Shook his head Zhou Yi got up.

"Things are good, but I’m a little tight at hand and I can’t buy them for the time being."
Said the step away.
The stall owner squinted and watched him stay away from the corners of his mouth.
A few days later
Black wind mountain Shoushan Grand Array has finally allowed some younger brothers to enter and exit, which is mainly to facilitate the entry and exit of various materials.
There are so many people and monsters in the mountain who want to eat.
Zhou Yi found a way to get a jade card from jade and planned to go to Xiaoheishanfang City.
He has a few pills left in his hand. If he wants to keep the repair progress unchanged, he must purchase another batch of things that he started before.
"Big Brother"
A man jumped from a height in the forest
"Zhou really came out in the direction of Xiaoheishan."
"This is normal," the leopard-headed man chuckled.
"From setting up stalls these days, you can see that things don’t sell for much in the mountains, and really good things don’t dare to sell."
"Today, nine times out of ten, people go to Xiaoheishan."
If Zhou Yi were here, he would surely be able to recognize that this man called Big Brother Leopard Head is the stall owner who sold Hosta the other day.
"So when do we start work? I heard that the surname has a bag all over his body, which is a rare good thing! "
"Wait a minute" Leopard-headed man squints
"Stay away"
There are still many people out of the mountain.
Look at their big packages and small baskets. They must be going out to trade.
It is difficult to trade in the mountains, and it is inconvenient for acquaintances to hand things. In Xiaoheishan, you need to worry so much.
Zhou Yi’s hands are very different from others.
An hour later.
He stopped in front of a canyon and slowed down.
"Sure enough, I still came."
"Hmmm …"
Two lines of fire came from the side and fell straight on Zhou Yishen’s condensed flame, which also made him retreat repeatedly.
Fire eye surgery?
Zhou Yi steadied himself and looked down at the damaged hides, but he couldn’t help smiling bitterly.
I will encounter this kind of treatment myself one day.
The other side’s fire eye practice is very obvious. It’s not home yet. It can only damage clothes and can’t break the strength of Zhenyuan magic ape.

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