he had to do enough. He simply wrapped up the floor, and all the officials who had not left the city, such as Gu Lan, Han Shao and others, and some rich people invited Shangri-La to order fifty or sixty tables. Seventeen side dishes at each table were very rich.
Dugu Huai’ en received the news, and at this time he vaguely felt a little bad. He felt that he had been cheated before, and he quickly wrote a letter and handed it to Heyang.
In the evening, Li Yuan received a tip from Dugu Huai ‘en, and he hurriedly called a military meeting to discuss an action.
Liu Wenjing said, "Duke Tang, I think Dugu Huai ‘en said it makes sense. This time Yang You really wants to retreat to Bashu."
Tang gaozu was silent when he suppressed the opinions of some ministries. At this time, he naturally won’t admit his mistakes or his prestige. He is thoughtfully Pei Ji but shook his head. "Tang Gong, I think it is necessary to be cautious this time. It is really suspicious that there are still 10,000 troops missing in Sui Jun, and it is not his trick to make Yang You prosperous."
Tang gaozu smiled and was about to speak. Li Shimin looked anxious and said, "Dad, it’s now or never!"
Tang gaozu looked at it lightly, but although he didn’t get angry, Li Jiancheng, Pei Ji and others felt the anger in Tang gaozu’s heart. Tang gaozu thoughtfully said, "From the night before, Sui Jun in Hedong City stormed the Li Xiaogong camp, and the offensive was fierce. I’m afraid there will be a big war tonight."
Pei Ji knew Tang gaozu’s mind, and he immediately said, "Tang Gong, this must be Sui Jun’s lure to lead our army to intercept halfway."
Liu Wenjing didn’t say anything. He looked up and snorted contemptuously. He looked at Pei Ji with cold eyes. Liu Wenjing’s performance was even worse than directly refuting him. His eyes burst into a trace of murder. At this time, he remembered Liu Wenjing’s words on the battlefield that day. He sneered and thought that the old man would pick you up sooner or later
Tang gaozu was calculated by Yang You several times. At this time, when there was a shadow in his heart, he would not make a move. At this time, he convened this meeting just to stabilize the morale of the army. At this time, Pei Ji felt very appetizing and he nodded and said, "In this case, we will wait and see!"
Everyone retired and went to Li Shimin to linger. Finally, until everyone quit Li Shimin, they turned around and suddenly knelt down in the tunnel. "Dad, this is Sui Jun’s plan to hide the sky!"
Li Jiancheng frowned discontentedly. "Second brother, what are you doing?"
Li Shimin anxiously said, "Dad should seize the opportunity when he is constantly being disturbed, or he will regret it!"
Tang gaozu gave a good hand and said, "Don’t retreat!" He saw Li Shimin still kneeling out of the room angrily.
Li Jiancheng also went out with a sigh. Li Shimin could not help crying when his nose was sour. He got up slowly and suddenly he strode out.
Half an hour later, Li Jiancheng rushed into Li Yuan’s room and said, "Dad Shimin went to Daxing City with 10,000 soldiers and horses!"
Tang gaozu rose up at the stroke of his sleeve and roared, "This is the inverse!" He paced the room and the people took away 10,000 soldiers and horses. If he failed, he couldn’t afford it any more. He said to Li Jiancheng, "You must take good care of the people with 5,000 people!"
"Send someone to inform Li Chen to let him meet Shimin’s father and then lead the troops!" At this time, Tang gaozu showed a decisive side.
Xue Ju looked at Yong County with a wry smile. This is his son’s good deeds. He has always wondered why Xue Renguo can’t be as respectful and courteous as he is. This has been helped by readers such as Hao Yuan and Qi Liang.
It’s been several months since the occupation of Fufeng, but it’s too much to control the steaming day in Yongxian County (not a wrong idiom), and there are fewer and fewer people, which makes Xue Ju quite resistant.
Due to the blockade of Xue Ju in Sui Jun, it was only half a month ago that the news of Sui Jun’s withdrawal from the south was obtained. Unfortunately, since last half a year, although his power has expanded rapidly, the corresponding consumption has also expanded. Even if Xue Ju is a rich man on Jincheng side, it can’t stand the consumption of hundreds of thousands of troops.
After the heavy snow, many cattle and sheep in his area froze to death, and the situation was even more dangerous. It was hard to wait until the spring, but the food was not enough to make him push eastward. He came to Yongxian this time to inspect the front line. At the same time, he was going to move the people here to prepare for spring ploughing, and set Fufeng County as a frontier base to further seize Daxing City and completely occupy it.
The situation in Yongxian county made him very dissatisfied. At this time, he began to feel that Hao Yuan said there was nothing wrong. Maybe it was a good decision to make it too late, but the long temper needs to be taken slowly.
At this moment, Hao Yuan walked quickly to salute "pursuit".
"Hao Aiqing is in such a hurry?" Xue Ju asked.
Hao Yuan primly said, "It is reported that the last batch of people in Sui Jun have entered the midday valley and can’t wait any longer."
Xue Ju is also white, but he is still worried about the food problem. At this time, Hao Yuan advised, "There should be a lot of food in Daxing City to meet the needs of the three armed forces."
Xue Ju paced and thought for half a ring. He finally nodded, "In that case, I’ll let Taitai lead an army of five thousand fighters eastward and then come."
It’s another early morning
As soon as the sun rose, Yin Shishi received a report that there were more than 30 thousand people in Tang Jun outside the city.
This Tang Jun consists of three military forces, Li Shimin, Li Jiancheng and Li Chen. Among them, Li Shimin has 10,000 Li Jiancheng, 5,000 Li Chen has 15,000 people.
Last night, due to Li Shimin’s rapid invasion, Li Jiancheng didn’t chase him until Wannian County. After a night’s observation, Li Jiancheng also agreed with Li Shimin, so he decided to quickly invade Daxing City, because according to the news, if Yang You can capture him, it will be as meaningful as capturing Daxing City.
Thirty thousand military forces surrounded Daxing City, and Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin first saw Chengtou, and then Yang You, the king who made them love and hate each other, appeared.
Yang You, the king of his generation, was indeed in the city! Return to the city! Li Jiancheng can clearly see that Dai Wang’s face is full of shock and disbelief. Surely he didn’t expect Tang Jun to come so soon?
Li Shimin’s face with a smug look, he glanced around at Yin Kaishan and Liu Hongji. Several people’s eyes were full of confidence. Thanks to him this time! Then he saw ChengTou Yang You pale and surprised.
Li Shimin laughed. "I’m afraid eldest brother would have escaped if I hadn’t come!"
Li Jiancheng watched him smile and nodded, "Shimin, dad will definitely reward you this time."
Li Shimin Shen Ran.
At this moment, Chengtou Yang You suddenly spit out one mouthful blood, and almost fell from Chengtou. Yin Shishi was busy holding him, and Yang You barely decided.
Li Shimin laughed heartily when he saw this situation. He took a bow and arrow from his back and aimed it at Yang You. "Sou" is an arrow. This arrow shot quickly and Yang You was caught off guard in the chest.
ChengTou is a panic Li Shimin laughed.
At this moment, Li Jiancheng frowned. He felt a little strange, but at the moment he couldn’t figure out there was a problem. Yin Shishi retired to escort Yang You back to the palace. Sui Jun bowed his bow and arrow at any time to resist Tang Jun’s siege, but Li Jiancheng didn’t attack rashly.
At noon, Li Yuan arrived in Daxing City. He came here by light bike after receiving the report from Li Jiancheng. He also had doubts after hearing the report from Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin. This doubt is that he believes that Yang You is cunning and will not make such a mistake.
To be on the safe side, he didn’t attack the city easily, but divided Tang Jun into several teams stationed in Daxing City. The goalkeepers in Daxing City were firmly surrounded by Daxing City. There was nothing to worry about if Yang You wanted to return Tang gaozu to the city.
Dong Li Yuan sent Li Yuan to lead ten thousand troops with Pan Ren and Li Zhongwen to seize Huayin County, and prepared to bring Yongfengcang into the sphere of influence. Sheng Yanshi took five thousand men to seize Tong and master the attack on the Central Plains channel.
Xi Li Yuan asked Sanniang Li Xiuning and Chai Shao to rush to Lingxian, Wugong and other places to attract Kibaki to further expand their power.
At this time, spring is blooming and trees are flourishing. Li Yuan sent soldiers to cut down trees everywhere to make siege equipment to attack Daxing City, making thorough preparations.
Chapter 133 Daxing city guard war [in]
It’s getting dark again, and it’s getting warmer and warmer to the south, and the Woods are also shaded.
According to local people, even in winter, even with heavy snow, these trees are still not as green as fallen leaves, which surprised Du Guyan. She dragged Yin Shaohua around from time to time.
At this time, it is already mid-March, and Wei Juan and his party have arrived in Hanchuan County, and Zheng Chen, the satrap of Nanzheng Hanchuan County, has already taken good care of himself. After he was busy, he vacated his mansion to place Wei Juan, Du Guyan and others in the Chen family for a while.
Zheng Chen is good at flattery. He also prepared a lot of delicious food for everyone to eat. He was full of praise for him. He heard that everyone would continue to go south to Yizhou. He couldn’t help but comfort that there were many delicious foods in Hanzhong. He was willing to host and let everyone taste them one by one.
At the same time, he also pointed out that the temple didn’t come to Hanzhong, so he didn’t wait until Yang You came and then rushed to Yizhou together.
Wei Juan’s son is eager to think about it and agreed, but her heart doesn’t have much appetite. Duguyan and Yin Shaohua are, after all, young and two foodies. Every day, they take several guards to wander around Nanzheng County and eat hard. In the past few days, they have gained weight.
At this time, they didn’t know that Daxing City had been firmly besieged, even birds could not fly.
Yang You has been ill ever since he was shot with an arrow. Every day, Yin Shishi patrols Chengtou to encourage soldiers. On March 17th, the Western Qin Emperor Xue Ju’s vanguard force of 5,000 cavalry arrived in Li Xiuning, and a battle broke out. Li Xiuning relied on the city wall to make Xue Renguo take charge of his cavalry, although fierce, but the siege was far less than that of infantry.
Soon Tang gaozu received the news that he was deeply worried about Xue Ju’s eastward advance, and immediately held a military meeting. Everyone spoke in succession. Some people said that Xue Ju recklessly, while others said that he compromised and benefited each other.
These statements are not in line with Tang gaozu’s idea. In his heart, Daxing City is the first place. Xue Ju’s chances of recklessly winning are not high, and even if he wins, he will lose a lot. In the end, Yang You will be cheaper.
At this time, Liu Wenjing gave him an idea, that is, contact the Turks and contact Li Tie to let them attack Xue Ju from the rear, so that the fire behind Xue Ju will inevitably withdraw troops and Tang Jun will have enough time to attack the city.

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