This made the northerners cheer even more.

People in the north are as simple as that.
Bold and direct
When they treat you as one of their own, everything will be easier, even drinking will make them applaud.
But when they see you as an enemy?
That is colder than the north wind in the north.
After drinking a barrel of wine, Goethe turned the barrel so that everyone could see that there was not a drop of wine flowing out of the barrel.
"cheers! Cheers! "
Qiqi cheered the people in the North China and raised their glasses.
Goethe looked at this scene with a smile on his face
No one notice that doubt in his eyes.
The Faber Rose Family Ship docked at the independent port.
Donald Dot raised his hand and threw the cup to the ground.
Even with the carpet as a buffer, the great force still shattered the cup.
Anger made the young rose family panting.
He had hoped for cold water to calm himself down.
But the result?
Naturally, no
Look at that crushing cup.
Of course, Donald Dortmund was not angry about Circus Maximus in Bear Castle.
It’s definitely not because of Archduke Shi Gaozhi.
Both of them were taken as accidents by him.
In particular, it is even more unexpected that Archduke Shi Gaozhi has become a strange strong man. He will not be angry because of such a thing-the reason why he is really angry is Dortmnier Margo.
Just now!
As soon as he returned to the dock!
He Donald Dort is under house arrest!
I think Donald, you need a good rest for a few days.
Don’t worry, you’ll be fine until the dust settles.
Even in the worst case, you can die if you join the tulip family, but you don’t want the tulip family to contribute three children with blood awakening qualifications.’
Dortmill Margo said this sentence very seriously.
But that’s why Donald Dot felt humiliated.
The other party completely regarded him as a breeding pig!
"Damn guy!"
"Are you sure the tulip family will win?"

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