上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 喝茶工作室VX,私人外卖工作室品茶 Zhang Xia spat hard into the ground. "You’re a little rabbit. There are quite a lot of things …"

Zhang Xia spat hard into the ground. "You’re a little rabbit. There are quite a lot of things …"

Chapter 50 Rage Zhang Xia
Qing Liu frowned and stared at Zhang Xia, saying, "Aunt Zhang, I called you aunt to look at you as an elder. I seem to be afraid of you. You can do whatever you want anywhere else, but I’m sure I won’t say anything here!"
Zhang Xia stare big eyes in Yulong village, even the village chief Liu Dezhu dare not talk to himself like this. Since Qing Liu, the rabbit cub, dares to talk to himself like this? She stared at Qing Liu and said, "Qing Liu, you have a lot of guts now. How dare you talk to me like this? Believe it or not, I’ll rip your mouth off? "
"Aunt Zhang, I won’t dispute with you when you criticized me that day because you are an elder. I will give you some points."
Qing Liu will knock off the cigarette ash and said slowly, "In addition, I will correct you. What do you mean by a dog’s gall?"? I contracted Xifeng Mountain to build this hospital at my expense. With these two points, you can’t go in if I don’t want you to. "
Zhang Xia was so angry that she spat bitterly with a smile. "What can you do to me if I enter?" And she walked into the yard and glanced at Qing Liu triumphantly.
Qing Liu simply took out his mobile phone at Zhang Xia and said lightly, "You go in, you dare to go in one step, and I will immediately report to the police that I have lost my medicine."
Zhang Xia stopped and glared at Qing Liu. "How dare you!"
"What can’t I do?"
Liu Qingxiao "I contracted this Xifeng Mountain, and this hospital was built by me. Did I agree with you to break into my site? Do you dare to call the police? How can I grow medicinal materials here after I come here casually? Haven’t you stolen it yet? "
Zhang Xia’s face sank. "Who wants to steal your medicine …"
"You’re not going to steal my medicine. What are you doing in the mountain?" Qing Liu gave her an oblique look. "Aunt Zhang, this thief is famous for going out in the village. Hehe, do you think it sounds good?"
Yulong village is a small place. Because of this, people in the village still cherish their names. Once they are notorious, how can they stay in the village when they are pointed at everywhere?
Zhang Xia stared at Qing Liu maliciously. He was hesitant and didn’t know whether to enter or not.
What if this little guy is real? Although he didn’t take it, as Qing Liu said, once he called the police, he bit the medicine and lost it. It was shameful to be taken back to the police station for questioning by the police.
"I’m here to see my daughter."
Thought Zhang Xia tone slightly softened a few minutes.
Qing Liu, hey hey, smiled. He knew that Zhang Xia’s heart was soft but he couldn’t erase his face. He said such a thing with his eyes open. "I didn’t see Wang Jing."
"Hum, such a big girl is really free."
There is something in Zhang Xia’s words: "It’s a shame that a wild man not only quarreled with me but also secretly ran out of the house!" She squinted at Qing Liu. "Now wild men are really shameless. I don’t take a piss and take a look at myself. I still want to wait with my daughter. I won’t let her find a wild man if I let my daughter marry a beggar!"
Qing Liu left the pie mouth. "I have to go out and order a sign to set up a mountain. It’s forbidden to build a mountain. Otherwise, there will always be some chatters who find excuses for girls to come to me and want to steal something."
Zhang Xia’s black face said heavily, "Who wants you here? A broken hill is really a treasure! "
"Ha ha say yes"
Qing Liu glanced at her and said slowly, "I didn’t ask someone to come to my place, but she just came uninvited."
Zhang Xia gas turned and walked to the mountain "you don’t satisfied! Let’s ride a donkey and watch and sing! " She was filled with anger.
"You’re finished, Qing Liu."
Zhang Xia’s front foot just left, and then Wang Jing came out from nowhere and said with a long face, "My mother must scold you half to death." Then she stared at Qing Liu and looked left and right. "I didn’t see that before, you were also quite amazing. I just saw my mother’s face was black. Hehe, I remember that she seems to have never been beaten."
"That’s just someone else asking her."
Qing Liu and the pie mouth disdain said, "don’t you really your mother can walk sideways in this village? But this girl of yours is really white. Seeing her mother beaten, she is not angry but gloating. "
"You got less here."
Wang Jing stamped her foot with a sigh, feeling a little depressed and said, "Actually, sometimes I don’t know what happened to my mother in recent years. It feels like I’m going to quarrel with others all day. You don’t know that if my father and I see my mother’s face at home, we are both too scared to talk!"
"Is it so exaggerated?"
Qing Liu was a little surprised, and immediately he smacked his mouth and commented unceremoniously, "Then I really sympathize with your father. It’s really hard to live with such a’ good wife’ and of course you."
Wang Jing gave him a supercilious look and found a clean place to sit with his arms folded and stared at the sky with a sigh.
Seeing pepper posing as such a "melancholy" for the first time, Qing Liu was surprised and reflected on himself. It seemed that he had just gone too far. He went to sit next to Wang Jing and touched her shoulder and smiled. "I’m sorry, I just said that casually. Don’t take it to heart."
"I know"
Wang Jing gloomily replied, "I’m a little worried about my mother."
Qing Liu feel a little naught "she’s so adult what are you worried about her? And if you’re really worried about her, you’d better be honest. Your mother won’t let you go out? Then you can stay at home honestly. "
"You don’t understand"
Wang Jing shook his head and stared at the sky. After a while, he whispered, "Qing Liu, although my mother is fierce, she is the best to me. She has never let me work since she was a child. Everything good is waiting for me first, but I have grown up. I want to help her. I want my mother to live a good life, but I can’t learn anything and my grades are not good."
"Well, do you know?"
Wang Jing took a long breath. "I really want to do something for her, but I don’t know what to do …"
Chapter 51 Bear is scary
Qing Liu looked at Wang Jing with some surprise.
He always thought that Wang Jing was heartless all day long, but now it seems that he is thinking too simply.
"Qing Liu, am I stupid?"
Wang Jing turned to look at him and said with self-deprecation, "Maybe in the eyes of my villagers, there is a silly girl who is spoiled and can’t do any work, even such a simple job as watering crops in the field." She was depressed.
"Come on, don’t think so much."
Qing Liu comforted "who said you wouldn’t do anything? Don’t you still do laundry? "
Wang Jingqiao face is red "smelly rascal! You actually lied to me that you didn’t see it … "She held out her powder fist and Qing Liu hit her shoulder at random.
It’s really a pot of water. Qing Liu found himself as if he had revealed himself. He hid and shouted, "I just saw you washing clothes. He didn’t see anything!"
"Smelly rascal!"
Wang Jing chased him for a few times and suddenly thought of something. His face turned red and looked around and asked, "Qing Liu, I ask you a question. You must answer me honestly. Do you hear me?"
"Oh?" Qing Liu pie mouth "then you ask" he thought to himself, if you want to ask my privacy, how can I honestly tell you unless I am stupid?
Wang Jingqiao’s face was almost bleeding, and her fingers wriggled around her skirts and said, "Well, am I really small here?"
"there?" Qing Liu was at a loss what she said.
"Here …" Wang Jing shyly hand Qing Liu chest point a little.
Qing Liu just suddenly realized that he didn’t hold back a snow smile.
Wang Jing became angry from embarrassment and tried to make a fierce look. "What are you laughing at?" Hard Qing Liu waist pinched.
Qing Liu’s teeth ached and his mouth cracked. He jumped aside to eat and laughed. "Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?"
Wang Jing glared at him. "What is a lie? What is the truth? "
"A lie is a big one," Liu Qingyi said seriously. "The truth … is as big as being bitten by a mosquito!" He turned and ran.
"You live for me!"
Wang Jing clenched his powder fist and ran after him.
Qing Liu got into the depths of the forest and couldn’t help laughing as he ran. Wang Jingqi followed.
As Liu Qing, who went to the wild ginseng place every day, was used to consciousness, he ran there until he heard a bear shouting in front of him, and a tingle in his heart realized that he was running in the wrong direction.
At this time, it was too late to turn around and run. Looking back, Qing Liu saw that Wang Jing was firmly in the same place as if he had been immobilized. Qiao face turned white and looked at him with horror and screamed, "Bear!"
"No …" Before Qing Liu finished, Wang Jingchong rushed over and dragged him to run. "Run, Qing Liu!"
At this moment, Qing Liu felt an indescribable emotion in his heart because Wang Jing’s first reaction was not to turn around and run by himself, but to run over and pull himself together.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
"Don’t be afraid!"
Qing Liu moved to embrace Wang Jing, and she panicked and kissed her lips.

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