上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 品茶喝茶联系方式 "The two brothers are brave and diligent all the way, and I am deeply impressed." Qingwei sincerely praised.

"The two brothers are brave and diligent all the way, and I am deeply impressed." Qingwei sincerely praised.

"Well, practice hard and you will have that day!"
After a short ceremony, Qingwei finally returned to his own abode of fairies and immortals with a full harvest, and if he had wonderful music to disperse people, he could also practice at home.
Chapter ninety possessions
After coming back from Qingwei in his own abode of fairies and immortals, the whole person is also very comfortable.
However, this time, although I haven’t been out for a long time, the harvest can be said to be quite rich
Not to mention that it is beyond the imagination of Qing Wei to give rewards to Miaole Sanren after all the classics and things obtained by Taixu Xianjun’s abode of fairies and immortals were handed over to the sect together with He Zazie.
Although he also knows that the value of these classics is better than that of a magic weapon, he never thought that Miao Le San would really reward himself with something, although it was a funeral for many years.
In addition, there is a Dan medicine and two spiritual devices, and it is even more limited to browse the classics of the Sutra Pavilion at will.
Although Biyaotai School has some shortcomings, there are still many precious things in the sutra depository.
The layout method of two instruments to destroy the fairy array in Zhongzhen is also in Zhongzhen.
There is also a big cold light array, the Big Dipper Sword Array, which belongs to the first-class fairy array.
Although the layout of Hanjing Lake is a large array of cold light, it is limited by the material and does not have the first-class power of "fairy array"
After all, there won’t be any dharma master who is a little ashamed to rob the cold jade.
The sword array of the Big Dipper is a set of converging attack array. It is said that if there are seven great masters who are proficient in the sword technique of the Big Dipper, they will join hands to arrange words against a dharma master in a short time.
For fencing talent, it can be considered as average, but I am not very interested in that sword array.
In addition, there are several schools in the sutra depository that are extraordinary in power and have the true meaning to inherit the magical power.
There are not only two swordsmanship instruments of the Big Dipper, but also the thunder knife, the purple shadow thunder net, the yang fire and the south clock.
What’s more, it’s a style of swordsmanship inherited from Xuandaojun in heaven and the stars in the sky-the direction of Beidou is also the root move of the swordsmanship of Beidou.
Anyway, after Qingwei made the income, Miaole Sanren has shown him that the sect is sincere enough, and Qingwei is extremely satisfied.
Even qingwei knows that it will take years for the sects to transform their income into strength.
A few dharma body exercises should all be included in the truth if nothing unexpected happens, but now my true brother is also clear and clear, and I have no chance to change my mind if I have not stepped into the scene.
When a real brother will appear, that’s also a possibility.
Moreover, after the conversion, the Taoist temple method needs to grow along the way.
Although these achievement methods come from Taixu Xianjun’s abode of fairies and immortals, there should be no problem, but compared with the five dharma bodies "Guizhenjing" that have appeared for a long time in their own sects, my brothers are afraid that they will hesitate when choosing them.
Just like Tianhe Zhenfa, although it has been listed for many years, there are not many people who choose to practice. There are only two people in this generation: Qing Chen Qing Li.
However, if you want to clear the dust successfully, you will be afraid that the Tianhe True Law will become more and more important.
Take out Tai Xuanyun Daodan, Yin and Yang, Zhong Shenxiao, Zijin Furnace, and the words are clear, and the eyes are clear, and they are not carried away by rich rewards.
Then I saw that I was beating my own kit and took out all the things I got from Taixu Xianjun’s abode of fairies and immortals.
The first is the paperweight screen and chair from the abode of fairies and immortals.
Not to mention the chair made of ten thousand-year-old bodhi wood heart, even the screen and paperweight are good weapons
It’s a bit of a chicken rib for Qingwei. After all, Taixu Xianjun may put them in their way
However, Qing Wei’s thinking can add a few minutes to the sacrifice.
It’s a little wave to put such extravagant things in a small Taoist cave.
I am thinking that Grandpa Zu will not live for a few years, and I will bother his old man’s house with this matter again. It is not a bit "pit grandpa".
In the gate, his elders begged for the door, fearing that they would either pay something or owe them a favor.
So after thinking about it, Qingwei will put the matter aside and prepare it for later.
After Qing Wei turned his attention to the mirror and the white jade bottle that seemed to be illusory.
Although Baojing had taken the initiative to recognize the Lord when he was in Taixu Cave House, it was not further refined.
From that moment, Bao Jing handed me the news that this mirror is too unreal, but it was refined by Taixu Xianjun in his later years. I don’t know until I thoroughly refine it.
In that white jade vase, it’s a very clever device. It’s called the Sun, Moon and Five-Star Bottle, which can condense the sun, the moon and the stars, refine the water, not to mention the flesh and bones of the living dead, but also be a first-class healing saint, which can nourish vegetation.
Of course, because it is only the spirit device that condenses the water, although it contains the power of the sun, the moon and the stars, it is far from the level of the three lights and the water.
Although it is not an attacking force, it is still extremely satisfied with the five-star bottle of the sun and the moon.
Speaking of which, the incense burner in the main hall of the abode of fairies and immortals looks quite extraordinary.
However, after all, there are two predecessors who are humble, but they are not as bold as Su Lian, and they are respectful and sincere, and have not moved any thoughts.
How scary it is to sort out the details so as to clear up the micro-body spirit.
Shen Xiao Zijin furnace Yin and Yang two clocks are too illusory mirror Sun Moon five-star bottle pure Yang bound magic net Zilianyang fire lamp is far away from the deep sword, and the thunderbolt orb emits various brilliance and emerges before the eyes of Qing Wei.
Lingqi is a very precious thing for Friar Doggi, but it seems that you already have so much before you know it.
Then Qing Wei thought about it and took out three things from the kit.
They are a dark golden tortoise shell with complex lines, and a pill in a jade bottle is finally touched by a delicate jade symbol solemnly and carefully.
The tortoise shell and Dan medicine were both obtained from the lottery in the previous two years, and each of them has its own.
Tortoise shell is a disposable treasure that can help Qingwei resist a curse, which is not bad.
Nadan medicine, on the other hand, is an auxiliary medicine called Mad Devil Shoushou Pill, which can explode beyond its own small realm for a short time, but it has a life span of 30 years.
On the last day, Qingwei was rewarded for carefully collecting. Even when he met the great master of Yin and Ming Dao, he hesitated several times and was reluctant to go.
Although these three things are life-saving things, Qingwei doesn’t want to put them away carefully and then focus on a bunch of horoscopes.
Too unreal mirror has initially recognized the Lord, so Qing Wei also thought about directly finishing refining.
Raise my hand, and you will see that the illusory treasure mirror with dim light slowly falls into Qingwei’s hands, constantly drifting from reality to reality.
A true qi slowly leaned toward the unreal mirror to see it. With the Qing micro-motion, the original drifting mirror seemed to be shaped in reality and exuded a mysterious inspiration.
With the deepening of the control of the unreal mirror, a hidden message is pouring into Qingwei’s mind.
Chapter ninety-one Too unreal mirror
When I woke up again after a vague consciousness, I felt a fishy smell.
"Here is? ? ?”
In the mind a surprised Qing micro face couldn’t help but emerge a bit shocked.
Consciousness runs, and the concept of true qi is very clear, and I didn’t notice any problems.
If you don’t have too illusory mirror guidance, you are afraid that you have already recognized that this has been moved overseas.

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