A gray firm but gentle light rises.

I have to say that the shock wave is extremely powerful and less limited to the realm of man and god, and the fighters issued a shock wave.
But it’s also limited to access. There are also six levels of peak in SHEN WOO. For the early people of Huang Peng and Chimang, add their demon talent. Even the peak of people and gods or the early days of gods like them don’t look at their eyes. A SHEN WOO six-level peak fighter sends out a firm but gentle shock wave.
"mom! ! ! What’s the matter? How dare you destroy the uncle and do his best to create a gorgeous death for this girl! "
Huang Peng, red mans cursed a wish a palm will this eventful little patties, but they didn’t stop it after all.
The firm but gentle wave issued by Yanglingtian seems to have the peak level of SHEN WOO’s six levels, which is too weak compared with their own two people joining hands to condense gorgeous flowers. Although it will cause small flaws, it generally does not affect the contrary. If you make moves at this time, it will greatly destroy the artistic conception.
Forget it, that minor repair rebounded so low that it was enough to make him go up in smoke.
They shook their heads and glared at Yanglingtian resentfully, and continued to admire the perfect death they had created.
"The sword is ringing nine times!"
Suddenly, there was a cold, emotionless sound.
The lonely day trembled, and the weak but firm but gentle suddenly scattered and dazzled the eyes of all.
"Not good! ! !”
Master Kun was suddenly surprised, but the shocking shock wave was already scattered.
Huang Peng and red mans face in surprise, the original weak gray firm but gentle suddenly turned into a proud phoenix, which gently cut the perfect death flower condensed by their best efforts, and then crossed their bodies lightly.
"True his mama stupid! ! !”
Master Kun scolded a whole body, and a yellow light flashed, flying out of the broken body of Huang Peng and Red Mountain, and being involved in a big chew in his mouth. Then he turned around and took a cold look at the silver-haired youth in front.
"You are the dream of master Zhangkun in Yanglingtian.
"Hum, if we know that it’s Brother Yang, then get out of here." Sun Ning’s hands unconsciously crossed his waist. "Otherwise, it’s just like your two stupid hands. Oh, no, Brother Yang will catch you and bite God and refine you."
Master Kun smiled and ignored Sun Ning’s arrogant words, but nodded appreciatively at Yanglingtian. "Yes, you are very clever. If we start work, even if you can stall me, those people around you are definitely not deliberately hidden by Huang Peng and Red Mang opponents. Fix Red Mang and Huang Peng and kill them in one fell swoop, but they will not care about themselves. ~ ~ ~"
He gave Yang Lingtian a confused look. "What makes me wonder is that you didn’t show a kind of power in life, killing and protecting just now. It seems that your firm but gentle spirit is a mixture of pure five elements of reiki. I want to know whether heaven and earth give you power to live, kill or protect? That is to say, whether you practice Shinto, Magic Road or Buddhism Road "
"The laws of heaven and earth didn’t give me a kind of power." Yanglingtian smiled gently as if it wasn’t a great thing.
"Impossible! !” Master Kun suddenly jumped up like a snake with its tail stepped on.
I don’t know the secret of asking Tianque Song. He always thinks that there are demon families in heaven and earth who will be given one of the three powers when they reach the state of Shengwu because of their natural strength. Besides, whoever reaches the state of Shengwu will be given a power.
Don’t ~ ~ ~ ~ Don’t ~ ~ He is my ancient demon.
Thoughts flashed through my mind.
Master Kun, who has always been arrogant, narrowed his eyes and carefully looked at the young man with silver hair in front of him.
According to the ancient demon race rules, people should not kill each other, even if they have grievances, they must report them to the Presbyterian church for approval and then solve them in the race ring.
If Yangling naive is an ancient demon, he can teach a lesson at most today. Otherwise, the bodhi old zu knows that even if he is the chief of the clan, he can’t escape torture.
This is not the point. Whether Yanglingtian is dead or not and he is not big, he doesn’t care.
The key point is that it is important to turn the sword around. If Yanglingtian dies, he will not hand over his great contribution.
On the contrary, it is a great achievement for Yanglingtian to go to the ancient demon clan with the sword of Zhuanlun.
The bodhi old zu will definitely do it himself. He will increase repairs.
When the time comes, a demon clan patriarch’s position will inevitably fall below him.
Knife-like eyes Yangling Tianshen keeps shooting.
Finally, Master Kun spit out a foul breath because Yangling Tianshen has no demon blood breath.
It seems that he should be fascinated by my demon ancestors. Well, no, he is human. If he is conscious, the demon clan is fascinated, he will definitely blend. Then there is a possibility that he will be unconscious.
Insidious smile flashed from Master Kun’s mouth.
This kind of unconscious ecstasy is very different from that of Huang Peng and Chimang, who have conscious ecstasy after being killed. The biggest advantage is that after refining, another demon avatar can be obtained. When the time comes, even if Yangling celestial body is not as powerful as expected, he can also obtain another talent avatar.
If the ancient demon people have two talents, it is not as simple as one plus one equals two.
The power of the two supernatural powers will increase several times or even ten times when they are superimposed on each other.
Think at the beginning, his father got this unconscious spirit by accident, and then he took the position of head of the clan in the science of uniting all the way smoothly.
His father tried his best to find such a soul.
However, it’s really rare for the demon clan to have unconscious souls, and his father’s unique gift has devoured one from ancient times to modern times.
I didn’t expect to meet one here today, and how can I not surprise him?
At the same time, another thing that made him almost crazy on the spot was
Demon race was human beings must be able to play a small part of the power after the fusion, and the situation from Yanglingtian just now is less, and there is already a peak strength of the earth god. What level has his body been strong?
Too god? God king?
Haha ~ ~ ~ Without consciousness, refining is very easy for me to refine him. Not only can I get another kind of magical power, but I should be able to directly cultivate the realm of God. Haha ~ ~ ~ Then I will be the bodhi old zu in the clan. Haha ~ ~ ~ Master Kun can’t help shivering slightly.
The bodhi old zu, who has two talents, should be respectful even if he is now a demon race. Then he will not be the first demon race worthy of the name.
No, when today is the most powerful, there will be the ancient demon race.

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