上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 各区高端喝茶会所 Aishi looked at me contemptuously and said, "Sister Lin knew it long ago. She sent a text message this morning saying that the training was cancelled and changed to a day. She knew you people couldn’t get up."

Aishi looked at me contemptuously and said, "Sister Lin knew it long ago. She sent a text message this morning saying that the training was cancelled and changed to a day. She knew you people couldn’t get up."

"ah? Is there anything else? " I picked the back of my head.
"Take your mobile phone to see it yourself," Ai Shi said to me while dragging the floor.
"Well, it’s not my fault anyway, and it’s not because you played late on your birthday that I can’t carry this pot," I said
"I’m carrying my back, you stop talking and go to wash." Ai Shi nu way.
Why does this girl rush to life every day? Is this something urgent? I’m going to slow down
I played around and went to the bathroom to wash.
"Aishi" I am sitting at the table and eating Aishi hot food.
"What’s the matter?" Aishi is playing with her mobile phone on the sofa after cleaning.
"I talked to my parents the other day and thought of a problem," I said.
Aishi answered indifferently, "What’s the problem?"
"Have you thought about your parents for so many years?" I asked with a smile
"Parents?" Ai Shi asked a question
I nodded my head.
Ai Shi laughed and said, "My parents … I was born abandoned. What do you want them to do?"? I wish they were killed by a car somewhere. "
Ashley has a lot of resentment towards her parents …
What if I wait for a birthday present and she doesn’t like it?
I’m worried about thinking
I sighed and said, "Don’t say that. Maybe your parents had their own difficulties?"
Ai Shi said coldly, "Why? What difficulties? Is it because you can’t afford me? I mostly think that they have lost me because they prefer boys to girls. "
At this time, I don’t know what to say. Aishi is an orphan. She has suffered a lot over the years and lacks emotion. It’s not just me whose parents are alive and whose family environment is good.
Aishi is a real poor person. She lacks the most precious emotional affection in the world.
I said, "although you were abandoned by your parents, didn’t you know the dean and your brother?" The most important thing is that you know me, a coquettish lonely man, and everything is balanced. "
Ai Shi smiled and then said, "Good. Why are you telling me this?"
I smiled and said, "Without me, I’ll just drop by."
It seems that the situation is very serious. A large part of the reason for Aishi’s unruly and eccentric personality is that she was an orphan and lacked love when she was a child, although she and she have changed a lot and matured a lot now.
But I must pass the truth that I am going to give Ashley a birthday present soon.
I just don’t know when it will arrive.
The next day, we trained as usual in the training room of that office building. We still have to practice the tactics of "four guarantees and one guarantee". Now I am not what I used to be. I can’t compare the results of "four guarantees and one guarantee" when I was in YG. During my first time in China, I have not only been far ahead of most AD in line skills, but also reached the top level of AD in team battles and the rationality of output.
When some people make AD, maybe they can generally be regarded as a slow and steady type, and they don’t want to kill others to ensure that they will make up for their soldiers and develop wild fields, or they will never be greedy for soldiers as soon as the middle road disappears.
With this kind of AD, they usually like to play policewoman EZ, and this kind of AD strives to make great contributions to the team battle.
Generally speaking, this kind of AD is the best type of AD recognized by the competition, because the position of AD is different from the middle road or the road. Even if you blow up the opposite side, you will still lose in the end.
AD can’t save the world by itself, but it still depends on a strong hip for its output.
So I wondered why my line was so strong that I could blow the other side every time, but I still lost in the end. The reason is that we can’t play group here.
At present, the training is mainly to train our team fighting skills. It is a difficult and key point for our teammates to cooperate and protect me and let me give full play to my output in team fighting.
A week passed.
At noon, everyone was having lunch and ordering takeout. Sister Lin said to us, "The League of Legends Athletic Cup has been officially announced now. I signed up for you for the first time, and the audition will be held in half a month. I will wake up first and prepare for one."
"Good" I answered.
Whether our team can stand out and shine, this competitive cup is the key point.
And I also expect to sweep YG and Myh in this competition to get revenge, which is also a place I expect.
We are all eating, but Ashley is not eating. She says she wants to lose weight …
I don’t understand why she is so thin and keeps such a good figure. Is it true that the thinner a girl is, the more she loves to lose weight?
"Hey, Sister Shi," I said next to her with a box lunch for one night.
Aishi is playing Silas W, flashing E, then igniting Q, and finally taking away the opposite card with three shots.
"Why?" Ai Shi Dan frowned after killing and turned to look at me.
"I ordered your share to eat out. Can you stand not eating at noon?" I said kindly
Aishi said sadly, "After that birthday, I ate a little more last week. Do you know how many pounds I gained?"
I looked at Ai Shi carefully and said with a frown, "I have a good figure. Where are you getting fat?" How many pounds have you gained? "
Aishi exaggerated and stretched out five fingers.
"Five catties? How much is this fat? " I said incredibly.
Ai Shi shook his head and said, "It’s 5 Jin! I used to have a perfect ratio of weight to height, but now I’ve gained 5 kg, which is not perfect. I have to lose it back. "
I "…"
"I said poem younger sister, are you sure you pulled the shit clean when you weighed that day? 5 pounds, I rub it. How do you see the difference? " I have nothing to say.
Aishi pouted and said, "Vulgar, you didn’t shit clean. You don’t understand if I told you."
I said, "Look at you. There are two lumps of meat on other people’s chests. You are still losing weight and not eating. Alas, you are in the golden age of development. After you don’t eat, you won’t rise. When you eat papaya and milk, you will be despised by your future husband. Don’t blame me for not waking you up now."
"windbag! Ok, I’m going to eat. "Ai Shihao became a pig teammate once and went out to eat in the training room directly after the game A.
Looking at Aishi’s desktop, I was surprised and clicked into a folder called "Secret" in curiosity.
Chapter 291 Poetry sister folder
After I clicked in, I was still wary and looked around. No one would be finished if it was something unsuitable for children …
But there is nothing after clicking in that folder! !
Angry. Isn’t this a bluff? Why take a secret folder and put it on the desktop …
I suddenly calmed down. Come on.
Like when I was in junior high school and senior high school, the "secret" hidden in my mind usually changed its name, such as "advanced study materials" and "political test sites". I believe that boys should know everything in it.
It’s impossible to say that what Ashley put on the desktop is so stupid. The real secret thing would never have that name.

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