上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 私人外卖工作室品茶 The man looked at Tang Niu. "I’m afraid I can’t fool my eyes if I don’t bluff under the banner of Tianlong Camp." The man stopped the way and Tang Niu didn’t feel funny. When did Tianlong Camp produce such a number of people one day?

The man looked at Tang Niu. "I’m afraid I can’t fool my eyes if I don’t bluff under the banner of Tianlong Camp." The man stopped the way and Tang Niu didn’t feel funny. When did Tianlong Camp produce such a number of people one day?

"Keep your eyes open."
Tang Niu shook his waist card face is a big "day" with the word Tianlong camp talent equipped with such a token. The people in the Tianlong camp were so crowded that they wanted to enter the Tianlong camp. Ray, Li Long and other personnel had long been waiting for the camp. The backup security became an adult with Lin Feng for one year.
"It’s really one of our own."
"It doesn’t matter if you don’t know Tang Niu, you can’t leave this open-minded adult hanging."
The man "Master Tong Zhi Lin Lin" has a bright eye. Lin Fengcheng is a royal guard. It is definitely a model of diaosi’s counterattack to smell a sensation from silence.
"Don’t be hard on him. There must be a chance after doing things."
"Lord Xie"
When Lin Feng stepped into the day, Tianlong Camp really changed, and guards were added around it. These should all be small arrangements. Thousands of people were busy in Tianlong Camp, and after experience, the whole person became calm. It is time to take a good exercise away from Lin Feng.
"Lu Jun, take it out."
"Yes, my Lord"
In the incredible eyes of all, Lu Jun took out a piece of golden cloth from his pocket, and the three ghosts in the scenic zone were suddenly shocked that the color of this cloth was so familiar.
"Isn’t this one!"
Windson nodded. "Yes, this piece is the one that wraps the Millennium Ganoderma lucidum."
"How is it possible!"
Not only Tang Niu, the three ghosts in the scenic area, can’t believe what’s happening in his eyes! If that’s the case, what the other party took was just a box.
A box game, Zhuge and others died in the dense forest outside the capital, and the price was too heavy. Everything was controlled by Lin Feng. I was worried that someone would rob me, so I left the night market and woke up Liu Jun to change the medicinal materials inside.
At that time, it was dark and Lu Jun’s hand was really fast enough to press it gently. At this moment, the two people’s bodies staggered and instantaneous, and they secretly followed those thieves behind them. Did they realize that they had finally returned to the wooden box surface in windson’s hand from the end of their attention?
"Master Lin’s good means" often can’t help but praise the sentence, which makes people guess that everyone bought a box and used various means when Lin Feng was already in an invincible position.
"I dare not be careless about my life."
Chapter two hundred and fifty Friendship price
At the same time, the three ghosts in the scenic zone stared at the golden cloth roll in Lu Jun’s hand, which is the ganoderma lucidum that I dreamed of for thousands of years. Unfortunately, this is a forest air in the Royal Guards Camp. It is more difficult to take things from each other here than to ascend to heaven.
I often sigh, "Lord Lin saved my life. My three brothers dare not forget that Fourth Sister was seriously injured and wait for me to find a panacea and go back to heal."
"Big brother just left?"
"How can I be wrong once? I can’t even ignore the last point of Jianghu morality!"
"You can live here for thousands of years. Ganoderma lucidum is amazing in medicine. After consultation with Lin Fengren, see if you can leave some for three people."
"is this true?"
Windson nodded. "If you come to rob windson, you will never be allowed to take the initiative to send it this time. It’s your four people’s kindness. Tang Niu takes care of three Lu Jun and goes to hell with me."
The Three Ghosts in Scenic Area thanked Lin Feng again and again for leaving the camp to enter the city and re-entering the imperial city. He came to the ghost doctor’s residence near noon, and his brother rushed out to meet the ghost doctor when he entered the palace. He didn’t know when he could return. Lin Feng and his wife waited outside for a full hour and saw the ghost doctor’s figure from a distance. His face was gloomy and he seemed to have something on his mind.
"Lin Feng has seen too much medicine!"
Ghost hand needle was startled to see that it was Lin Feng ha ha a joy. "It’s Tongzhi’s adult. Nice to meet you. It’s nice to talk inside." Ghost hand needle still frowned and walked a little heavy. These must be related to the mood.
"I don’t know if Lin Feng has got the Millennium Ganoderma lucidum?"
Lu Jun carefully took a look at the ghost needle and nodded again and again. "Yes, this plant is the earth that has grown for thousands of years. Congratulations to Lord Lin. It can be boiled, fried and mashed to get juice. This Millennium Ganoderma lucidum is extremely powerful. You need to take a piece of hand and cook it with water. You must not be impatient and accidentally hurt your body."
"Er Nian’s body is half poisoned?"
The ghost looked at Lin Feng with a needle. "Is Lord Lin afraid of being reluctant to part with this panacea?"
Windson laughed. "Not so. I happened to meet three people looking for medicine to save people. Windson was moved by kindness and wanted to send half of them to worry."
Ghost hand needle nodded again and again. "I don’t want Lord Lin to have such a broad mind. If seven drugs can be used together, the poison can be solved in weight!"
"Xie cure too much windson talkative whether there is something on your mind? If there is anything to help windson willing to help "
The ghost hand needle is a joy. "Life is normal, and Lord Lin misses it."
From the moment when the ghost doctor took leave, it can be concluded that this matter is no small matter. What can make this tall ghost doctor face sorrow?
Lin Fengli is a solution to a worry. With the magistrate Tang Niu Yi’s eyes fixed on the three ghosts in the scenic area, anyway, last night, the footsteps of the competition sounded, and a group of people entered the good guy’s Tianlong Camp. I heard that it was Tianlong Camp’s recruiting alternate camp. A fried pot.
"Why don’t the Tang brothers see adults?"
"If you have something to do, you should call your little brother an adult."
Smiling, "It’s just a greeting, or call me a little brother." After that, my eyes fell on three people, and two people in lost face were injured. "They are?"
"My Lord, please come back, my friend."
"Oh, I’ll take people back first. If there’s something to shout," it’s very convenient to have a wall at the gate of Tianlong Camp with the camp on the side of the magistrate for the time being.
Red-faced Han’s body moved and accidentally touched the wound. His brow wrinkled and his mouth gave out a stuffy hum. It was a tough guy who was stabbed in the shoulder with a weapon and just held on.
"Here’s a good healing medicine. Take it if you’re not afraid of death." Tang Niu took the medicine bottle from his pocket and threw it in the past. He often stretched out his hand and took it because of last night’s incident. Don’t be blunt
Chang laughed. "Our brother’s rough skin is nothing. This brother’s kindness can only be accepted by his brothers."
"second child, third child"
The two of them gave medicine one by one and simply bandaged it. It was really a good medicine. Tianbaotang healing medicine was expensive, even the Royal Guards had a bottle. After that, they could get it through other means and distribute it once a year unless there were special things.
It didn’t take long for the medicine to hurt, but it weakened. The red-faced Han got up and threw his fist at Tang Niu. "This brother Wu Er owes you a chance to repay it twice."
"No, Tang Niu is most afraid of this in my life, so I’ll give you a ride." Tang Niu waved his hand and looked at the two people bandaging the wound. I couldn’t help but think of one thing: seriously injured aquamarine. It was a coincidence that Feitian Yan was poisoned, and then three brothers from scenic zone rescued people and went to the black market in Beijing to rob the Millennium Ganoderma lucidum and a coma aquamarine who was seriously injured by gunpowder waves.
Aquamarine needs to be a thousand-year-old ginseng, which is only available in the palace. Even if the bandits want to sneak into the imperial city and steal the thousand-year-old ginseng without being discovered, it is equally difficult unless they have the flying swallow’s flying skill, maybe they can try again.
At this time, the Millennium Ginseng is here for two Tang Niu eyebrows. I secretly thought about what happened last night. If it wasn’t for Lu Jun’s trick to steal the real Ganoderma lucidum, then the adults promised the three ghosts in scenic area to find a way to get some Ganoderma lucidum to save lives. It is better to follow suit and steal the Millennium Ginseng.
On the one hand, Tang Niu is hesitant, and on the other hand, Lin Feng is kind to himself, such as making a decision, which stumbles Tang Niu for a while
The three ghosts in the scenic area are nowhere to be found, and now they can sit still and wait for the result. It is conceivable that they are suffering from this moment. From getting hope to losing it, they are finally rekindled by Lin Feng’s words. Unfortunately, they still haven’t got what they want most.
Footsteps rang and Lin Feng came in with Lu Jun from the outside. Three ghosts got up almost at the same time, and their eyes gave full hope. Their legs involuntarily walked towards Lin Feng.
"You can rest assured that this ganoderma lucidum can be divided into three parts to save people."
"Fourth Sister is saved" Chang Dayin choked and beat Han’s heart with iron. There is also a soft side. "Second child, third child, please help Lord Schelling."
"No, Lin Feng is just doing his best. Saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagoda. Everything is fate."
I often shake my head. "Even so, if I meet someone else, my three brothers have already died. If there is such courtesy, from today, the four ghosts in the scenic area are adults."
"Don’t frown at a word from Lord Lin."
Yin San laughed. "Don’t forget that I will be the first one who can’t pass Yin San in the future."
Windson is indifferent. Since we can save two lives at the same time, we don’t know that there are many people who add flowers in the sinister world of Jianghu, and there are also many people who fall into the well. The only thing that is lacking is that this kind of timely help really helps a person. It is the most rare thing to be so kind.
"Have the three brothers ever heard of Qingchangcao?"
"Lord Lin asked about this?"
Windson told the story in a simple way, omitting many steps, saying that his brother was poisoned and needed several kinds of elixirs to detoxify, including Qingchangcao.
"I’ve heard that in the depths of the scenic forest, someone was cut by a grass and finally bled to death. Some people said it was a cursed place, and very few people went in. According to Lord Lin, it was probably that they were bitten by poisonous insects."
"Don’t wait for a good thing. Tang Niu immediately went to prepare the carriage and Hideki looked for Qingchang grass."
"Isn’t riding a horse faster?"
Lin Feng shook his head. "How long does it take to come and go? The ghost hand doctor said that it is only effective to take juice when the Qingchang grass is broken."
"That is to say, I will take Ernian with me this time."
"This is the best way."
Tang Niu promised to leave an idea quickly, and the sky will rise in his mind. He must get the Millennium Ginseng tonight.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine Tongtian thief
No one knows that it’s a good thing to have such a big man in the Wulin, especially when he has to yell before he makes a fist move. Of course, what he does is not different from being a thief and his thief. This person is dedicated to those rich, heartless and official people.
Chivalrous people’s sense of righteousness is not all martial arts people can be called chivalrous, even if the martial arts reached its peak with amazing swordsmanship in those days, they could leave Demonbane’s name because of their killing personality.
The Millennium Ganoderma lucidum became whiter when it entered the water. As the fire became stronger, the glittering water lines spread outward. It is conceivable that the medicine contained in it quickly dissolved into the water. This Millennium panacea was originally a pair, mostly because I didn’t want to spend a thousand years alone in such a lonely cold wind. Perhaps it was because of this that I had to carefully cut off one piece from it and give it to Chang Da at this moment.

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