上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 桑拿新茶的联系方式 A group of people hugged each other and had already prepared sacks and ropes. At this moment, the ear suddenly came to whoosh. One middle school revealed a brilliant blood flower. A Han Ying fell to the ground and his head was blown to pieces. His brains were mixed with blood and spilled all over the floor.

A group of people hugged each other and had already prepared sacks and ropes. At this moment, the ear suddenly came to whoosh. One middle school revealed a brilliant blood flower. A Han Ying fell to the ground and his head was blown to pieces. His brains were mixed with blood and spilled all over the floor.

They looked up in fear and saw the small stone in agarwood’s hand. It was this thing that instantly took away a person’s life. Suddenly, they felt that the dead were hesitant and dared not move forward.
"Hurriedly give old blunt you these waste, he is a person, even if again severe, how can he rush to avenge his brother?" The viper was also very surprised, but whether to be the boss should make a decision or have to cheer up quickly.
At this time, if the morale can’t be scattered, he will die. At this moment, his heart directly greets Scarface. Ten generations of their ancestors didn’t investigate carefully, so they let themselves and others start work. Now I don’t know how many brothers will die this day. It is a heartache to think of poisonous snakes here
After being encouraged by poisonous snakes, everyone finally woke up from fear, but the blood around them aroused their tyrannical emotions in the bottom of their hearts and rushed over screaming.
Aquilaria sinensis is frowning slightly at this time, and his stomach is even more uncomfortable. He didn’t think that his heart was even more annoyed. If I had known it, I shouldn’t have started.
See his fingers fretting small stones suddenly turned deadly. Yamaraja viper’s hand root failed to get close to agarwood and was interrupted by rapid flying stones.
After learning the previous lesson, agarwood didn’t attack the head, but when the great power touched these people’s arms and thighs, it instantly shattered and instantly melted Shura purgatory. There were broken limbs and broken arms everywhere, and the blood was dyed red. The snake on the ground had already been stunned by this scene.
It’s not that he hasn’t seen a martial arts expert, but it’s the first time he’s seen it like Aquilaria. He’s scared to flee, and there are obvious water stains left in his trouser legs.
However, at this moment, how can agarwood let him go, the culprit? A small stone flies forward and purrs when it passes through the air. This sound is very light, but it is suspected to be a death warrant horn in the snake’s ear.
In a flash, the head of the poisonous snake exploded like a fireworks, and his sinful life ended like this.
Aquilaria sinensis is frowning and looking at the ground with a sigh. This place can’t sleep.
But not far away, two people peeping at Scar’s face are scared to death. The scene just now is so bloody that these two so-called bold people are also creepy. In their hearts, they are glad that they didn’t come forward. Otherwise, the body lying in a pool of blood must have one of their own.
However, when they were about to go back and find a place to vent their fears, they heard a sound that scared them to the extreme.
"Where are you two going?" Agarwood sound two people ear faint ring.
The man and Scarface immediately knelt down with a snot and a tear and cried, "Hero, forgive me, I am old and young. If I die, they will have no one to take care of us. Although we are aiding and abetting, it is all poisonous snakes. If we don’t obey, they will take our lives. I hope that Master Xia will spare us a lot. We will never dare again."
Aquilaria looked at two people crying, and a burst of boredom in their hearts. I don’t know how many people have been killed, but it’s a pity to die.
"I heard that you are well-informed, but I want to ask you if there are any Taoist priests around here." Aquilaria suddenly remembered that these two people are in the ghost town here, and everything can’t escape their ears, so they asked tentatively.
Two people smell like listening to music, they racked their brains to recall this information, and the pressure of life and death really made them find a person with information.
One person in this city really succeeded in worshipping the immortal gate, but unfortunately, he was not talented enough and was finally expelled from the mountain gate by the immortal.
"Do you know that this immortal has the means?" Aquilaria continued to ask, you know, ordinary immortals are no match for your uncle.
"It is said that this immortal paper-cutter can make the peerless beauty blow, play and sing with one blow, and he can also hide his figure. By the way, he is also very good at drinking, but he can drink ten jars of fine wine at one breath without changing his face or bulging his belly." They are talking about the magic of an immortal.
But agarwood frowned, and this means can’t show that this person is powerful. However, it’s better to kill the wrong person than to let go of the principle. Agarwood still asked the direction and prepared to meet this immortal to see if he could learn to defeat his uncle.
However, before he left, he punched the two men in the chest, causing them to vomit blood. This punch shocked their internal organs and made them unable to enjoy a long life after a long illness. Since then, their health has never been as bad as before, which is also regarded as punishment for them.
Scar face looked at agarwood with a face of resentment and gnashed her teeth. "Go ahead, that Taoist priest is not a physiognomy. It is said that nine out of ten of his brothers died. I will be interesting to see how long you can hold on."
The words seem to say that agarwood is going to meet this immortal, and it is not a good generation. These two people deliberately concealed such information to get back at agarwood.
But even if agarwood knew it, he would laugh it off. After all, he had to face it, but it was terrible. Yang Jian had a diabolical way and it was harmful
Chapter five hundred and ninety Taoist priest
Aquilaria sinensis walked along the direction indicated by Scarface, and the road gradually became narrow. The tall trees around it blocked the sun, making the whole road look a little gloomy. From time to time, poisonous snakes flashed by.
I don’t know how long I’ve been gone. There is a high mountain in front of Aquilaria in vain. There seems to be a small Taoist temple looming in the jungle.
Aquilaria looked at it carefully and found a narrow mountain road winding to the top of the mountain. There was a sullen man waiting anxiously for the intersection.
After seeing the agarwood, the man became very enthusiastic and greeted, "It’s a little younger brother, isn’t it? The master has already told me to wait here for a long time."
The man looks a little pale and seems to be a little gas-deficient, but he looks very handsome and smiles as if he had met friends for many years.
Aquilaria sinensis was startled by this sudden enthusiasm. After hearing the male words, his eyes showed hope that he could predict the future. Maybe this mountain man is a miraculous fairy?
"It’s impossible to predict that the immortal master should have such powers?" He asked with delight.
The man said proudly, "Let’s master it’s one of the best immortals, but it’s a piece of cake."
Aquilaria always feels that this person is a little grandiose in front of him, and it seems that he is afraid that he will not be a master. However, he is bold enough to think that he has come here, so he can go and see if the people in the mountains really have such strength.
The man led Aquilaria sinensis slowly into the mountain and saw that the mountain was densely covered with trees and overgrown with weeds. He couldn’t help frowning. The mountain forest seemed to be filled with a feeling that made him uncomfortable.
At the top of the mountain, a large and small courtyard came into view. Outside the door, there were two big white pigs whining. When they saw Aquilaria, the big white pig looked very excited and seemed to jump out of the pigsty. Such an overreaction attracted Aquilaria’s attention. He keenly noticed that the two big white pigs seemed to have a hatred in their eyes.
"Let the little teacher younger brother laughed. These two pigs were raised by me on weekdays. They just killed a head some time ago when we disembarked. When they saw me as an enemy, they made a scene all day." After that, the man took out a whip and dumped it hard at the two pigs. Suddenly, there were blood stains on the pig’s body. The two pigs showed fear. The Italian man did not give up until he smoked the pig’s blood dripping with blood.
The man with the bloody whip turned his head and looked at the agarwood and laughed. "It’s honest if the beast gets beaten."
Aquilaria didn’t speak, but he always felt that something was wrong. He looked at the man deeply and said, "I heard that immortals have swallowed the aura of heaven and earth and absorbed the essence of the sun and the moon. We have to raise livestock here."
The man didn’t seem to think that Aquilaria sinensis would have this question. Suddenly, there came a slightly dull voice in the courtyard, saying, "The immortal is a successful practitioner with pure qi and blood in heaven and earth. This realm can be met but not sought, and the practice of carrying blood gas requires meat tonic, otherwise it is hard to find a way to lose both qi and blood."
Words A thin Taoist priest came out of the courtyard. His cheekbones were very high, his eyes were deep, he was wearing a gray cassock, and he was slender with a silver handle in his hand. He was not angry at the door.
He looked at the agarwood and nodded with relief. "Would you like to practice in our door?"
Aquilaria thought for a while, and he also wanted to know if the Taoist priest had a real story, so he knelt down and kowtowed to the master.
The Taoist priest, with a slightly gloomy face and a satisfied smile, gently lifted Aquilaria aloes up and said, "It’s good to live forever. You can climb the avenue with me."
And the man on the side also quietly relieved and said with a smile, "Congratulations to the master for having a good student. I’m afraid I’m out of date as a senior brother."
The Taoist priest didn’t talk to agarwood, but the atmosphere was a little weird for a moment.
"Yo, who said he was out of date?" A woman’s voice suddenly sounded from the courtyard, and she saw a woman with graceful posture and amorous feelings coming out with her hair pulled, and her every move was charming and she looked obsessed with the man.
"Hum! Who let you out? " Taoist priest said with displeasure.
"Look at what you said about my new brother getting started. I’m a teacher’s mother. Can’t I show up?" The female Jiaochen said with a breath in her voice, but she looked straight at the agarwood face.
Chen Xiang’s face flashed a trace of dislike that he could laugh. Yan Yan’s woman felt a deep malice, so she was very disgusted. Instead, the former man showed jealousy.
"Get in there!" Taoist suddenly flew into a rage way
As soon as the woman left her mouth and turned around, she walked in. The perfect figure crossed a beautiful curve and looked pleasing to the eye. The man looked stunned. Only the Taoist priest and the agarwood did not change color.
"She is a teacher of doomed love. Just leave her alone." The Taoist priest said gently.
Aquilaria nodded his head. This small Taoist temple is very strange everywhere, but Aquilaria has always been bold, but it gives birth to an inquiry mind.
Since this day, Aquilaria sinensis has lived in this famous Luo Cha Guan place and became a little teacher in this place. Only then did he know that the male surname Cheng was called Brother Cheng by him, while the Taoist Taoist Taoist was a Taoist in Wugu.
This is a slightly strange Taoist priest. He has a wife and even a lovely daughter, but he is very indifferent to his wife and daughter on weekdays, while his teacher and mother seem to be very restless. He always looks for opportunities to provoke agarwood. Sometimes agarwood really wants to punch her to make her memory rise.
Every day, besides raising pigs, my younger brother Aquilaria eats all kinds of food with strange medicine fragrance. At this time, Taoist priests always show their spoil and tell Aquilaria to eat more.
However, the effect of these meals is really obvious. Whenever Aquilaria runs the famous martial arts, it will always find that more heat flows into his body and his strength is getting stronger. However, Aquilaria knows how to keep a low profile when he goes out, and he has never revealed his abnormality and still pretends to be an ordinary person.
It’s time for dinner again this day. When Aquilaria sat at the table, she saw a rich meal. It was a pig feast with a dazzling array of meat dishes, which made Aquilaria have a wide-ranging feeling.

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