Chapter two also won and lost.

"Bang bang bang"
The iron gate was dragged from the outside and the raccoon dog suddenly looked up.
Brother Owl came in with a gun in his hand and a steady pace, staring at the stool figure.
"Who … who?" Asked the raccoon dog stuttering tone.
"I" Xiao Ge Hui
Beaver master
Owl elder brother silent at the door for a long time bowed their heads and took out a cigarette case from her pocket.
Beaver chair body trembling involuntarily.
"Take one!" Brother Owl lit two cigarettes, one in his mouth and the other in his hand.
The raccoon dog took a drag and turned pale and looked up. "How can you … how can you find it?"
Brother Xiao is silent
Beaver’s toes are anxious, and the ground is hoarse. He asks, "You … you know I can spit … don’t you?"
"I don’t know," replied Brother Xiao, smoking a cigarette and closing his eyes. "But I know that you have seen Niu Dong. I have no other choice but to put him in front of Yuan Ke and Wu Wensheng. If you vomit, I will fight back with Niu Dong. If you don’t vomit, Niu Dong will directly help Yuan Ke change you if I am not stared at."
The raccoon dog froze
"But you don’t live up to expectations. You sold everyone." Brother Xiao’s tone was dull.
The raccoon dog vomited his cigarette and shouted hysterically, "Owl, I’m not afraid of death. From the day I did this job, I knew I would have this day sooner or later! But I really can’t bear to die … Yuan Ke told me not to eat or sleep for three days and gave me psychotropic drugs … I …! "
"I can understand," Xiao Ge interrupted and responded. "I can understand that you didn’t resist."
Beaver master
Brother Xiao was silent for a long time and turned to point his left pocket at the raccoon. "Take the knife!"
The raccoon dog trembled even more when he heard this.
"If you want to listen to me, even if you don’t bet on Liangzi Xiaoke for a few days, they won’t have an accident in the relief agency community. You have to hold on and don’t sell us. I have the same reason to take you back." Brother Owl smoked a cigarette and was calm. "But you didn’t do a good job in either of the two things … Beaver, I understand that you still treat you like a brother. I won’t move you. You give an account to the dead person yourself."
"Owl, I … I …!" The raccoon dog looks flustered and his legs tremble.
"Knife" owl elder brother shouted with your eyes closed.
"Owl, I don’t fucking want to die!" The raccoon dog suddenly roared back, "I finally made it. I don’t want to die!" "
Owl elder brother smell bitten to grind.
"Owl, there are no outsiders in this room, just the two of us … you cut me some slack, and no one knows." The raccoon voice trembled. "I … I’ve never asked you since I told you. This time, you help me see that we have worked hard together for so many years."
If the raccoon dog hadn’t experienced those three days of torture, he would have the courage to commit suicide, but after he survived those three days, he didn’t know where his breath had leaked, and he didn’t want to die or dare to die.
Brother Xiao slowly raised his left hand and picked up his cigarette butt. "The raccoon dog has a knife!"
"I won’t take it!"

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