[Extra reward 11 strains of various elixirs]

[Bonus 2 Incomplete Swallowing Monty Skill]
[Bonus 3 Damaged Protective Body Yu Pei]
[Extra reward 4 special spirit]
Chen Qianxue, who has a panoramic view of these five reward departments, is slowly surprised.
What comes to mind is a faint surprise.
She is really happy.
I don’t know how many people will covet any of these five rewards.
Chen Qianxue is very satisfied.
When the spirit of the fifth floor of Tsukiji was blessed, Chen Qianxue was able to control the breakthrough to the momentum, because she had a "semi-innate spirit" constitution like Qin Yu, which was an unexpected reward for Chen Qianxue’s sims.
This award has left her in a state of limbo.
Not a bottleneck.
Say breakthrough
Break through!
At this moment, the imposing manner of the Tsukiji realm is revealed. Chen Qianxue suddenly found that there seems to be no way to stop a small inn from breaking through.
But it’s time to arrange the camouflage array, so we can bite the bullet and break through at one stroke.
After the imposing manner of Tsukiji Immortals spread out, people within hundreds of meters of Fiona Fang inexplicably felt a palpitation.
And the people in the same inn felt the great terror arrival!
They also don’t know what happened in the inn.
But the fear came out of their hearts and made them run out of the inn in desperation.
In less than ten breaths, besides Chen Qianxue in the inn …
It’s already one person
a moment
These people who ran out of the inn felt happier than they did.
Boom ! !
A gust of wind roared in the inn department and swept out the wooden structure houses crashing apart, and the tiles on the roof were thrown high by air billow.
Visible to the naked eye, the aura fluctuates and surges, making a group of ordinary people gape.
And some practitioners are shocked.
Ordinary people are different, even those with the lowest strength can see that there is a breakthrough by the strong.
This breakthrough movement …
At least it’s the foundation realm, right?
As soon as Yuanying County suffered a puzzling disaster, some immortals broke through the realm of building a foundation?
This …
Is this every cloud has a silver lining?
They are very stupid
I am also envious.
distant place
Zhi painting seems to be a feeling. She turned to look in one direction of Yuanying County. Her eyes seemed to penetrate several buildings. She was surprised and said, "The foundation is three floors?" No … it’s already built four floors, and someone has made such a breakthrough? "
"This kind of momentum seems to be not a sacred heart temple magic repair, but more like a path to cultivate immortals and … the other party vaguely revealed that the momentum is a bit similar to that of the little princess of Dayan Dynasty."
In any case, it’s a painting by Zhi, a six-story immortal, even at a very long distance
Can still vaguely feel the unique momentum of Chen Qianxue.
She said that Chen Qianxue’s momentum is similar to that of double neon.
That’s because Chen Qianxue’s last award gave her a kind of kingliness.
This kind of spirit can only be cultivated by a royal brother of a dynasty.

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