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From half falling to the ground, he was punished with thunder. A cannon boxing split the earth, and a sweeping leg kicked the cult in front of him.
Ordinary Christians, gray-robed Christians and even black-robed Christians are no match for him.
The fall of fists shattered the bodies of these enemies.
And punishment thunder hardly dodges.
He wore only the lowest and cheapest fighting red crescent nails, which pierced the fighting protection, but could not pierce his body like bronze skin of steel.
It’s a crunchy sound of gold and iron
Punishment thunder laughed and punched out.
Along with him, mountain bears, knife souls and other firewood fighters are also killing.
In an instant, this group of cultists in front of us was eradicated.
Taking advantage of the rest, the thunder swept the eye interface, where the whole foggy city map can be accessed and displayed as a strategic arrangement
No matter which team, they can mark their findings on the map.
Very convenient
Punishment thunder marked’ destroyed’ in his coordinate and found an exclamation point.
"Bury thorns?"
"What what?"
"Boss, it seems that these species have put a lot in our supply backpack."
"Bury it, bury it."
Punishment, thunder, a wave of his hand, he used his cunning and evil tracking skills to observe the energy flow of the Red Crescent.
Suddenly the ding-dong signal popped up again.
"In the war, thorns were planted in 37 areas, including 11, 14, 139, 14 and 195, and a special layer of soil was laid."
"Note that this priority is higher, please complete it as soon as possible"
Punishment thunder shocked the veins stood out on his forehead.
He’s a senior member of the fire, a world-class strong man, a broken fist, and Wu Sheng’s punishment, and uncle unexpectedly … wants him to change jobs as a gardener? !
Damn it!
"Let’s go and bury these seeds quickly."
One after another, the thick thorny vines break through the ground and grow wildly, absorbing nutrients from the surrounding soil.
The landscape trees around the vines withered one by one with naked eyes.
And that thorny vine that have grown up are like strips of poison dragon, which will bind the cultists in the field of vision to the department.
Spikes pierce the skin.
The blood department pumped nutrients to supplement thorns and vines to continue to grow.
Banshee comes from thorns, and naturally inherits thorns’ ability to suck blood, absorb life energy and have great vitality.
The vines fight and the vines fight, and the enchanting flowers bloom one after another, spilling out new thorns. After landing, they quickly absorb nutrients and grow stronger.
"Nineteen cultists on 69th Street have been wiped out."
"A cult den was found on 24th Street, and it was demolished at the node with high probability."
"Forty-fourth Street has wiped out 3 stars and 26 stars."
"Fifty-seventh Street …"
"One hundred street …"
foggy city
Dark green vines crisscross the thickest place of thorns and vines, guarding a huge flower bud with three or four meters high petals tightly closed in the center.
There are two graceful figures sitting opposite each other in the bud.
Liu Chang closed her eyes with these vines, which were cultivated by her, and extended in the field of vision to capture the enemy figures for tactical control.
Specific fuck nature depends on …
"Liuji 79 vine medium-intensity enemy"
"good sister"

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