上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 各区高端喝茶会所 Williams was afraid of his head. "Yeah, I forgot about that. You’re only 19!"

Williams was afraid of his head. "Yeah, I forgot about that. You’re only 19!"

Tang Wenlong’s face turned black. "Louis, it seems that you are not much older than me, okay?"
Louis Williams said, "Hey, I heard that you have a lot of female fans now. You played so well in this game that it is estimated that the number of fans will explode."
Tang Wenlong grabbed his long-sleeved pullover coat and got out of his collar. When he heard Louis say this, his eyebrows raised and he asked, "Then what?"
"Then you know!" Louis showed a look you know and I know, which made Tang Wenlong very talkative.
It happened that Sioni also came to dismantle Tang Wenlong "Hey hey Lewis, are you a coquettish man like you? People are so innocent that even girls have never held their hands! "
"Farting hands are still pulling!" Tang Wenlong is getting tired of it. These serious guys always like to chat with these topics.
Sadis-Young also leaned in and looked at it. Tang Wenlong said suspiciously, "Don, you shouldn’t be a virgin, should you?"
"How is it possible to fart?" Tang Wenlong hurriedly guiltily denied.
They crashed and laughed, one by one, leaning forward and lying in position. Even Tang Wenlong, who always didn’t deal with Holliday, smiled.
Tang Wenlong suddenly face a red hot feeling really want to lose face lost home.
"Go to the nightclub to relax-we played so hard today, didn’t we?" Louis Williams grabbed Tang Wenlong’s arm and dragged him out of shape.
"Okay, okay, don’t drag me." Tang Wenlong waved his hand and gave up. "I can walk by myself."
"Right? It’s just a nightclub. What’s the big deal?" Nuo Sioni was very sure that Tang Wenlong had just said what Tang Wenlong wanted to say in his heart.
After the shower was cleaned up, the locker room door was pushed by a man in a black suit.
Head coach Doug Collins showed his head. He found Tang Wenlong and Iguodala surrounded by the crowd and waved to them. "Don, Andre, you two come with me to attend a press conference."
"Press conference?" Tang Wenlong, like catching the imperial edict, leaned forward and hid from everyone, hiding behind Corinth.
"Andre, keep an eye on that kid later. Don’t let that kid get away!" Louis small eye stare run Tang Wenlong and side also ready to walk past Iguodala said.
"Don’t worry, he will never run!" Iguodala. "
Then Collins took the lead in walking ahead. Tang Wenlong and Iguodala followed around Collins. There were photographers with cameras and reporters with different media cards. From time to time, reporters took out SLR cameras and took pictures of Tang Wenlong and Iguodala walking side by side.
The press conference hall of Ford Center Arena is quite large. After walking in, it is already dark and full of media.
At the sight of tall Tang Wenlong coming in, everyone’s eyes were fixed on his eyes, and their eagerness was obvious.
After sitting down, the official staff presided over the press conference.
The "first question" worker is a black work suit, and the blonde looks very capable and articulate.
Taiwan wow a raised his hand.
Iguodala and head coach Collins looked at each other and secretly Tang Wenlong squeezed a sweat.
The Oklahoma Chronicle reporter was first excitedly picked up by a male reporter with black-rimmed glasses. Then he put a pair of glasses on his mouth and asked, "I want to ask Tang Wenlong, you scored a career-high 45 points in this game, and this is your 14th game in the NBA. What do you think of this?"
It’s a matter of propriety. Tang Wenlong thought about it for a while and then organized the language to explain, "As you said, I got a high score and this is the stage of my career, but in the face of victory, everything is a cloud. Although I got a high score, it is more important for me to win the team."
Collins nodded. He suddenly remembered that Tang Wenlong had delivered a super speech at the draft, which was not difficult for him at the post-game press conference.
Then the Oklahoma reporter of Fox Sports asked the second question, "Before that, China’s highest single-game scoring record in NBA was that Yao scored 41 points in the game against the Hawks on February 23rd, 2004. Do you think you have surpassed your predecessors now?"
This question is a bit sharp and a bit insidious. Tang Wenlong almost blurted out that it was yes, but when the words came to his mouth, he suddenly felt something was wrong. After thinking again, he suddenly understood the truth, and then he slowly answered.
"I don’t think that I have surpassed Yao Gao’s score. It is very accidental and stable to measure whether a player is qualified. Yao’s achievements after entering the NBA are obvious to all. He has made several China fans love NBA and basketball. He has brought people thinking far beyond sports. If Jordan let the world fans know NBA, then Yao has made China fans love NBA. Compared with him, I am still a rookie who just entered the league."
This modest talk is empty. Tang Wenlong generously admits that his achievements are indeed inferior to those of his predecessors, so he can’t talk about not surpassing anything
Reporters clapped their hands one after another, feeling that what Tang Wenlong just said was very bright. It seems that Yao is really something, and he feels that he has made great achievements in basketball publicity.
Tang Wenlong said that he was all interested in reporters’ questions. In addition to just a few months later, it became more and more complicated and biased. For example, it was not uncommon to sneak in, like asking Tang Wenlong if he planned to take photos to entertain reporters, and it was not uncommon for Tang Wenlong to take photos, and his brain turned quickly to answer reporters’ questions. There was quite a feeling of arguing with others.
It was not until the officials stopped listening that reporters stopped asking Tang Wenlong, and then two of them asked Iguodala and Collins symbolically.
There are two media questions: "What’s it like to be a teammate with Tang Wenlong" and "such as evaluating your brother".
The official staff rolled their eyes and raised their hands to look at it, and then ended the press conference.
At this time, it was already half past twelve in the morning. Tang Wenlong just wanted to slip a black palm and patted him on the shoulder, firmly imprisoning him in place.
"Don said good nightclubs?"
Tang Wenlong ""
Chapter 70 Best Week and Best Month
The league once again shocked Tang Wenlong’s blowout performance, which made him feel ashamed to be the first person in the 21st session.
What is the concept of averaging 27 points per game? In the NBA, the average score of the average eccentric starter is about 1 to 15 points. It is an important firepower point for the team to cut 15 points to 2 points. Once a player scores more than 2 points, it proves that the player is at least a sight level.
What is a sight player? Regardless of whether the image and style of play are beautiful, once the team’s performance goes to the target, the players will turn positive in minutes.
And Tang Wenlong is not yet twenty years old.
At that time, LeBron James came to the league with all kinds of auras. At the beginning, his performance also struggled, and LeBron James scored 4+ in his rookie season in March of 4 years. At that time, James had played for more than half of the season.
It is rare in history that Tang Wenlong, who has played a total of 14 games and counted about 20 preseason games, can surpass most NBA players and get high scores throughout their careers.
So he naturally became the hottest rookie in the whole league.
Scout reports of various teams have changed from a rookie with amazing physical fitness to a shooter with great potential, and now he has become a super rookie with top scorers. His name has jumped out of the rookie of the year, leading the top pick, such as Walter, Hayward and others. People compare his performance with the amazing rookie seasons of superstars in history, such as Jordan and James.
"He is a very clever player, dribbling well and shooting accurately. He played a phenomenal performance." Opponent Kevin Durant also praised Tang Wenlong at the post-match media conference.
In Tang Wenlong, China, it became the most talked-about topic at the age of 15 to 35 overnight. Several high school students and college students fell madly in love with him. His elegant playing posture and distinctive blood superiority made his fan base in the motherland increasingly large.
Yao hasn’t come back yet, and Yi Jianlian is struggling on the Wizards bench, which should make fans in other Asian countries happy. It happened that he met the most popular performance in Tang Wenlong, which made Asian fans have mixed feelings. On the one hand, Tang Wenlong’s position as an outside player is occasionally brilliant and his dunk style is beautiful, which is the pride of the whole Asia. On the other hand, Tang Wenlong is so powerful that when China forms a new national team, where will there be their national drama?
The growth of fame has also brought a lot of economic benefits. The No.1 jersey of Tang Wenlong 76ers sold out of stock in just a few days, and the marketing amount in the official memorial hall of the 76ers showed explosive growth.
In addition, Joe Thomas, the agent of Tang Wenlong, is officially in pain and happiness. I don’t know the time difference. China merchants often break English and quote him to endorse the contract in the middle of the night. He has suffered from dark circles and neurasthenia for several days. Joe Thomas is thinking about whether he should form a team of brokers. Even if he makes more money, he will not have a chance to spend it.
At this time, Tang Wenlong has been in the city for two days and has stepped on the road of other stadiums again and again
This time, the opponent is the New Jersey Nets next door. After the Russians moved in, the New Jersey Nets jumped into the league. The team with the most local temperament picked Gordon Hayward in the draft, which almost made the Nets fans collapse. Harris is no longer popular and inefficient in previous years.

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