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Chapter 10 Lunar Net Fire Moon Pattern Circuit
By chance?
Wang Gan can’t help but be suspicious of such a big monk, but only a few hundred people encounter less than one in ten thousand. How can it be so clever?
But he really checked it again, but he didn’t find any strange marks left
"Did the three men stop Wang?" Wang Gan said flatly.
There must be treachery in hiding one’s head and revealing one’s tail. Even if it is really a chance encounter, these three people may not be without ulterior motives. Wang Gan secretly raised his vigilance
See Wang Gan alert eyes month lead eyes also gradually cold.
"Wang Daoyou, since you have guessed what we are waiting for, let me get this straight. We are from Yue Bai, teaching me to teach’ Yue’, and the people in the same rank are my opponents. If you are willing to give me the treasure with your hands, I can kill you. If you don’t want to hand it over, I will do it myself and you will be dead." Yue cited a high expression and pointed to Wang Gan proudly.
Obviously, he was confident about killing Wang Gan.
Yue Bai? Month? Wang Gan’s eyes are slightly narrowed. The former is also a mysterious church of Taoism. It is said that there is a huge moonlight pool in this church, which makes the disciples consume the true qi unscrupulously. If the monks in the same order can’t kill them with one blow, they will be dragged into a protracted war and die of exhaustion.
In the month, it is vague, but it is said that every leader has done the month, but no one knows what he is capable of.
"Practice peak monk? It is not difficult to kill, but there must be unusual means to deal with it carefully this month. "Wang Gan’s eyes are bright and he thinks to himself.
While Wang Gan was on hold, the three men surrounded Wang Gan with interest.
"I know you run away quickly, even if I chase you." Despite this, Yue Yin seems very confident and smiles lightly. "But it’s a pity that from the moment you can see me with the naked eye, you have already stepped into my moon boundary, and even if you run away faster, you will appear in the moonlight."
"The lunar star is now on the moon!" When the moon leads to the sky, you will see that the sky is suddenly dark. A round of moon as thin as a long hook rises quietly from the horizon, and the moonlight will stretch Wang Gan’s figure.
Wang Gan’s eyebrows are wrinkled and his figure suddenly moves. It can be said which direction he moves, the moon will keep the same direction as if he has been moving with himself, while these three figures strangely project the moon as if it can move with the moon. On the speed of Wang Gan, they can all smile and keep the same distance at the end.
If he didn’t know that he had really moved, he wouldn’t have left half a step.
"You and I will run away? No, you don’t have the qualification to kill you. This technique will naturally be lifted. "Wang Gan didn’t show the slightest panic. He didn’t intend to escape. Just a few layers of monks can kill them easily.
These days, the refining speed of Qihuang Precious Tree is getting faster and faster. Wang Gan already has nearly 200 million cyclones, which is twice as high as these monks at the peak of practicing Qi. What’s more, he also has ordinary people to learn all kinds of spells and secrets. Ordinary monks who practice Qi are no match.
"Too arrogant arrogance! How dare a nine-story monk dare to take such a big breath? Now I’ll wait for the mana to return to its original state and see if you dare to be arrogant! " Before Yuewan was angry, Wang Gan was so overwhelmed by his ability to control Gangfeng that he finally regained his mana. He should have seen his flustered expression. I didn’t expect to be so calm, which made him angry.
"The lunar net fire is the first to look at the eyebrows!" When the fingers of the moon are clasped and a strange handprint is squeezed out, there is a round in the moon after his brain, which is as thin as a hook.
"Is life really fire? Hey! " Wang Gan smiled coldly and drew fire into a sword. The true qi was wrapped around a hard throw. See this fire sword dragging the gas mountain like a meteor.
This fire sword composed of pure yang magnetic fire has the characteristic of suppressing his real fire, even if it is pure yang real fire, which is why it will change from colorful to pure white when it meets pure yang magic fire
Even if this month’s lunar fire is pure yang series, it should be restrained
However, Yuewan didn’t panic at all. The palm was everted, but there were complicated lines woven into an odd coat of arms and appeared in the palm.
"The moon pattern circuit limits the moon force and the moonlight net extinguishes the gun!"
Seeing that the meniscus behind the moon has pulled out a series of silver wires, it turns out that the silver wires are full of extreme moon force. This series of silver wires are poured into the coat of arms, and a light beam suddenly bursts in a fan shape. A flash of light tears the atmosphere and completely destroys the fire sword. The power is really terrible.
I can’t help but feel a little proud of the moonlight shining. Even spells that consume a lot of mana can be easily cast out. Pure Yang fire is really fierce, but it can still be put out if you want to win in quantity.
"Slow is too slow." Suddenly, I felt a cold behind me when I heard a thunder and a moon, and then my ears came so light.
Wang Gan’s experience in life and death is rich. Seeing that Yuetuan knew that he had pure Yang fire and didn’t change his face, he knew that he could block the blow. So he took advantage of his attention to the sword of fire and incarnated the thunder and touched him very quickly.
"Moon Festival!" When I saw this, the two of them couldn’t help but change their faces. According to the truth, Wang Ganying, the enchantment of the moon, was fixed, and the light and shadow of the moon moved, so it was impossible to narrow the distance.
"You trapped me is the shadow? It’s a pity that I have already seen through my body when it thunders, but the shadow is not. "Wang Gan explained indifferently while putting his hand on the back of his head and seeing the roots of his little finger, plunged into his head and immediately plundered all his spells.
"ah!" Listen to the moon, scream, turn your eyes and die.

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