"Ah …"

Is screaming and screaming, cold is unintentional answer, wait until asked the second sentence, he found that the source of the sound is combating Dao itself.
How can a talking knife not make him scream?
However, in the next moment, the weight of combating Dao increased, inexplicably increased by hundreds of thousands of times. Chen Han’s indestructible wrist and metacarpal bone immediately made a crisp and pleasant fracture sound. That’s a weight far beyond his strength limit, even if it is repaired to a higher level, it is impossible to carry it, and the fracture is completely logical.
The combat knives were suspended in the air and trembled, giving a heartless laugh: "How? Is this weight satisfactory? Or how much weight do you need? Oh, oh, oh … I’m sorry, this weight corresponds to the realm of immortals. I forgot that you didn’t even reach Taiyi Jinxian. "
Chen Hanku smiled and made a fairy seal to repair the palm of his hand. His mind quickly turned to some common sense. He once borrowed a magic weapon from Xuanyuan Huangdi, but all of them have wisdom and can speak.
Above the fairy device, the sacred device has spirituality, which he knew for a long time, but the change came too suddenly and it was hard to accept for a while.
Cheap master gave himself a sacred object, which is reasonable as an old man’s house, but how to control the sacred object with his current practice?
"That’s not true … when I was a thousand times lower than I am now, couldn’t everyone control the sacristy?" Chen Han suddenly remembered the experience of returning to the outside world from the Jedi with the help of the sacristy.
"Boy, it’s good that you know."
The communication of combating Dao comes from the soul level. It has already taken the initiative to integrate with Chen Han, but it is not a master-slave relationship, but an equal contract: "Since the sacristy is called the sacristy, how can it be restricted by those realms?" Even if he is an ant in the golden elixir period, as long as the sacristy is willing to recognize him as the main one, he can also control the sacristy, but the power of the sacristy depends on the cultivation of the host. "
Chen Han nodded carefully and said, "How much power can I exert with my current cultivation?"
Qi Ling’s laughter was full of banter, which made people angry: "It’s too bad, I’m embarrassed to tell you how much power I can play." Well … if it is converted into a fairy device, it will probably exert the full power of the first-class fairy device, which is equivalent to the power of your old junk. "
"Quite? How dare you say it’s junk? " Chen Han retorted that he wanted to suppress the arrogance of the spirit.
"When you are promoted to the realm of Taiyi Jinxian, can the power of your junk be exerted?"
"No, but I can forge a magic weapon of higher quality!"
"It’s not too stupid to be saved, so when you are promoted to the realm of the immortal, will you refine the top-grade fairy or the best fairy?"
Chen Han was dumbfounded by this question. Now he can refine Chinese fairy wares, Taiyi Jinxian realm can refine top-grade fairy wares, and pick Jinxian corresponds to the best fairy wares.
So what is the corresponding magic weapon needed after breaking through Luo Jinxian?
It is true that although Chinese fairy wares are used at present, they cannot fully exert their power. Only when they reach the realm of Taiyi Jinxian can the power of Chinese fairy wares be fully exerted. In other words, although Luo Jinxian can control the Acura, he can’t fully exert the power of the Acura. Only when he reaches a higher level, can he exert the power of the Acura to the limit.
But what about the purple fairy above the fairy in the sky? There are still immortals, immortals, immortals, and immortals. How can we use magic weapons to open the gap between their strengths?
After all, the best fairy is the ultimate fairy, and whether it can be refined is one thing. The key is whether it can get the materials for refining the fairy.
According to the memory inherited by Junlong, the higher the level of treasures in the celestial world, the corresponding strength is needed to obtain them. He is not arrogant enough to think that when he is just a Chinese fairy, he has the ability to get the natural materials and treasures of the holy order. Without materials, there will be no sacristy. Without the sacristy, after immortalizing in Luo Tian, he will not be able to form an absolute advantage in the magic weapon.
Chapter 492 Magic moves nine
To put it bluntly, the sacristy didn’t play a big role in the early stage of the immortal stage, just like the one with the corresponding quality, but in the middle and late stage, it can fundamentally create an absolute advantage in magic weapons, provided that the other side’s magic weapon is not a sacristy.
"Well, I admit you have a point." Chen cold helplessly shrugged his shoulders.
"It’s good that you understand." Qi Ling’s tone is full of arrogance.
"But I really want to know, if others see me holding a sacred object, will there be thousands of immortals robbing me, and can I beat the immortals?"
The purple and golden fighting knives are flowing, and the powerful breath suddenly disappears, becoming exactly the same as the Chinese fairy. The light emitted by the blade is still the same, but its appearance has undergone earth-shaking changes, which is exactly the same as the appearance of the floating combat knife before Chen Han.
Qi Ling was even more swaggering and smiled proudly: "Do you think the sacred vessels are so easy to see through? Unless you use the power beyond the best fairy, even the immortal and the strong can’t tell the difference, no matter the breath or the shape, otherwise how can the master let you take me away? "
Chen cold heart suddenly had a spectrum, since the hallows have such a wonderful camouflage ability, don’t worry about being seen through by the celestial strong.
Finally, he gave in to realize his strength, and the young and fragile mind of Qi Ling was satisfied, and the weight that was most suitable for Chen Han appeared in his hand.
At this time, a feeling of blood flow throughout the body, Chen cold can really feel, at this moment, he can give full play to the power of hallows to a level comparable to that of cloud combating Dao. But he knows very well that six robberies of scattered immortals can actually control the top-grade immortals. If the power of immortals is played by him, the power of the immortals should be further improved.
The reason why we can’t reach that level is that Liu Yun’s combating Dao was personally refined by him, supplemented by the perfect integration of this element’s painstaking efforts. In other people’s hands, we can only play an ancient fairy device with a maximum power of ten percent, but in his case, we can play nearly thirty percent.
"If you have the ability to recast me, you can naturally play a better power, but …"
Before the voice of Qi Ling could fall, suddenly came the sound of its indecision: "How come … your astral power is even stronger than that of the master Taiyi Jinxian? Doesn’t it mean that you can forge the magic weapon of the Hallows level as long as you reach the Immortal Emperor’s realm? What’s your chance? Is it really like the master’s method of creating, but never trying it himself, that it is a fusion of the innate C-fire elite? "
Chen Han has made two leaps in refining. The first time, it was originally necessary to have a real fire in the then period before trying to refine a magic weapon. However, he had five elements of true inflammation in the late stage of his heart movement, which was one level ahead of the description of ordinary practitioners and even the records of Emperor’s shaking the sky, and it was a special great leap from the heart movement period to the then-elixir period.
Subsequently, he merged with the elite of congenital C fire, and with the help of the spiritual property of innate fire, the quality of true fire went further on the original basis.
Just in the stage of six robberies and scattered immortals, you have a real fire that transcends the ordinary Taiyi Jin Xian!
You know, the quality of ordinary six-robbery scattered fairy is not even comparable to the real fairy, let alone the level of Taiyi Jin Xian.
"E soil, cassia water, C fire three innate elite, I have already absorbed, now …"
The storage ring melted into the Yuan God exudes a breath of vitality, which inspired the instruments also melted into the Yuan God. Chen Han said with a smile: "This innate elite of Ebony can be absorbed after soaring, and it can also take the opportunity to improve its cultivation. The innate elite of Five Elements is still short of the innate elite of Geng Jin."
"Heaven on! You … How is that possible? Where did you get so many innate things? "
"Are there very few innate things?"
"Master in the celestial world is also a first-class player. Although there is no powerful force behind it, it is not too profound, but it is built there after all. In the achievement of the realm of immortals for nearly a thousand years, I have not been able to get the innate elite of the five elements. Otherwise, will that method never have the opportunity to practice it in person? "
"That means I have a better future than Master, don’t you think?"

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