Gu Qingshan hesitated. "It will benefit-"

"I don’t want you not to give it soul power."
The god of war continued, "If you don’t add fire, it will try every means to deal with you."
"won’t it deal with me if I add it?"
"Hundreds of millions of entrants have added it, and once you accept it, it won’t pay you so much."
Gu Qingshan asked, "Will it affect you?"
"It’s just born. I’m not afraid of it."
God of war system spoke such a car-scrapping sentence Gu Qingshan erect and straight up.
He quickly shouted "Wait for you!" to those floating semi-white glowing small words.
The dense white characters were about to retreat and were pulled back by his shout.
All white words disappear and a big question mark appears.
Gu Qingshan asked, "What’s your attitude? You run if I can’t read?"
The question mark shook.
Obviously, it has never encountered such a situation.
The fire is not known at the moment, such as reaction
Gu Qingshan nai said, "Don’t you know pronunciation?"
The question mark suddenly disappeared.
A sound goes up, "Congratulations, you have been chosen as the pioneer by heaven. This is a gift from Thorn Birds. Please confirm it."
As Gu Qingshan chooses, something seems to have happened.
He kept a close eye on the emptiness in front of him.
The blue transparent curtain of Ares interface reduces the interface area.
A bright red interface appears side by side with it.
This is an extremely simple and even crude interface.
It is far less than the origin of the doomsday line of previous worlds.
This also means that the real doomsday line has not yet come to the exhibition.
A line appears in the ares interface.
"It has been successful, but it doesn’t know what I’m doing here. You have to act like it’s alone."
Chapter five hundred and thirty-three Double system
A line appears in the ares interface.
"It’s coming. It doesn’t know what I want. You have to act like it’s alone."
Gu Qingshan glanced at his heart and silently replied, "I can still do it at ease."
He stared at the empty in front of him
The interface of Ares is ice cold and blue fire, and the interface is mellow and blood red.
Two systems appeared at the same time.
This is really something that has never happened to him in two generations.
Even better, one system in China does not know the other system.
As time goes by, all the words in the ares interface gradually disappear.
Fire interface has jumped out to a line.
"The doomsday line fire has been successfully completed. Congratulations, you have officially become a pioneer."
Gu Qingshan pretended not to see the excitement in his eyes. "What are you talking about so many words?"
"…" kindling interface
It realized that it had done something wrong.
The interface of God of War shows a line "The expression is exaggerated".
Gu Qingshan gently coughed and knew that he was overexertion and performed some unconventional performances.
He relaxed his facial expression a little.
I’m pregnant with two systems and I have to kill one of them. Gu Qingshan was a little nervous at the moment.
Gu Qingshan lowered the sound-to-fire interface and said, "You just said that I was the chosen pioneer, so what do you have for me?"
A line of words appeared rapidly on the fire interface.

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