上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 各区高端喝茶会所 Unless they have to, these monks won’t betray themselves and hunt for blood beads, which is equivalent to another life of their own.

Unless they have to, these monks won’t betray themselves and hunt for blood beads, which is equivalent to another life of their own.

What’s more, it takes 1000 blood beads to supplement a hundred years’ life like a monk in the foundation period, which will cost 40 thousand stone, which is equivalent to half the value of the instrument, and the average person can’t afford it.
Betting on blood beads is equivalent to betting on life span. No one dares to play with it. Misestimation of Wang Gan’s strength will lead all gamblers to bet on his death.
This is really cruel. It’s a death bet! If Wang Gan finally kills Yang Qing, those who expect his death will eventually pay another life. If you need to kill one person, you can kill all those who are malicious to him once and rob them of their lives.
If he can really do it, it will have a powerful and effective spiritual deterrent to the younger generation, and the fame brought by killing Yang Qing will surely become another wonder.
How crazy does it take to come up with such a crazy and crazy idea?
Xiao Xiang swallowed nervously, and sweat appeared on his forehead, which made him very nervous, because when Wang Gan changed his bet into blood beads, he made a very bold decision.
"B-brother, I am responsible for the fact that Xiao’s blood beads are prepared. I am personally interested in this bet."
Personal? Wang Gan smiled and understood his meaning. He took part in this amazing gamble personally, even at the expense of important family resources. From this, it can be seen that he has made his own choice.
However, he originally Xiao Xiang would take out his own blood beads as a bet, but he didn’t expect that he would dare to move family resources so much. Once he was killed, his final result was not blood return but a dead end.
However, in this way, Xiao Xiang, a business genius, will be firmly grasped by himself and will work hard physically and mentally. The so-called loyalty will never be betrayed, which may bring poor convenience to his establishment of Luo Tianmen.
"B-brother, you are right. As a businessman, I should have the courage to invest in high risks and make the best judgment. My ambition of Xiao Zu’s descendants should not be limited to the main position but to build another Xiao family!" Xiao Xiang’s eyes are full of excitement, and his mind seems to be full of excitement. "I chose you, and we are partners. If you believe me, can you tell me how you let the head reduce your punishment ten years ago? Are you Gulei’s brother after all? "
For this question, Xiao Xiang has been buried in his heart for a long time, but no explanation can be answered.
If, as others have said, the boss is greedy for Wang Gan’s pure yang fire to keep him "sexually", why not start work immediately? If you want him to make pure Yang Dan, it’s not practical, because the moment of small Yang robbery will come, and I’m afraid that the pure Yang Dan root method will be well prepared.
Perhaps only Gu Lei’s brother is more reasonable, but Xiao’s intelligence channel Lei Jiagen doesn’t have Wang Gan’s brother with the same appearance, and they know all about the younger generation.
"I’m naturally not the boss of Lei’s family who will reduce the punishment for me. If you know this, it will be white." Wang Gan took out the token that Wu Taiqing gave to his brother and threw it to Xiao Xiang without any intention.
"This ….. this is …" Xiao Xiang recognized at a glance that the object in his hand was whiter. How much weight did it have for a moment? His breath was almost frozen. After looking over and over for a long time, he finally had to come up with a method to convince him that the token was true!
Brother, this is equivalent to a country’s position and weight far exceeding that of the true brother. Even the elders dare not offend. If the head of the company passes the Xiaoyang robbery safely, maybe the present person is the head of the next session. This amazing answer makes Xiao Xiang stunned the whole person.
He has never made the assumption that he is a brother, because it is ridiculous, but once this possibility is established, everything will be logical, even the head of the company will have to sell the peak and not pursue his brother too much.
How could the brother of the peak master be killed by a mere Yang Qing? Xiao Xiang’s eyes are filled with excitement at this moment. A businessman’s keen sense of smell has made him see the wealth waiting for him to ingest at will.
Although the Xiao family is a big family, its influence can affect the outside brother, and so can his seven families. It is unprecedented for the Xiao family to invest in a brother!
Chapter one hundred and one Sanjie Peak Xiaoyao Pill
The two men discussed for a long time and decided on the whole plan to collect money. Xiao Xiang deserves to be a business genius. The whole process of transportation was completed by him, and all kinds of speculation methods were very skilled. Even Wang Gan admired it.
At dawn, they had already returned to the Luo Tian Mountains.
Although he was over ten years old, when Luo Tianshan Mountain flew over the front of Luo Tian Mountain twice, Wang Gan looked around and saw that the Yingbin Hall, which was destroyed by him in those years, has now been rebuilt.
Through the clouds, I suddenly saw a huge mountain towering into the sky, filled with aura from the sky, and seven colors of light fell on the peaks in layers.
Accumulate mountains in a myriad of negative feelings and strive for a high-altitude and rosy drinking scene.
There are hundreds of high and low peaks around the peak. According to Xiao Xiang, these peaks belong to their true brothers, but when they abdicate and grow old or protect the law, they must stay in the main peak and give their peaks to a generation of true brothers.
Therefore, the real brother also has the title of Xiaofengzhu. Of course, these are flattering words.
Luo Tianmen’s position is divided into seven peaks, the main peak is long, the head of the main peak is high, and the supreme leader is in power together.
The highest position of the head is not only the main peak in Luo Tian, but also the main task is to decide the development strategy of the sect, preside over important meetings and so on. However, most of the time, I will spend my time practicing and even go out to experience wandering around like an ordinary brother.
The owner of the seven peaks is responsible for the management of all the peaks, and its arbitrary position is second only to that of the head.
Ordinary elders are responsible for the management of resources, distribution of spells and other miscellaneous dharma protectors, who will devote themselves to cultivation regardless of political affairs. Usually, the younger brother with good potential among the true brothers will be the backbone when the sect encounters crisis.
Very few dharma protectors have gained many opportunities by going out for experience, and it happens that they are even higher than the peak master after returning.
In addition, there are honorary elders, such as Elder Ke Qing, Elder Tai, and so on. Most of these people live in a very high level, and they are blessed with the most abundant aura and the most abundant resources to allocate and protect the law. They will not easily show their heads, even if they make moves, they may not try their best to serve as a deterrent.
Sanjie peak is located in the southwest, which is the second largest peak among the peaks.
It is especially miraculous that there are two huge and stable circular gaps at the top of these three peaks, and the life and death passages are exactly the same. These two circles have long heard Xiao Xiang say that one is the flame forest and the other is called the frozen soil.
The flames in the flame forest burned Fangshan land into black soil, and the frozen soil blew out snowflakes all over the sky. The other half of Sanjie Mountain accumulated thick snow layers, which was the only wonder in Sanjie Peak.
What puzzled Wang Gan was that since his name was Sanjie Peak, he could see two realms? Xiao Xiang is also unclear about this. It seems that there is a hidden boundary called HarmonyOS boundary in these three peaks.
The HarmonyOS boundary was created by HarmonyOS Xianren, the leader of the Alliance of Immortal Cultivation in front of Luo Tian. It is said that all the wealth of HarmonyOS Xianren is hidden in it, but no one ever knows whether this HarmonyOS boundary should be like this.
It has also been said that when the brothers of Sanjiefeng compete for the position of head of the company, it has always been the strongest one. One reason is that the owner of Sanjiefeng knows that he has benefited from opening the HarmonyOS boundary and letting his brother enter it.
According to Xiao Xiang’s plan, Wang Gan Yang Qing must never show his face before the decisive battle, so that others can see that he really repaired the inconspicuous two people, and then Wang Gan immediately cast out the goblin spell-invisibility quietly entered the Three Realms Peak.
Of course, this is also because he has a brother token, otherwise as soon as he stepped into Sanjie Peak, he would immediately be trapped by the Guardian Mountain Array.
According to Xiao Xiang’s intelligence, although Bai Lian was disqualified as a brother, he still lived in the White Temple of Sanjie Mountain. Of course, Wang Gan came to Sanjie Peak not only to find her to fulfill the original agreement, but also to find the group of lucky people who came to repair ten years ago. He just learned from Xiao Xiang that these scattered repairs were arranged by Bai Lian in those years.

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