上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 私人外卖工作室品茶 Although Zhou Qingyun showed it to others with a straight face, he explained in detail that "here is Qingluo Mountain, the side peak of Dawulashan Mountain, and Qingluo Valley is located in the deep valley of Wanshan Mountain, not far from Kangding Snow Mountain and northwest of Dawulashan Mountain."

Although Zhou Qingyun showed it to others with a straight face, he explained in detail that "here is Qingluo Mountain, the side peak of Dawulashan Mountain, and Qingluo Valley is located in the deep valley of Wanshan Mountain, not far from Kangding Snow Mountain and northwest of Dawulashan Mountain."

We have been here for half a month. This time, we have a certain ability. If there are no things or functions, the base is here. We have been living in front of a friend of Master Jade Qing. "
At this time, in the mirror of Taiyi Jinlin boat, it turned out that the mountains were connected with mountains, and the mountains were like dragons and snakes, and they kept looking over thousands of miles.
Although it’s noon, it’s the hottest time of the sun, but it’s all cold and snowy mountains here, except for the snow on the top of the mountain, which never melts. It is said that people can’t even see any birds and animals.
Fei Xun soon saw a mountain rising in the northwest corner. The situation was very steep. When he reached a peak near the mountain, he saw a flat and wide valley at the root of the mountain not far from the right side of the peak.
When I landed at the bottom of the valley, I saw that the side near the cliff turned out to be concave. Although the mountain is barren and covered with snow all the year round, the valley is full of exotic flowers and plants because of someone’s ban. Xue Luoxiang rattan is full of fragrance, which is far from satisfactory. If you don’t look at the snow and ice sheet outside, you can see that it is as warm as spring in Jiangnan.
There are several people in the valley, and it is Master Jade Qing who leads them. When everyone goes out from Taiyi Jinlin boat one after another, Song Changgeng’s heart moves. He stops Qin Ziling and says when everyone goes out
"I don’t know what, but I’m very upset after I came here. I think there must be something to be born, and I’ll find a chance to make a calculation later.
Just in case, don’t go out. Stay here. I’ll give you this magic control spell. You temporarily control this place, and we’ll leave a way out. "
Qin Ziling a surprised she hurriedly asked "what’s the matter? In that case, let’s get out of here or not. How come… Does anyone want to deal with you? "
Song Chang Gung smiled to comfort her. "I’m just a little inductive. Besides, how can we escape? If we escape from something, we will form the habit of being timid, and then we will make no progress in practice."
Don’t worry, I’m just keeping a backup. I don’t believe anyone in this world can do anything to me. Don’t worry, we agreed to go swimming around the world together. How could I die? Hehe. "
After appeasing Qin Ziling, Song Changgeng simply taught her the control spell and then went out alone. Now everyone has gone out, with the two of them in the boat.
See him out of the jade qing master gherardini said before leaving "you must be the SiTuPing that day? I didn’t expect to see you here, and I didn’t expect you to be so good that you pretended to be Situ Ping and played around with us. Now we meet again. Is there a saying? "
"Ha ha, I had to offend the master on that day. Please forgive me. I have given up that identity and my name is Song Changgeng.
In the statement? Hehe, I wonder what the master wants? I mean, I want the master to understand my difficulties and be willing to make friends with me. I can do whatever you want. "
Looking at this beautiful young nun, Song Changgeng said with a smile, saying that he glanced at the people here, but they all know each other, but they are young men and women with excellent qualifications.
Master Yu Qing’s beautiful eyes turned. Although she had a good complexion, her eyes were inadvertently charming and naturally revealed. Before this Song Chang Gung, she pretended to be Situping. Her original intention remained unchanged and she still hoped to make friends with him.
To see him say this, Master Jade Qing laughed. "In this case, I won’t say anything. You put Zhang Qi back into the Qingcheng School and you lied to me. Forget it."
Look at her beautiful eyes, but there is a trace of worry in it. Did Song Chang-geng worry Master Yu Qing because of Zhang Qi’s infatuation with her? After all, he was out on his own at Daijiachang at that time.
He smiled brightly. "I was in a bad mood at Daijiachang that day. Don’t worry, I will take him away this time and let him go to Baiyangdian for penance."
Master Yu Qing’s worries were not alleviated, but aggravated. She glanced at the corner of her eye and saw that everyone was introducing themselves. No one noticed that several thoughts in her heart were struggling here.
Seeing that everyone has finished introducing themselves, Master Jade Qing has finally made up her mind to pull Song Chang-geng to walk at the last side and secretly track
"Don’t show your face when you hear me. I’ll tell you something. Emei sent a palm to teach Gankun to be upright and wonderful. A real person, Qi Shuming, has contacted his stuff and several other masters to deal with you.
In addition to himself, his wife, Miao Yi, Xun Lan, and Yuan Jing, the teacher of Baiyun Mountain in Xuanzhen Yunling Mountain, are about to rise to the ascetic Buddhist monk, my master You Tan, and the dragon elephant master Fentuo, the master of Dinxia in Huangshan Mountain. They set up two dust arrays in a valley not far away.
Because you and Shuangying came together, they didn’t lead you, but now that you are here, they will definitely find a way to lead you. Find a way to leave yourself. "
After listening to her words, although there was no expression on the surface, Song Changgeng was troubled in his heart. He didn’t expect the apocalypse to come but to hide. Still have to face it? That’s the so-called first two-instrument dust array!
The seventeenth volume to green snail Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Xuan ice soul
Seeing that he didn’t respond, Master Jade Qing secretly worried her voice, "What are you hesitating about? The dust array of two instruments claims to be the first method of human beings. Can you deal with it?
Besides, everyone who presides over the array is stronger than you. What do you want to do when you unite for the first time? Against it? Can we fight?
Hurry up and leave. My master asked me to stall you here, but I don’t want to ruin you like this when you are a friend. After all, you haven’t done anything harmful to people.
You and Emei Sect are fighting for fate. I don’t want to get involved. As a friend, I advise you to leave your wife and brother. I’ll take care of yourself for you. Let’s go. "
Just a thoughtfully Song Chang Gung also said, "Don’t thank you for your kindness. When I am a friend, I won’t forget something, although I will definitely help if I can do it."
I’ll go in with you for a while and find an excuse to come out. I’ll leave here. My classmates will ask you to take care of me. After I leave, you will find a chance to send them back to Qingcheng School. "
It’s a little relieved to listen to him arrange Jade Qing master. This man is finally not confused. If he doesn’t leave as a hero, it’s really disappointing to himself.
As they talked and walked, they soon came in. Although the valley was vast and profound, there was a three-meter-square stone platform in the middle besides flowers and plants, and there were several rest and smooth bluestone chairs lying next to it. The walls of the whole valley were smooth, but there was nothing like caves. The owner wanted to live in this valley.
After the two men came in, some younger brothers who were not in charge had already wandered in the valley in pairs, while older younger brothers like Ji Lingyun sat on the bluestone bar.
Master Yu Qing pointed to a woman dressed in black sitting on the stone stage and said, "That’s my friend who called Deng Gu the Goddess of Sorrow. I had a good relationship with my sisters in western magic teaching in the past."
Later, I worshiped at Master Youtan’s door, and she herself was here to practice penance. She was so possessed that she couldn’t move and didn’t go out to meet her. "
Song Chang Gung took a look at the woman in black sitting on the stone stage. Deng Gu, a female disaster god, was as thin as dead wax, and her face was not even a trace of blood.
Master Yu Qing also introduced Deng Gu, the goddess of disaster, to Song Changgeng, the daughter of Emei Sect, Qi Lingyun, the master of Qingcheng Sect, so that everyone could get to know each other.
After listening to the introduction, Deng Gu, the goddess of disaster, gave a little smile to her bony face. She said in a dumb voice, "Several guests are my sister friends of Jade Raksha, that is, my friends."
I couldn’t get up to greet everyone because of my acrobatics. Please don’t care. Forgive me for not being a basket case. Please feel free to sit down and talk. "
A few people talked about each other after they were seated quietly. Speaking of the past, Zheng Gu said, "I hate being overwhelmed by Master Youtan at that time. Although I am no longer evil, I won’t beg like Jade Qing. Although I want to, I can also achieve Xiandao’s stubborn refusal to submit to the right path = Jun? ? Don? ? =
However, unfortunately, I was possessed halfway, but I still managed to keep my soul, but I fell into a hemiplegia. I had to come to this meditation because I was bullied by accident, and I didn’t even have a help.
Now, seeing that the original capability was not as good as my jade Qing’s, I know that I made a mistake at the beginning. This time, I decided to wait for things here in Jade Qing. I will yield to the right path. "
Master Yu Qing chuckled, "I didn’t have the understanding and skill when I was an introduction to western magic teaching. She helped and protected me. Now I just want to take this opportunity to lead my sister into the right path."
So let’s make this place a meeting place for the time being. It’s called Xuan Bing concave, which is just not far from Qingluo Valley. After our business is over, Qingluo Valley is Ling’s predecessor. You can also be their foreign house here. "
Qi Lingyun laughed. "Now, although our Emei school elders didn’t come, I can be a half-master and invite Sister Zheng to join me in Emei." When the time comes, please ask your master elders to find a way to treat your body. "Master Jade Qing smiled at Song Chang Gung." What about the Qingcheng School? Why not recruit my sister? Hehe, I know you have a lot of treasures. Don’t you know how to help my sister? "
Listen to the jade qing master JiLingYun short of breath "master, how could you do this? How to help them recruit people from Qingcheng School? Aren’t we good friends How can you do this? "
Stimulated by the news just now, Song Changgeng listened to them and thought about how to solve his own problems. After hearing Master Yu Qing’s question and Jilingyun’s confession, he smiled and said
"Let Zheng Daoyou decide for yourself when you enter Qingcheng Mountain. I dare not make a guarantee that I can treat your body. You should consider it yourself before making a decision. Don’t be hasty."
Zheng Gu’s bony face squeezed out a smile. She said slowly, "Listen to me first and then talk about what happened just now." This matter is for you and me.

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