"Uncle Liu Dashu, why want to commit suicide?"

She doesn’t understand!
Smell the history slips and open your mouth to explain something, but finally sigh.
"Miss Ye"
One low replied
"Ji Maogong didn’t intend to offend the elder. It was Liu who exposed his privacy that he chose to kill him."
"But …" Ye Na songs still don’t understand.
"That old uncle has killed Qi Maogong. Are they still afraid?"
"Not afraid" Shi Jian wry smile
"Then why are you afraid when you wait?"
"But what I didn’t want to do was forced to do it. I don’t like it in my heart. Liu is afraid of the anger."
"He chose to commit suicide because he was afraid that the old uncle would be angry?" Ye Nanyin’s small mouth and wide mouth are full of incredible things.
Historical bamboo slips with emotion
"The silver strong great power is unpredictable. Once angry, who can guarantee that it won’t be a disaster? If Liu doesn’t commit suicide, maybe we will all die. "
"The anger in the heart of the person who committed suicide may be relieved."
And this is a little bit about whether you can save other people’s lives. This old Liu does not hesitate to give up his own life.
"Miss Ye"
"For the silver strong, we may die on the spot if we are careless about each other."
Said and swept the eyes all over the body.
"Like they lost everyone’s life because they made a wrong decision."
Ye Nanyin is still a little hard to understand that Uncle Liu’s suicide only affected his mood to avoid the other party’s anger.
But sweeping her eyes, she also fell silent.
Silver …
In the eyes of waiting here, human lives are like pigs and dogs.
Ordinary people who kill pigs and dogs will also dislike the trouble. A strong silver man can easily harvest many ordinary lives with one thought.
no wonder
No wonder uncles are so awed by the strong silver.
If I could become a silver, Dad wouldn’t have died in Ye’s house, and we wouldn’t have been bullied by others.
Thoughts turn Ye Nanyin is secretly holding hands.
When Zhou Jia came to the courtyard, the guests had been waiting for a long time.
"Como makes a rare guest a rare guest."
Zhou Jia nodded to the guests with a smile on his face, and ordered Zhang gradually to prepare drinks.

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