上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 喝茶工作室VX "Demonization! All these people are demonized, similar to the people I met in the Death Basin … How many people are there in the inferno? What is the strength? "

"Demonization! All these people are demonized, similar to the people I met in the Death Basin … How many people are there in the inferno? What is the strength? "

"Don’t know the specific number, anyway, very much, the lowest is equivalent to the initial state of out-of-body experience, the strongest part is similar to your majesty. In addition, their attack methods are almost exactly the same as those of the eastern practitioners, but their energy is full of evil breath, which can even affect each other’s spirit in battle. "
"It was inferno remnants …"
After hearing the introduction of the blood clan named Angus, Chen Han’s mind churned with various ideas. First of all, the highest fighting power of the inferno is not too strong, which is similar to the practitioner on this planet.
Secondly, it is also the most favorable condition today, that is, the aliens who once belonged to the Chiyou Magic Zun have formed a brand-new system after countless years of changes. They can’t take orders from the inferno any more. Even because they are from the same planet, they will regard the inferno as an aggressor and unite with other practitioners to jointly fight against the invasion of the inferno.
Finally, maybe others don’t know the real situation, but as countless Jedi who have entered the world through the ages, Chen Han, the only one who can escape from the birth of heaven, vaguely guessed. The arrival of the inferno is not only related to the reversal of heaven and earth, but also related to the Jedi who sealed the immortal body of the human-god, and even came for this matter, so they must never be given a chance. This world war I can only win but not lose.
If they really have the ability to break the seal and get the body of the Buddha Chiyou out, who knows what irreparable disaster will happen?
"Mr. Chen Han, let’s go and inform Yanhuang to fix the true world?" Angus said quickly.
"Don’t worry, wait until I finish my work first."
"What is more important than this? Let’s go quickly! "
"If you hurry again, let the snow cloud eat you!"
Chen Leng snorted and said, "Sit back on the flying sword, grab a pot of fine wine and drink it leisurely, and send a message to Ding Hui, who is full of doubts, saying," Chinese people fix the true boundary and I have no hatred, after all, they are all Chinese people, aren’t they? If you want to fight, let those forces in Europe fight first. When their strength is greatly damaged or destroyed, it is not too late for Yanhuang to shoot again. There is no need to shoot now. "
After listening to his voice, Ding Hui suddenly understood that even if Chen’s cold had a holiday with Yanhuang’s forces to fix the truth, in the face of global catastrophe, he would still not hesitate to consider on Yanhuang’s side.
Just as those European forces would have helped the Australian forces when they robbed Tian Xuanzhen’s box, this is a racial relationship and has nothing to do with pure personal grievances.
"Since Mr. Chen Han has something to do, I’ll go first." Angus is not a fool, he also vaguely guessed the idea of Chen Han.
"Come and drink with me, or play in Xueyun’s stomach. You have the right to choose."
Chen Han couldn’t let him leave the newspaper. He wasn’t sure what the reaction would be over there. After all, they didn’t know the history of the inferno. When they realized that there was an alien invasion, they jumped out and shouted and killed.
Now, his purpose has been completely exposed. Angus scolded his ancestors for 18 generations several times in his heart, but he dared not choose to leave by force. Don’t say before Chen Han’s terror, even a snow cloud can kill him a hundred times, and the hope of forcibly leaving is infinitely close to zero.
"Blare …"
Sucking a large glass of wine into the belly, Xueyun gave a very pleasant cry and jumped onto the golden sandalwood table and wolfed down a large plate of braised beef.
In the past, it had no interest in these things at all. If it wanted to eat, it also ate all kinds of natural materials and treasures, and it took Chen Han a long time to become interested in these ordinary foods.
Chen Han and Ding Hui pushed for a change, eating and drinking happily. Only Angus drank all the anger and helplessness.
This is the name from Chen Hankou, and Chiyou in the legend of Yanhuang. He still doesn’t know the origin of each other. But it can make Chen Han unwilling to say more nonsense and hurt the killer. How can the origin of those purple-haired freaks be so simple? Once Europe falls completely, where will the blood clan go?
The snipe and the clam compete for the benefit of the fisherman. He clearly wants all European forces to be cannon fodder, and it is best for the Chinese people to show up at the finale.
Angus, of course, still didn’t guess all right. Chen Han not only wanted European forces to be cannon fodder, but if the inferno was too strong, even the Chinese people were cannon fodder. Finally, those who stayed with Ying Long took advantage of the fishermen, and they were the final winners.
By that time, there will be no more disputes between super powers in this world, and there will be no intrigue among the major gates in the fix-true world. There will only be the Jingyunhui, Duanmu Family, Huangfu Family, Elves Family and Cyclops Family in the world, and these five forces have pledged to be in the same spirit first. Isn’t it a perfect ending of crowing and dancing?
Unconsciously, the setting sun sank to the horizon, and a bright full moon rose to the sky. Compared with the battlefields in Europe, it was particularly quiet and serene.
"the moon, grown full now over the sea, brightening the whole of heaven, cheers!" Ding Hui raised his glass and laughed heartily.
"Brother’s dirty hands are so wet, so wet … cheers!"
Chen’s cold smile is full of lewdness that makes people want to slap his face. Just now, Ding Hui, who is in a good mood, immediately turned his eyes. This guy is definitely an atmosphere killer, and his good mood was destroyed in one sentence.
"Blare …"
Xueyun opened her mouth and gave him a hard bite. In her eyes, she clearly wrote the words "sex maniac", as if telling Chen Han not to forget that there are girls here, and she can’t say that.
Eight _ zero _ electricity _ sub _ book _ w _ w _. t _ x _ t _ 8 _ 0. c _ o _ m
Looking at the two rows of tiny and clear teeth marks on the wrist, Chen Han stroked its little head and said with a wry smile, "You can’t be a girl, you can’t be a girl without taxiing, do you understand? Hmm ….. The mating period has not yet taken shape. Is it really a god beast? However, it seems that I have never heard of any kind of beast that looks like you, and I don’t even know the old guy Ying Long. "
"Ying Long? That’s … the serpent with eight disambiguations mentioned by Ise Shrine. Is that true? " Hearing the news with his own eyes, Angus was frightened to disgrace.
Chapter 191 Cry under the moon
"What’s so strange? It’s a pity that it’s impossible to find it with your cultivation. It’s no use finding it. The old man can slap your majesty into a rotten watermelon." Ding Hui teased to laugh, he didn’t worry about the inferno, big deal to hide in Ying Long, even if there are hundreds of millions of inferno can pick Jin Xian level Ying Long?
"It’s finally here."
Chen Han suddenly stood up from the flying sword, his face became cold, and he whispered, "Angus, bless me with the wings of the blood clan."
With the cadence of magic spells floating in the air, Angus, who is reluctant to look, has to coagulate blood and release bleeding as flying magic. With this magic, Chen Han can have the ability to fly in a short time, and will not be struggling on the sea, which is also the ability that the magic in the fix-true world does not have.
More than 200 people flew in from the northeast, the lowest of which were built in the late stage of fitting, and almost exhausted the extremely superior of Ling Yuzong.
Headed by Zhang Jiao Jing Long Zi, there are eight elders, including Qing Xu Zi, and sixteen dharma protectors.
Because Chen Han’s practice is extremely shocking, unless he is two grades higher than him, he can see his cultivation realm at close range. If you want to find his breath easily, you have to be one step ahead of him, and the distance can’t be too far, so more than 200 people didn’t find him at all.
I only feel the breath of Ding Hui and Angus, two guys in the mating period, and there is even a blood clan inside. It doesn’t matter why they are here or what they are doing here.
"Chen Han!"
When more than two hundred people started teleporting at the same time and appeared near the transmission array from hundreds of miles away, the frightened dragon son led by them suddenly screamed.
A deep red lotus flower lingers on the surface of Chen Han’s body. For the first time, he has the ability to fly in the air, suspended in the air, and chuckled: "It turned out that it was Ling Yuzong’s surprise. I don’t know what’s the matter with coming here so late." Is it that I heard that European demons appeared and planned to go to reinforcements? "
"inferno? What inferno? " I was surprised that he asked me one leng one leng.
"I don’t know, forget it. It seems that the news hasn’t arrived yet."
Chen Han picked up a jade cup and turned it at his fingertips. The eagle-like eyes swept over more than two hundred people, but he didn’t stop even though he had found the target.
Just in the blink of an eye, he saw four people in the team. When he heard his name, he was already much more nervous than others and became livid on the spot. Even if you think with your toes, you can guess that they are the murderers who killed their father and forced their mother to death. There are four people in total, and none of them can escape tonight.
Did not start on the spot, he would rather delay a little more time to let them live in fear, endless fear is more terrible than death.
"This seat … this seat has nothing to do with the master to enjoy the moonlight. Is Chen Han Xiaoyou also here to enjoy the moonlight?" Jing Longzi was too nervous and told a lie that was not logical at all. Probably even he felt too unbelievable, and an embarrassed look could not help but emerge on his old face.
"Zhang Jiao is really a cold bosom friend, and I am here to enjoy the moonlight."
Ding Hui next to him took out more tables, wine and delicacies from the storage ring and arranged them in the air under the control of Zhenyuan. Chen Han said with a smile: "Since they are all here to enjoy the moonlight, why don’t we have a drink together?"
"This ….." Surprised to give the in the mind again nasty and surprised, the other party through their own lies to continue acting, clearly have a thorough preparation.
"Come on, let! Most of the people present seem to be Ling Yuzong’s predecessors, and it is more appropriate for Chen Han to sit in the last seat. "

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