上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 私人外卖工作室品茶 The arrows of both sides collided and exploded violently, only to see that the target was destroyed by the arrows of heaven. Most of the arrows were destroyed by strange forces before hitting the puppet to launch the arrows.

The arrows of both sides collided and exploded violently, only to see that the target was destroyed by the arrows of heaven. Most of the arrows were destroyed by strange forces before hitting the puppet to launch the arrows.

Leitian road, you should be careful. These weapons are likely to be deadly.
The gods didn’t believe what he said, but they stopped offering fairy wares one after another, but the arrow speed of the other side was too fast. Of course, the gods didn’t offer fairy wares as quickly as they ordered artifacts.
Less than ten percent of the arrows flew into the range of the Golden Pagoda.
There are still a large number of soldiers in the celestial army who are curious to see those huge arrow, wondering why these arrow seem to have no lethality at all.
Then these arrows exploded high in a mile. The explosion almost knocked down the nearby golden pagoda, and the core area of the explosion produced a deformed high temperature, as if thousands of suns had descended on the celestial army.
This is a disaster. A few hundred million heavenly soldiers will be directly evaporated in the slightest preparation, and even their souls have not escaped.
When Leitian summoned the Xuan turtle shield, it was not hurt. The surface of the body of the God around him was terrible. After the explosion, the mysterious light could not be captured by the naked eye. He got into the body of the God and broke it down.
The gods cried out in horror and leitian was surprised. He didn’t expect that the explosion would really hurt these powerful gods.
Chapter five hundred and ninety-four Machine world
Old D has been in bed for tracheitis recently, and he has no strength. Today, he has recovered a little. Let’s write a watch first. Let’s say I’m sorry. I didn’t expect to be ill for so long, but I didn’t pay attention to the day and update my health. Old D is no longer forced to protect it first. Otherwise, it’s too painful to write in bed.
The celestial army is made by imitating the protoss, and its body structure is stable by the divine character seal. The puppet metal city shot a huge arrow and exploded, which produced a mysterious shape. The light penetrated into the divine body and was able to disintegrate the divine body. The latest update of the divine character seal search is available.
Bai got up and felt a strong threat. He had to throw a lot of dark matter into the sky with heavy water and then detonate it to let the dark matter storm isolate those mysterious light.
If these rays enter your body, you will feel that your strength will be weakened by 30%. Although it is not irreversible, it will take you a lot to recover.
And those gods will probably be killed by these lights.
If the God of Heaven is going to be killed, the degree of terror of this light money will far exceed the ray power in the stars.
Li Bihu said that in the stars, a large number of rays are formed by the power of the stars, but that kind of rays are probably energy-efficient in Jin Xian, and after the explosion of the arrow in this puppet city, six eyes saw the power of decline when the world was destroyed
The gods are very grateful to Bai. This time, if it weren’t for Bai Qi, they fled back to the Golden Pagoda and ran away. The world suppressed the gods too much, and they didn’t know what to do.
The number of deaths of the heavenly soldiers is also quite large, and the one-time damage exceeds 2 billion. I don’t know how many soldiers will die one after another in that light.
Thank you, Bai Zhang, for saving your life. The God of Heaven will be around Leitian, and 17 people will be sent by Heaven. There will also be ten gods. These gods will shrink the golden pagoda around Leitian as a gift in the future, so that the dark matter in Leitian can better protect them. When the deadly light irradiation will not last long, the God will also study the countermeasures during this period.
Although the gods’ bodies are endless defects, the gods’ ability is also a white matter. They can not simulate it, but they can resist the deadly light from it
The world counterattacked this sharpness, which caused the sky to lose 1% of its strength at once, and it was a complete method to restore those gold pagodas, which were full of peeling marks. Although the repair of gold pagodas was easy to consume, it was 100 times more than the resurrection of the heavenly soldiers.
Bai Qidao, the world city, seems to be mysterious. Any one we attack will attract other cities to fight back. The city we attack is the bait. If we capture it and explode in another city, our losses will be even greater.
God will pull a long face one by one, so the world is the last place they want to fight a world occupied by puppets. Every puppet is not an ordinary individual, and it is expendable to dominate a puppet in this world.
Creatures with fear, hesitation and regret will not be in the puppet’s mind now.
These things are created to make the enemy mutually assured destruction.
Leitian also has a headache. He knows that Li Bihu’s puppets in the world are fierce and not afraid of death, and when creating, he thinks about how to cause the greatest trauma to the enemy. There are many means to prevent it.
The most difficult thing to deal with in this world is that although the puppet is powerful and lost, it can be quickly rebuilt. When you destroy the puppet, the world resources will be exhausted
If the puppets in this world are advanced enough, they will be able to absorb the strength of the congenital fetus and build a large number of puppet soldiers. If the puppets have been destroyed, the congenital fetus will become waste, and this battle will be meaningless.
The gods have combined a pair of white leaders. Our strength is limited now. I wonder if the white leaders can still help?
Leitian Dao’s help can probably give you 60% combat effectiveness.
God will be a little disappointed, but 60% strength is already good, so we can let them display the Heaven Emperor’s realm attack without suffering the risk of self-harm if they are less than 50% achievement. If we can’t even keep 30% strength, we’d better retreat quickly.
60% strength is still a fight for hope.
Leitian added, I know very well that you are short of three combat forms. Usually, it is the most common method to drive away heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals, and the protoss can put the magic soldiers into the divine light and carry high-body strength with you. I think you can also put the heavenly soldiers into the golden pagoda, right?
Leitian this one mouthful god will have some discoloration.
No one will come to this kind of thing in front of them, especially the protoss, but Leitian doesn’t seem to know any taboos. The gods have carefully recalled it. It is true that no one has ever said that this aspect is taboo. The gods are puzzled and look around and ask what happened.
There is no jade tripod, and the gods will lead the way. We can put soldiers into the golden pagoda and turn it into chariots. It is enough for everyone to carry four helpers to drive.
Very good. You are now twenty-seven people, that is, twenty-seven chariots. I have two hundred guards here. My mount is Nian beast, but you can advance and retreat together, but the scale is smaller. I’ll adjust one million immortals and ten thousand star warriors. Ah, it’s decided that we will push them one by one. It is estimated that if we attack one city, we will find the congenital fetus in this world.
We listened to Bai Zhang’s deities humbly answering Leitian, but it was obvious that these deities were wrong about themselves.
Then I’ll arrange your preparations. Leitian said that he summoned the Nian beast Xuan Gui shield armor to wrap his Nian beast together. This year, the beast Leitian has become more and more clear, and now a powerful wisdom has been born, but it has not been instilled with knowledge. This wisdom is also limited to natural combat.
In the new year, the beast mounted 200 Tiefu Tui Leitian and summoned the Star Warriors, and 10,000 Star Warriors were quickly arranged around him. These Star Warriors had no soul but were not afraid of that kind of light.
After the 10,000-star warrior is decorated, take a gourd from Leitian, throw fairy beans and turn them into fairy soldiers. These fairy soldiers are pure fighting machines for the soul.
Leitian built more than one million fairy soldiers to protect themselves in a large array. These fairy soldiers are not in high rank. It is not efficient to fight by sending fairy weapons to Leitian, but it takes a lot of money to supply them, and once they die, they can’t be replenished in a short time.
These xianbing leitian can be made at any time.
It is said that the process of planting fairy beans is not so fast, but it is convenient for Xianbing to be the most reliable puppet of the gas refiner. This large array can be rearranged instantly even if the department loses Leitian.
Leitian is already in action. The dark matter in the sky is gradually dissipating. After the puppet fired a huge arrow and exploded, the mysterious light gradually weakened. It is estimated that when the dark matter disappeared completely, the light was not lethal.
The gods have to turn the golden pagoda into a huge battle. Every god will still leave a pick, a fairy, and another day to assist in the battle in the chariot.
Twenty-seven chariots were arranged in the large array of Leitian, and these golden chariots were stronger than those seen in Leitian. Every chariot was filled with golden flames, and various beasts were looming in the flames, ready to attack at any time.
Pulling a chariot is a cloud-formed Tianma, which is inspired by a large array of chariots. If the chariot is not destroyed, this huge Tianma will pull the chariot and run all the way.
Before the dark matter in the sky was exhausted, the whip rose and a large group of people rushed to the nearest puppet city

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