上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 私人外卖工作室品茶 "I heard that the China people’s department is a sniper. The British want to be killed. They are simply asking for a dead end." Looking at Bruce being forced to carry out, a soldier said while smoking a cigarette

"I heard that the China people’s department is a sniper. The British want to be killed. They are simply asking for a dead end." Looking at Bruce being forced to carry out, a soldier said while smoking a cigarette

"Snipers usually shoot pistols," said another soldier.
"Come on, we are not enemies with China. We still have a non-aggression treaty. These bastards are British. They have sinned against China, but they want us to bear the consequences …"
"Don’t forget how many brothers in our second army died at the gunpoint of China people … it’s only a month ago. Have you forgotten? Forget me, do we hate China people? " Next to a sergeant can’t listen to drink shouted and said
There was a sudden silence in the trench, and the Chinese and American armed forces had a deep hatred. It was an insurmountable hurdle, and it was estimated that the war between the Chinese and American teams would be fought forever.
However, when they heard that the Chinese team was approaching from outside, they dug trenches as hard as if digging into the hearts of American soldiers. Every time the Chinese dug and threw a shovel at the ground, they took away a little courage from American soldiers.
"I can’t stand it!" A soldier cried and crawled frantically outside the trench.
"jump" a body fell to the eyebrows is still a blood hole to be continued.
Chapter 433 The Battle of Orleans (ninety-two)
The body fell from the surface just in front of a young soldier, which scared the man to scream. He almost ran out of control to the ditch next to an old soldier. He grabbed this guy with a quick hand. "Jim is calm and calm. If you jump, George is your role model." The old soldier pointed to the body lying on his back.
There is a blood hole between the eyebrows of the deceased, which is gurgling and bleeding, but the man is dead. His eyes are wide open and full of fear, and it looks very scary.
Young soldier Jim took one look and dared not look again. He turned around and fell on the ditch wall and vomited.
The veteran crouched down to close George’s eyes. Although his eyes were closed, the frightened expression on his face did not disappear. Although this frightened expression was not as scary as the fear in his eyes, it had a feeling of going straight into people’s hearts. The veteran was bold and dared not look at it again.
The body was carried away, and the veteran found some blood on his hand, knowing that it was George’s brow when he touched his eyes just now.
I don’t know why the frightened expression on George’s face suddenly appeared in the veteran’s mind, but the veteran panicked. He regretted that he shouldn’t have reached out and wiped the ditch wall hard, but no matter how hard it was, the serum almost wiped off the skin of his hand, but George’s frightened face became more and more clear in his heart, which left a deep mark on his mind.
"I didn’t kill you, George. Please leave me alone." The veteran shouted to himself and took out a dagger and cut it off into his palm.
"What are you doing? Johnny, are you crazy to cut off your own hand? " Next to a second lieutenant would have seen the veteran wrong, shouting and coming to take Johnny’s dagger.
"Don’t think that you can escape military service by cutting off your own hand. Your guild will be punished by military law," the second lieutenant said sternly.
Johnny suddenly woke up and said, "I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t hurt myself. I wanted to cut off the blood and dirt on my hands."
As China people dig closer and closer, it seems a foregone conclusion that the area composed of barbed wire and mines will eventually be broken by China people, even the Coalition forces think it is an inevitable result.
This has caused great psychological pressure on the allied forces. This is a doomed battle. They did not win, but dragged a few China people with them before they perished.
Even veterans like Johnny almost collapsed in the face of such great pressure, and the second lieutenant woke him up when he was a platoon leader.
But the pressure has not disappeared, but has become heavier and heavier.
It is a very spectacular thing that the foreign corps of the 16th Division of the Chinese Communist Youth League has a long defense line of more than 200,000 people waving shovels to control trenches.
More than 200,000 people wield shovels at the same time, and this sound and momentum are better than those of several artillery divisions. The sound of digging through the surface to the front line to prevent the vibration in the gun hole is like ten thousand Ma Benteng and ten million iron hooves stepping on the ground, each of which is nerve-racking.
People in China usually dig trenches during the day and rest at night, but that frightening sound of digging like talking in the middle of the night suddenly sounded.
Many soldiers in the Coalition woke up from their sleep and rushed from the gun hole and bunker to the ditch. Everyone asked, "Did China call?" Have they dug through? "
"China people will dig into our feet, we put explosives in our feet and think we will go to heaven? “
"I can already feel the ground shaking. China people must have dug our feet."
At that time, rumors spread everywhere, adding fuel to the flames, and I felt that my foothold was crumbling, and people were even more worried.
At that time, the moon was just when the moonlight poured quietly into the ditch like running water, and the allied soldiers were forced to make the moonlight shine slightly pale. Every one of them had a face full of panic and his eyes were blank.
In their deep trench, the parapet in front of them suddenly looks so thin in the eyes of the soldiers. Can China people stop the attack of China without those barbed wire obstacles and the dark mound of loess left in the minefield?
The fact table theory is that the British expeditionary force, the American expeditionary force and the French army are so vulnerable in front of them, even if the three armed forces are United, I am afraid it will not help.
It’s impossible to stop the crazy destruction and attack of the Chinese Communist Youth League only by a thin wall in front of the horrible Chinese Communist Youth League gunmen.
In the middle of the night, the boring sound of the * * group digging is suffocating and shocking, which is comparable to a fierce attack with several heavy artillery pieces.
The sky and the moon seem to keep swaying and burning like candles, and sometimes they will go out almost soon!
Just when people were in panic, there was a sudden thunder and blare, and everyone looked down at the sound to see a tall and rude soldier lying with a big white belly and snoring in the moonlight.
It was quiet in the ditch, and finally I heard the soldier Han’s charming snoring. He snored so much that he drowned the China people digging, which made people feel more relieved.
"Let China people go to hell." A soldier muttered and turned back to the gun hole.
"Yes, let China people go to hell!" The other also said that he sat on the spot and closed his eyes, which also made a loud snore.
In less than ten minutes, the officers and men of the allied forces on the whole front were snoring, and even those on duty were deliberately making that kind of sleeping snoring.
It is spectacular for hundreds of thousands of people to snore together, and even the China people have suppressed the sound of digging holes.
Even Zhang Yiping was woken up by this loud noise. He came out in his clothes, and Liu Chun, the chief of staff on duty, said awkwardly, "It’s a sin to want to disturb them but didn’t expect to let these western ghosts disturb the commander in chief instead."
"These western ghosts are quite humorous!" Zhang Yiping rubbed his eyes and said, "But this snoring is not so good. I was still farting, which made me go to find a gas mask."
"Commander-in-chief, don’t let it out. If those western ghosts really fart together, it will really cause a biochemical attack, which is estimated to be worse than putting hundreds of tons of poison gas!" Chun Liu laughed.
"I am afraid that the first victim is themselves!" Zhang Yiping was also happy. "That fart is not as bad as a gas bomb."
"You continue to make trouble, I will go to bed!" Zhang Yiping said, "Call me then!"
China people stopped digging, and then the Coalition forces deliberately made the snoring weak. After all, snoring is not so good. Some people really fell asleep when they were snoring.
However, after a while, China people dug again, woke up the allied officers and men who fell asleep again, and then launched a loud snoring.
Repeat this until dawn to be continued.
Chapter 434 The Battle of Orleans (ninety-three)
The morning spread like running water, and the morning came. The morning star has not disappeared yet, and the earth is still asleep. The American troops in the ditch are worth changing.
Soldiers on duty are squatting behind the parapet and rarely raise their heads, because when they look up, they will surely attract snipers from China to be killed, and few of them can escape.
China people piled up heaped-up mounds of earth not far from the allied trenches. Many of these mounds were higher than the breast walls of the British trenches, just like the ancient siege and arrow towers. China gunmen hid in the trenches and the guns of the allied soldiers might be fine in the deep trenches, but the breast walls might be shot if they were not careful. Some foxholes and trenches were dug, and the British artillery shells could not stand the mounds gunmen.
Lieutenant, a cannon mirror stretched out to monitor the movement of the Chinese team outside through this cannon mirror. His cannon mirror originally had two eyes, but it was knocked out by China people, but there was no way to mend it.
It’s just dawn, and it’s very quiet in the wild. Lieutenant can conclude that China people have done nothing. Next to Johnny, a bamboo tube is inserted into the mud. Listen to the bamboo tube, so as to find out the situation of China people digging.
However, there were no special circumstances in the early days. China people were tired after a night.
The second lieutenant threw the cannon mirror and took out a cigarette and smoked it by himself. Johnny also put his ear away from the receiver and sat down to take out a piece of paper. Then he squeezed a little tobacco out of his pocket and rolled a big horn and smoked it by himself.
The second lieutenant said to Johnny, "Johnny, you did meritorious service last night. You saved the Second Corps and our allies with a snore … You are a hero."
"Without my side and Johnny snoring could not be so loud lieutenant! In addition, the sentence’ Let China people go to hell’ was the first thing I said. Can I also make meritorious deeds? " Jim snatched it from me and said he didn’t have any cigarettes, but who cares?

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