上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 喝茶工作室VX,私人外卖工作室品茶 Just thinking about it, Xiao pang asked, "Are you interested in taking the national exam in summer?"

Just thinking about it, Xiao pang asked, "Are you interested in taking the national exam in summer?"

"I heard that it takes several rounds to take the class exam?" Baiyun Lou paid little attention to the examination of fame courses after he came to the hospital.
Xiao pang said patiently, "It saves a lot of trouble to have three rounds of recommended studies but can directly participate in the final round of palace examination."
"Class test ….." Baiyun Tower suddenly thought of Torre if he casually took an examination of fame and went back as if Torre could talk a lot more. It is estimated that his back can be straight when he goes out.
In Torre’s mind, it is more fun and practical to get a fame in the summer class exam than to fix the truth and realize the avenue.
Anyway, it’s no harm to go to palace examination to deal with it when you are studying poetry and want poetry to finish class.
Read in this Baiyun Tower, and you will make a decision, and you will freely take the exam.
"If you leave the palace examination exam in a good class to the younger brother, you won’t have to worry about it. Just take the exam directly then," Xiao Pang said enthusiastically, patting his chest.
Sensing Xiao Pang’s joy, Baiyun Tower can’t help but pick his eyebrows. Xiao Pang, like himself, has never been so enthusiastic about fame. This is a problem.
"Let’s go to palace examination with Feiyang. Let’s go forward and backward together?" Baiyun Lou asked casually.
Xiao Pang Zheng: "Ah, so, there are some unseemly poems of teacher younger brother … That’s a good teacher younger brother with a big brother."
After a moment’s hesitation, Xiao Pang should come.
This Baiyun Tower is even more interesting.
It seems that Xiao Pang is really interested in guiding himself to participate in palace examination in 2008, but it is not a bad thing. Baiyun Tower is too lazy to delve into it and leave a suspense. Sometimes it is also very interesting.
There may be a lot of excitement to see when I take Xiao Pang to palace examination.
"It’s said that some fox spirits are fond of reading, saying that they are born with a curly breath and often accompany them to help them practice." Baiyunlou turned to the Eastern pool and said.
Oriental Ziyan corners of the mouth slightly bent and said, "There are some supernatural spirits, but there are quite a few foxes who say this is true."
Baiyunlou nodded slightly to one side and asked the green ant, "Don’t be busy, green ant. Is there anything similar to the demon spirit in Dahe State?"
"It is also heard that some good-hearted demons like to stay with knowledgeable students or high-ranking people." The green ant answered very seriously
See Xiao Pang’s eyebrows stretch a lot. Baiyun Tower will be pulled up and headed for the building.
Seeing that the green ant in the master elder brother’s building poured a cup of hot tea for the teacher elder sister in the East, she turned and walked towards the building.
Just on the first floor of Baiyun Building, a group of younger brothers and sisters suddenly became quiet.
"It was very lively just now, wasn’t it? Luo Xiaoyu belongs to you. Now there are only three tyrants left in Kyoto. Do you want to go back and fill a vacancy?" Baiyun Building laughed.
Luo Yu blushed and said, "Before the big brother joked, I didn’t expect all the schools to be so extraordinary. After the trouble, I was all in the same school, and I still need a lot of advice from my brothers and sisters."
It takes less than half a day to get acquainted with a brother in the House of Representatives, which is not thin but also a talent.
Baiyunlou fudged and came to a case and sat quietly. Meng Yu shouted and said, "It’s also uncomfortable for Brother Meng to talk about his recent experience while he’s around."
"Good Brother" Meng Yu nodded.
When I heard a story, a group of brothers gathered around Luo Yu, and even the ears of the young monk who sat by the window moved. It seems that it is really difficult to meditate without the blessing of the voiceless spell.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Go to Zixiao
After staying quiet for weeks, Meng Yu began to talk about what happened in recent days.
The qualification of the original Meng Yu Cang Yu school is good. If you practice hard, you can also send it easily.
In order to comply with the master’s requirements, I have studied two wooden vein poison skills, but Meng Yu doesn’t like poison when he plays with his classmates, and he doesn’t like the life-and-death skills with his classmates.
Because of this, it’s good not to be disliked by my classmates and master. The big deal is to hide. Master Meng Yu, who can’t hide, often helps him do chores, but he barely hangs out in the sects.
I came to Xuanyin Temple on the night when the master went out on business. Meng Yu went to the room to help clean up the room. A hand-painted mountain and river map fell from a book.
It’s the Xuan Bing Waterfall next to Xuanyin Temple. There is a sign at the bottom of the waterfall and a few lines of small letters of fire to blow up the Xuanyin at the bottom of the waterfall with the blood of Xuan Bing children.
I didn’t expect the master to plan the Xuan Bing Waterfall Xuan Yin Qi Meng Yu suddenly knew that he had caused a big disaster
The master will surely notice if he moves the master’s book.
Meng Yu quickly put the secret map back in the folder and then put it back in place and left the room.
On the second day, Meng Yudu spent his uneasy time in the fix-up meeting. When it was his turn to send monks to Cangyu, he was absent-minded and slipped on the ice.
Sure enough, after returning to the fragrant courtyard, the master tortured Meng Yu and dared not hide what he had seen.
This master simply sealed Meng Yu’s big hole in the whole body into the next wing.
Meng Yu suddenly woke up with awe when he thought that the child’s blood in the three sentences of Mi Tu was not his own blood to break the seal.
Although Meng Yu doesn’t like fighting, life and death have their own unwillingness.
Who knows that the qualification of spiritual practice has changed in the struggle for life and death?
Speaking of which, Meng Yu hesitated and looked at Master Bai.
Baiyun Tower said indifferently, "When I happened to meet Brother Meng’s spiritual qualification, I was moved to cherish it and gave it to Brother Meng."
Then Baiyun Tower told a story about the sudden change at the edge of the waterfall.
Xiao pang and others were still hundreds of miles away at the Xuan glacier shoal, but I didn’t expect so many changes to take place in Xuanyin Temple, which led to the demon soul war behind them.
Meng Yu didn’t expect that the master elder brother was worried about his own safety and left a bamboo sword on the cliff specially, which saved his life.
I didn’t expect the master field to be so miserable. The so-called Xuan Yin Qi is really worthless.
After listening to Meng Yu’s experience, everyone couldn’t help sighing and feeling that Meng Yu couldn’t help being close to him for a few minutes, which could make the master elder brother move his mind. Of course, he was a kindred spirit.
Finally, knowing the cause and effect of the whole thing, Baiyun Tower can’t help but sigh, "This time, Monty really planned a lot of cliff bottom seals, and he did his best. A map of mountains and rivers in Zhang Ling almost made the plan succeed. It seems that Monty is really not underestimated."
Hearing this, Xiao Pang was surprised that "Monty can actually calculate this."
"Monty has been busy sneaking into the human world for thousands of years, and has already understood the Terran habits. Some people are greedy and have conan the destroyer Wei together." Baiyun Tower could not help but sigh.
"Although Monty is trapped in the Nanzhou Grand Array, he is divided into two parts all over the human world, so Monty can find out the information from these parts by consuming his soul."
"Master elder brother is not an inferno? What is monty and what is the large array of Nanzhou?" Lan Zhi asked weakly as he listened more and more confused.
Baiyun Tower remembered that many younger brothers in the school here still don’t know the truth of Monty’s troubled times. With a slight sigh, Xiao Pang said, "Feiyang, tell the younger brothers and sisters a cause and effect."
Xiao pang nodded and began to tell.
Recently, almost all the affairs of Qingyun Gate have been handled by Xiao Pang. Fortunately, Xiao Pang has been able to take care of himself now, and many things can be handled properly after being entrusted, which makes Baiyun Building worry a lot.
It is also because of the increasing pressure of the Baiyun Tower’s spiritual consciousness. Although the true soul of Monty has been destroyed, Monty is bound to take action after eating a big loss
Since god feels it, it will definitely not be a trivial matter. It is the most important thing to improve yourself as soon as possible.
This time, several monty distractions made it hard for the whole fix-true world to resist. In the end, the elder martial sister was invited to play Yunxiao chess. If you really face the monty, what the elder martial sister can do should be limited.
Everything still depends on yourself. Now that you know that Tsukiji dzogchen can go to Xiancai, let’s start exploring Xiancai as soon as possible after returning to the hospital.
I am thinking about the news in my arms. Fu Weizhen came to the corner of Baiyun Building.
Take out the message operator and read all the troubles as if they were gone, and concentrate on chatting with Xiao Chaoyang.
Knowing that my school sister has arrived at Baiyun Tower, I can take out the jade slips and send them to my school sister.
It wasn’t long before Yujian was sent back again.
Sensing the message of my sister’s coming back to the world, Baiyun Tower can hardly help but want to laugh. Now my sister’s divine power is still weak, and it is very fun to turn her mouth into a small flower.
Baiyun Tower couldn’t help but read aloud and turned into a slightly larger blue flower, and said a paragraph to the younger sister to send back the jade slips.

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