上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 桑拿新茶的联系方式 After watching it carefully, Wu Chi couldn’t help but be overjoyed at the three people next to him. "Well, my friend said that he would settle the Yinshan Mountain for me. We Wudang should be able to get rid of the humiliation of being blocked."

After watching it carefully, Wu Chi couldn’t help but be overjoyed at the three people next to him. "Well, my friend said that he would settle the Yinshan Mountain for me. We Wudang should be able to get rid of the humiliation of being blocked."

All three people suspect that a large group of people are strong and Ma Zhuang is stuck at the gate of the temple, so you can solve it with a word from a friend who doesn’t know where to drill out? That’s a big compliment, isn’t it
"He hasn’t returned to outsiders yet. We’ll wait and see. When the flying sword returns, we’ll know whether what he said is true or not." Wu Chi laughed. The general male letter said that the murderer Tang cut the purple clothes. He was an old acquaintance. He saw that they knew that Wudang would make enemies in Yinshan Mountain, and assured Wu Chi that this matter would be solved by him.
The wind is general, men’s strength and temperament are not sure, and things should not be disorderly. Wu Chi didn’t feel better until then. He called his brothers to continue cooking tea and eat melons leisurely.
About ten minutes later, the dark green sword light flew back to the murderer. After reading the reply, the man in purple clothes nodded at Wu Chi. "You said that the wind is good. You do know this thing. He said that he would take the responsibility of nature and give it to him, but we still have to discuss the specific solution."
Tang chop, the murderer, called all the people in Huiyin Mountain to sit around and discuss it. Wu Chi nodded at them with great grace and then turned back. "See, this is the strongman’s strength and strongman’s ability. I didn’t expect my friend to be so capable. Hahaha"
Hero A didn’t talk, but the nocturne was abandoned and ignored. The green-faced beast replied, "Your friend is really big. When will you call him to meet me? I can borrow his name when I get into trouble when I go to Tangkou."
Cut this guy really often mix scenes at this time, so if he gets to know the wind, the general man’s title will not be used by him to show off, which makes the wind angry. Isn’t my strong support abruptly destroyed by him?
Wu Chi perfunctorily said, "I’ll ask him to come over and get together when I have a chance. Now he’s too busy to come."
When they were talking, there was a situation in the outside world. A woman angered, "I don’t care if the wind knows him or not. That shameful guy attacked Xiao Pang. It can’t be like this. If you want to talk about it, I will cut him."
Tang, the murderer, said, "What’s the big deal about being killed once in the game? I’ll ask him to compensate Wudang for the peace talks. It’s in everyone’s interest. Stop it. If you don’t listen, I’ll cut you off."
The woman in green stamped her foot and said angrily, "What are you, always threatening me with this and being your brother?" The murderer Tang beheaded, "I don’t always threaten you with this, but you always mess around without considering everyone’s interests. I must stop this. That’s it!" "
The beauty in green blushed with anger, but she dared not really lose her temper with this man and turned to the fat man. "Xiaopang, let’s go, your uncle doesn’t care if we go to your brother."
The fat woman looked at the angry woman in green and looked at the calm face. Tang mumbled, "Little cousin, I think I’d better forget it …" Before the words were finished, the beautiful woman in green had raised her eyebrows and rebuked her, "I’ll never care about you after you leave!"
Xiao pang looked at Tang chop the murderer with a bitter face. Tang chop shook his head and waved, "Go with her. Don’t make trouble again." The green sword light flew up and hung a net bag and wobbled toward the north.
People in purple don’t talk when they look at all this. After the beautiful woman in green has left, they say to Tang, "Ah Mei still has this hot temper."
Tang chop wry smile way "is spoiled her before, don’t worry about her, let’s get down to business" two people went to the gate to Wu Chi way "Fang Ge Yin come and talk"
The Third Confluence of Good and Evil in Shennongjia
"Do you have opinions?" Fang Da’s Standing Committee now has a confident attitude, a humble attitude and a leisurely attitude with a cup of tea in his hand. It is quite a school of leaders’ bearing style. Three people beside him looked at it and felt that this nasty guy was not at least able to go through the game without losing Wudang’s face.
"You …" The murderer Tang cut you for half a meeting and couldn’t pick it up, because it was really from talking about just now or swearing to kill this person. Now it’s really a bit difficult to change positions immediately and conduct friendly consultations.
Purple clothes next to him saw this situation and said, "I really wonder how you know Feng and say that you have helped him a lot. He still needs you … you … to help him in the game?"
Wu Chi knows very well that they are looking for a topic, and they will have a formal conversation face to face, but since they have asked themselves, they just take this opportunity to implement it, which is of great benefit.
So Fang Da’s Standing Committee eloquently told the wrong thing by the Mianshui River. Naturally, he would never tell himself all the grandiose reasons and put them on his head. Finally, he laughed, "I will draw a sword to help the players. Of course, I can’t stay out of it."
Outside, the two people frowned. This man is too good at blowing water. He happened to save someone’s life and called himself a righteous and sacred warrior. It’s a shame that he didn’t give himself the title of saint.
Wudang people are used to it, but those disgusting words can’t take root for them. Everyone looks as usual, and it makes them feel uncomfortable. Every day, this person can endure such high decibel noise for a long time, which makes people feel bad.
"So that’s it. It’s no wonder that the wind letter is very important to you, but it’s a life-saving thing." The murderer Tang nodded and said
"Brother Feng is really guilty of loving me wrongly. He also remembers some small things. I’m really sorry. This afternoon, he also helped me to start a sword test in a forum."
Tang cut purple clothes and looked at each other, and I knew who this song was. The thirty-three-day forum has been buzzing with one thing today.
Seven Yao Mo Yi Tian member West Pole Taiwan overlord wind, the average man does not hesitate to devalue himself to the Emperor Huang Zeng Tianyi. This has become the most sensational news this year for 33 days. Everyone is guessing who the new man is and what the average man is. I didn’t expect to meet the party tonight.
The two of them are really good. The murderer, Tang Ziyi, thought in his heart, "Haha, I didn’t expect Chief Fang to be a middleman in the forum, so we can learn from each other."
"Let’s learn from each other. I’m a newcomer. Just come and have a chat. When are you two?" Wu Chi thought that I had just seen your sword style, and I was not cut like tofu.
"We are all seven obsidians who follow the trend." Tang chop answered Wu Chi quickly. "An expert is an expert who follows the trend, but you can order some younger brothers."
"Let’s talk about it later in the forum. Let’s settle things in the game first." Speaking of which, Tang cut his face and sank.
Come to the theater, I’d like to see how you can solve it. If it’s reasonable, that’s no problem. If you want to bleed yourself, you will block it here every day. Wu Chi’s heart hey hey sneer at his mouth, but he said, "That’s what I’m thinking. It’s really not a matter to block it here without sleeping in the middle of the night."
"Since the wind is in the early days, even if we have uncovered it during the holidays, you will have to return it if you burst Xiao Pang’s equipment. And the villages and towns around Wudang Mountain are divided according to their current ownership. The other party is not allowed to dig corners, and Wudang must follow our requirements and cooperate."
Tang chop words haven’t say that finish, the green-faced beast has irrepressible came up and nu way "what do you mean, according to the present ownership, those villages have been forcibly robbed by you, and the villages around Wudang Mountain are all named Huiyin Mountain? Your appetite is too big! "
Wu Chi was silent. This requirement made him unable to answer the question: How can thunder hand over the demon body’s only powerful equipment? It needs to be handed over, but then you can get a demon equipment. Now all villages and towns around Wudang Mountain are included in Huiyin Mountain except Qingyun Village. If you agree to this requirement, Wudang is not surrounded by each other, and the whole Wudang Mountain is a village named Wudang. This is really ridiculous. No, absolutely not.
"Tang chop, if you want peace talks, come up with some sincerity to ask us to put our face on the ground. If there is no other plan, then you can continue to block the door and we won’t talk about it." After considering for a moment, Wu Chi felt that he really couldn’t agree with this kind of rational request. It was too much to let people eat leftovers and sweep it away.
Everyone in Wudang looked angry, and some of them were angry, so they cursed the insult. Although they were forced to hide in the view and be turtles, if they agreed to this requirement, it would take us more time to be turtles than turtles. Don’t you wave?
People in purple clothes were boiling with laughter when they saw the audience. "Dear friends, don’t worry. This is a plan. Let’s sit down and talk about it slowly. Where you think it’s not possible, come out and discuss it."
"Don’t talk about a fart, but when we are improper, we will go to be a grandson. Where will there be such a thing?" The short and fat guy jumped up and pointed at their breach and scolded.
Tang chop face as usual to Wu Chi way "Fang Ge Yin you feel like"
"What else can there be? Wudang is not me alone. Wudang, even if I agree, they don’t agree with you. This is asking if there is nothing else. "Wu Chi pointed to the people behind him coldly.
The murderer Tang chop suddenly burst into laughter and then said, "Good Wudang friends are bloody and don’t bow their heads by force. I like this sect very much. You don’t have to take it seriously. Let’s talk about it, which will affect the interests and future of our three families in Shennongjia District."
"Three?" Wu Chi wondered if there were other sects besides Wudang and Yinshan. "Yes, Wudang, we will have Yinshan and Ziyi Motianling." Ziyi people don’t turn around and smile and nod at Wu Chi.
"What are you going to talk about?" These two guys look like everyone on the outside, and they are full of demeanor and demeanor. I didn’t expect that there were quite a lot of crooked roads in their stomachs. It’s really prudent to be cautious after knowing the world’s sinister. Wu Chi secretly warned himself.
"Good and evil converge into three points in Shennongjia!" The purple man came over and said nine words.
Number of broken cups in the fourth time
"Good and evil confluence? Sanfen Shennongjia? " Wu Chi wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t laugh when he saw the purple clothes man’s expression and face. He said it so seriously that he obviously didn’t want to play funny.
"Yes, the game is divided into good and evil. For example, Wudang belongs to the orthodox sect, and Tang Chop sect and I belong to the evil sect. There are many differences between the two. Shennongjia District is an eleven-division game, in which there are many places suitable for newcomers to train, and many NPCs are distributed everywhere, which is really a good site in the early stage of the game."
"What do you mean?" Hero A didn’t want to be lonely, so he came in and said to Wu Chi, "My purple clothes will completely control Shennongjia District. Your Wudang brother’s low level and weak strength are not our consideration, but now these two days can become three days due to wind factors. What do you think?"
When people in purple clothes see that Wu Chi is still in a daze, they don’t know why. "Controlling an area at the beginning of the game will be of great benefit to the later development. It will be much more convenient to have your own site to train and play treasures, which is much more efficient than guerrilla warfare. If you agree, we will talk about it slowly."
He looked around the door and everyone continued, "Shall we discuss it in another place? Are we evil players at this door and can’t enter the decent station? You’d better come out and prove our sincerity. I suggest setting up a team mode first."
The maximum number of players in the whole world game team mode is 99. Players can’t PK each other. It takes five minutes to get out of the team mode before they can enter the free PK state. This is to prevent shameful sneak attack.
It’s a great temptation to be such a tough player. Look at all the people around you. They are obviously in favor of their proposal, but it doesn’t rule out that they may lead the snake out and then surround them. Wu Chi thought for a moment, "Let’s discuss it first, please wait a moment."
Several giants of Wudang surrounded themselves and muttered a few words, and they agreed that they were in line with each other’s strength. Now that Wudang is not an opponent, it can be humiliated by turtles and can be combined into Shennongjia District. This is still considered. Of course, I agree.
Wu Chi turned to the audience and said, "We naturally welcome the establishment of an alliance. At last, if we don’t change the venue, it will be very convenient for people to set the table here."
Wudang boys moved seven tables from view to view and defecated into a rectangular conference table, which made the partner absent and handed some chairs over, so the long conference table crossed the gate of Shennongjia District and the first formal meeting was also the preparatory meeting.
Tang chop smiled and said, "You still have doubts. In fact, it’s necessary. We don’t have any serious holidays. The previous incident was just a small conflict. I don’t care about those things. Of course, you are cautious. Let’s get down to business if you consider it."

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