上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 私人外卖工作室品茶 So he picked up the cup of black tea and took a sip. Obviously, this man who is used to fighting in the battlefield has learned a whole set of etiquette in his royal life in recent years. His tea movement is perfect like an old nobleman who stays at home all day studying etiquette.

So he picked up the cup of black tea and took a sip. Obviously, this man who is used to fighting in the battlefield has learned a whole set of etiquette in his royal life in recent years. His tea movement is perfect like an old nobleman who stays at home all day studying etiquette.

"What about that woman?" However, as soon as he exported it, he completely exposed the military habits and directly got into the business.
Hasta glanced at Chen Senran and motioned for him to speak, while he picked up the teacup and hid his face in the darkness.
"Zhao Xinge, I think you should explain the whole story first." Chen Senran sounded respectful, but his words were a little aggressive.
Zhao Xin narrowed his eyes. He seems to have misunderstood Hasta’s attitude. This old fox, who can stand in a deserted place, shows that he doesn’t want to do things according to his process as he wishes.
"What did you say?" Zhao Xin put the teacup hand and stroked the knee pike. "Who are you?"
Zhao Xin felt that things were out of control and some things seemed to be hidden, but he chose not to tell the truth first.
Zhao Xin’s move to touch a gun is obviously not as firm as the tone of questioning in Noxasian discourse.
As a matter of course, Chen Senran continues to be aggressive. "You don’t need to know who I am. Now it’s the whole gray order. Do you think that our whole gray order is the copper head of Bandel City who knows the ore and hammer? We don’t mind asking you to leave here if Demacia is cheating and hiding to show sincerity. "Chen Senran finally questioned Zhao Xin with a sharp-edged gun and a sword in this sentence.
At this moment, the gentle face finally tore hasta’s face hidden behind the teacup and revealed a smile. This man can build a lot of power in voodoo. There is no doubt that he appreciates Chen Senran’s language style. He saluted Chen Senran before he moved his knife.
It’s a wonderful tacit understanding. If Annie really likes it, in a few years … it seems to be good.
Zhao Xin stopped talking. He didn’t expect this young man to be so sharp-tongued. He usually likes to talk with swords. He felt weak at the negotiating table for the first time.
"Well," Zhao Xin finally chose to compromise after being silent for half a day. In fact, he couldn’t hide the gray order. It is a naive idea to expect them to ignore it like idiots, and the most important thing is that Demaxians need hope for fire to fight against the Noxas. He can’t really turn against them.
Zhao Xin completely lost the initiative in this conversation.
"We demasia despicable Noxas people are all here alone." Zhao Xin picked up the teacup and drank all the tea in it. It was a little cold, but it just made him a little hot and sober. At this moment, he no longer concealed his generosity in drinking tea like spirits.
Hasta put the teacup and looked at Zhao Xin Chen Senran once again, drinking tea. Just now, some words made him feel a little thirsty.
"The Noxas want to kill him and we want to save him." Zhao Xin looked at it or didn’t speak. Hastanay continued, "That man is called the flame of hope. It is predicted that he can destroy Noxas and save this chaotic continent."
Zhao Xin is not a good storyteller. This is similar to the scene where we came to defend the savior and someone tried to kill him. It is very similar to Chen Senran’s seeing Hollywood blockbusters or third-rate dog blood movies in one world.
"Okay, okay, I don’t really believe the truth, but the news comes from Anubis, the most famous news vendor in mainland China, and his credibility is very high." Zhao Xin finally waved his hand and he couldn’t do this kind of trust-winning thing.
"Well, I believe you," hasta finally said again. "I can’t think of anything else in this prophecy that can make Noxas pay such a big price. I have also heard that Noxas gave up ten years ago …"
"It’s the latest news. According to the news we intercepted, Anubis did say that he hoped that the flame had appeared in the voodoo area and was in the gray order." Zhao Xin quickly added the missing part. "What I want to get the woman first is to know if she has confirmed the identity of that person."
After hearing all the news, Chen Senran’s mouth evoked a strange smile. The identity of that person …
So that’s it. That woman is testing … what is she looking for?
And that person’s identity hopes that the flame Chen Senran finally got something white.
"What are you going to do to that man?" Chensenrankou
Hasta gave him a look, and Chen Senran could get a conclusion, and he could almost get it.
Zhao Xin coughed and stopped talking. Obviously, the so-called protection at such a time is just talk. If you really don’t know the situation in voodoo, you will find the flame of hope, and the Demassians will never bow their heads.
Another long silence.
There’s a light coming through the window. It’s almost dawn.
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When it was bright, Chen Senran came out of the room, and his growing spirit made him not feel too tired because he didn’t sleep all night.
The end of the conversation was not very smooth, and the two sides did not make a final decision. They reached a consensus on arresting the Noxas female killer, and the rest will continue negotiations after the arrest.
Zhao Xin is somewhat dissatisfied with this result, but there is no good way to calm his face and repose his huge pike in the room, and then he will conduct encirclement and suppression operations to restore his strength.
Hasta is obviously used to this kind of high-intensity life, so he motioned Chen Senran to go back first and then sat at his desk and read a classic Introduction to Rune Magic.
Voodoo early in the morning, there is no bird singing, and it seems very dull, and it has not been greatly improved by setting several magic filters around the gray order.
Chen Senran rubbed his temples to relieve the discomfort caused by taking too much black tea.
Catch the woman named Eve. Oh, no, the name should not be true. The plan to catch the killer with big breasts is arranged after a magic time. Hasta should make the final arrangement to prevent her from seizing the opportunity to escape. It is to prevent the woman killer from noticing anything. After all, she has a good sense of danger.
Chen Senran was sent out by hasta because he was not a member of the main battle, but hasta had inferred that he just hoped that the flame would hint that he would hide first. After all, the enemy’s goal was that if Eve caught the opportunity and killed Chen Senran, it would be a great loss for Hasta, except for his excellent mind. Little Annie crying alone would give him a headache for a long time.
Chen Senran left and right things and didn’t want to go to bed. I thought of the miserable little girl a few days ago and went to her room.
Usually little Annie goes to see him. It is the first time for him to see the little girl, but the place knows that it is deep in the whole building complex.
Chen Senran walked through a long corridor, and the early morning light shone through the small window of the corridor and lit up the dark tunnel all day.
Excellent spirit made him easily perceive that more than a dozen nearby dark posts are people with strong mental fluctuations, obviously protecting the little girl, hasta, a man who usually looks like he doesn’t care about his daughter, actually does every step in place.
But obviously, those people were instructed, no one showed hostility to Chen Senran, and Chen Senran didn’t even monitor them. Chen Senran noticed that those spirits were swept away in himself.
Little Annie’s room is behind the corner door in the corridor. A huge gray-white wooden door carved with dark lines appears in front of Chen Senran.
Chen Senran pushed the lock.
The door creaked slightly, revealing the scene of the room. To Chen Senran’s surprise, the whole tone of the room was not gray, but it was not all pink in the style of the whole building group, from chandeliers to tables and chairs to that delicate little bed.
The pink magic chandelier in the room exudes a slightly faint light. The little girl is wearing a cute pink pajamas and is not sleeping. Instead, she is sitting in the pink chair carved with dark moon patterns and watching her turn her back to herself, but her little ears are trembling, which proves that she knows that Chen Senran has entered.
Chen Senran saw that she didn’t turn her head and deliberately coughed to get her attention.
But the little girl still ignored him. He was obviously still sulking.
Chen Senran had to walk slowly behind the little girl, but she heard the little girl say in a very serious tone, "Professor Le Fulan said that men are a kind of animals who like to be mean."
Then Chen Senran saw the little girl turned her head slightly and gave him a noble Leng Yan expression. She held her delicate little face high and learned enough about the lady fan. At that moment, she was amazing and made him feel that this girl definitely had the potential to be a queen.
So he couldn’t help laughing. The little girl turned red with a straight face and closed the ashamed and resentful way, "What are you laughing at, big bad guy?"
Chen Senran saw the name "Knowing a Man as a Creature" by the light. He couldn’t help laughing even more. He picked up the little girl’s head. "How old are you? Look at this mess."
The little girl blushed for a while, and suddenly it was cold again. Obviously, she thought about the two days ago and snorted. She didn’t go to see Chen Senran’s face.
Chen Senran was just about to touch her head to coax her, but she didn’t expect to be bitten by the little girl suddenly and violently. Little white teeth were severely cut into his flesh, and his mouth was vague, "Bite you to death, bite you to death, heart breaker …"
Chen Senran still hurts a little. Hearing the last sentence, he almost fell down with a soft leg.
Heart breaker … When did you learn to …
The little girl vented for a long time and seemed to finally relax her mouth. She felt a little salty and actually bit out the blood. She looked at him and Chen Senran felt that she could not be soft-hearted. "Dare you dare again?"
Chen Senran thinks this is nothing to do with an arm injury. It’s not unheard of to seriously injure him again, but before my girl bothers him again, she hurriedly asks for mercy. "I was wrong."
My little girl listened to grace for a long time before she said, "Does it hurt?"
When Chen Senran listened to the music, she just wanted Doby, but she felt a chill for no reason. A feeling of being stared at by a very horrible creature flooded my heart.
He turned to look at the whole room in an instant, but he didn’t see anyone, and he thought that there were so many anshao outside, and he felt oversensitive.
But that cold surge in vain never receded.
At the same time, Zhao Xin Hasta slowly approached Eve’s room without making a sound.
Zhao Xin glanced at hasta motioned for himself to walk to the door with a pike first.

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