He said to himself.

The previous generation of Emperor Tiandi also showed a thoughtful color and said, "Someone calculated The six great divisions in the wheel of karma from the beginning."
"But what really benefited from The six great divisions in the wheel of karma in the past few years was that the three techniques didn’t benefit from the six ways-it doesn’t make sense," Gu Qingshan said.
"Unless the three techniques represent that interest," the previous generation of Emperor Shen said.
Gu Qingshan nodded.
Suddenly an idea flashed through his mind.
Gu Qingshan suddenly remind of the huge body that sentence-
"Let’s go … Gu Qingshan … they have this magic body in three techniques, but they …"
The real celestial body has been dragged into that coffin.
His soul was put in another body and appeared before Sanju.
That’s a magic body!
Gu Qingshan managed to keep himself calm while remembering and whispered, "Let’s go … Gu Qingshan … They have three skills in this magic body, but they … know this."
-This is the truth!
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Era
Everything in the sea of ashes is calm.
"What are your plans?" Gu Qingshan asked
"… reincarnation day … your master hand"
Eternal usurper said.
-now should call him the previous generation of emperor.
Gu Qingshan said, "There must have been a variety of problems in the hands of those who have been staying in the magic body. No wonder my master wants to use the spirit … so I advise you to look for his weapon again."
The previous generation of Heaven Emperor murmured, "Xie Daoling … I never seem to have heard this name in the time when Liudao was born."
"I don’t know the origin of my master," Gu Qingshan shrugged.
The previous generation sent a silence and added, "I have recovered my memory and I have to go to the ground."
"Because your body is sealed there?" Gu Qingshan asked
"If I find my body, I will’ reverse’ it and put my soul back so that I can completely recover," said the former Emperor of Heaven.
Gu Qingshan reveals his thinking color.
"I advise you not to go now," he said
“?” The former emperor asked
"In the past, when you were in your prime, you managed to get rid of that seal. What’s the situation now?" Guqingshan avenue
"Then I’ll go and explore the way first. After all, I’m the only one in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma who knows how to turn around." The former Emperor insisted.
Gu Qingshan secretly sighed.
-If a character like the former Emperor of Heaven insists on doing something, no one can persuade him.
See the previous generation of Emperor Tian’s hands tied with a seal saying, "Read the Dharma now!"
A white spot with a shimmering light appeared in front of him.
"In the past, I also wanted to create a road, but it’s a pity that I met three techniques as soon as I started, and then I was blindsided and turned into a worm for several years …"
The former Emperor of Heaven went on talking.
"Even so, the broken road I created will eventually follow me. This is the strength of the road."
He continued with memories, "Gu Qingshan, you gave me the’ reversal’ technique. I only want to give you this method back, hoping that you can complete what I failed to complete."
Gu Qingshan said, "Come to me at any time if you get any important information."
"-well, I’ll go!"
With that, the previous generation Emperor read a spell and disappeared from Gu Qingshan’s eyes.
-the end of the ashes failed to stop him.
It seems that he really has some ways to travel freely in the six worlds.
Gu Qingshan was left alone in the sea of ashes.
Gu Qingshan stretched out his hand and caught the light.
Suddenly a line of scarlet fine print appeared quickly.
"You’ve got a broken road, and the Heavenly Emperor is chanting."
"This method of thinking is the eternal method of thinking. Once the name is recited, the enemy can be killed according to the thought."
All scarlet little words disappear
The light spot flew gently into Gu Qingshan’s eyebrows.
Mathematical knowledge came to his mind.
In just a quarter of an hour, he gradually accepted and digested the teachings of the Emperor of Heaven.
"Reading to kill the enemy is like reading a sword … but it is one thousand times more powerful than reading a sword, and it can reach the enemy directly across the distance."
"This method is not very convenient to directly integrate into my technique of flying immortals. Madam, can you?" Gu Qingshan asked
A shadow turned out behind him.
Lady’s shadow of sacrificial dance
"Do you have a problem?" Shadow question
"I want to integrate the teachings of the Emperor of Heaven into the sacred vows. Do you think it is feasible?" Gu Qingshan asked
"The sacred sacrifice is to cut off the road, and the Buddha’s chanting is a broken road. If you can really integrate them, they will become stronger."
Gu Qingshan pondered, "In this way, I have two paths … I wish to defend Gu Hong and kill the enemy …"
"It’s hard to do it with one person pregnant with two skills, but there’s nothing wrong with it if you really do it."
"That’s what I thought," Gu Qingshan said for a moment.
Shadow added, "What are your plans now?"

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