Fang you rejoiced

In the practice of trial, you don’t worry about the consumption of life energy-you will recover your life energy after you die once and reset it.
Second, it is more beneficial to be special in a certain skill cultivation.
This’ Ascending to Heaven Test’ is the closest magic step test evolved by Brother Black Knife.
Third, it will get twice the result with half the effort to practice other skills with one’s own strength, especially the’ realm’ of various skills.
If you practice similar skills, you can get ten times the result with half the effort.
He can still enjoy the four training ground focus gains.
You can get double benefits by trying in the heart of the training ground.
"However, there are defects and trials. After all, it is virtual and has not been exercised to the real body … In order to ensure that there will be no separation between illusion and reality, it is necessary to exercise reality from time to time to keep the life energy running smoothly and exercise the memory of fighting muscles."
Square swimming remote control raises a target.
He raised his hand and thundered out from the palm of his hand, constantly bombarding this target, which made the highest-level training target crumble and finally burst.
Blow up another one
But it’s quite decompression
In a moment, he entered another trial to practice his fighting skills.
This is a thick blood suffocating, and several soldiers are holding the blade and shouting to kill, and at the same time, there is a flood of blood and murder
It’s like being in an ancient battlefield and facing a torrent of steel.
Kill until you are exhausted
Exhausted in the army, I never fell. This is the blade test.
It sharpens a person’s skills, willpower and so on in a large-scale battlefield
"My basic swordsmanship and palm thunder are more than half masters now."
"But breaking through to the top requires a blue level training card. Brother Heidao has dropped one and left two."
I guess the black knife will drop one of those two.
The realm of Black Knife and Knife has risen rapidly because of the talent of’ instructor’. When teaching students to use Knife, their own knife path has also entered the country rapidly. Because there will be fewer people, the speed of ascension is far less than that of Knife, but it is also like swimming high.
"Reaching the peak is really powerful, and you can not only control your body, but also control your surroundings."
"If the punishment of thunder and the black knife level are exchanged, the old punishment of three senses and the black knife of two senses are likely to win or the black knife."
"It’s that the blue level training card is not enough, the green level is enough for the time being, and the white level is more than enough."
"I hope that those who are in the mysterious world can get more advanced training cards."
Before, he gave the FBI a sinister map, which only covered the forest areas of major towns, the gates of sinister boundaries, and so on. He did not
However, now that we have cooperated with the Bureau of Investigation, and the temporary staff are still relatively few to deal with the sinister or sinister tide, there is no need to rely on ourselves.
After that, people from the Bureau of Investigation or Special Operations were called, and this time, they were the leaders.
Can maximize the benefits.
On the second day of the FBI’s visit to the firewood training base, I met you and Yinling, and they arranged to go to that secret place with the FBI.
There are also reasons for choosing Anjianyou and Yinling.
Anjianyou has a’ secluded eye’ and may see different things in a secret place, but the bell is always clamoring for the lack of medicinal materials. In that case, let her identify it herself.
The secret place is the intersection, which can produce all kinds of mysterious materials, among which maybe there is a silver bell who wants it and she has the vision to identify it.
The two men took the plane of the Bureau of Investigation and went all the way to the deserted desert of Wan Li in the northwest of Donghuang.
"Is the secret place in this desert?"
Ann saw you looking at Wan Li’s yellow sand and the scorching sun overhead when she couldn’t help but stretch out her hand to cover her forehead.
The desert scene is very novel to her, but after changing to a bus, all the way is covered with yellow sand, and soon she gets tired, so she just looks around with a secluded pupil.
The desert is pale gray in an instant, but it is still a desert scene, but there are still stumbling figures.
There are also some mysterious evil with desert characteristics.
Ann saw that you didn’t go to see the evil. She noticed that the sky was hung upside down with a gray river winding somewhere, and there were some hanging gray rivers winding in the distance. Several rivers met somewhere at the end of the line of sight.
"Is that the secret place?"
She pointed to the outside of the window or the vast desert. At this time, a sandstorm blew and painted the whole world into Chengcheng Huang
The wind pounded on the window.
People sitting in the car seem to be covered with yellow seals, and everything can’t be seen clearly.
But the yellow bureau was surprised

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