"Give it to me, you … small zai son …"

"Still want to resist?"
Ten people were brought up by the peak sexually immortal, and among them, there was a little boy at most ten years old, who was crying for his mother with tears.
At the age of ten, I have been distracted for a long time, which is normal in the celestial world. No matter how hard the little boy kicks, he can’t escape the clutches of Taiyi Jin Xian who caught him.
"Where is the seal of Tianbao, and where is Youhuan? This is your last chance!" The thin man rapped out.
"Fairy, we really don’t know …"
"Good busy ….."
Command butcher knife is on the verge of falling, the lazy voice is abrupt, and then seize the ten people’s ten Taiyi Jin Xian, head blown to pieces and * * scattered all over the floor at the same time.
With a whoosh, there were two more men out of thin air at the scene. One of them was a handsome man with a strange appearance, who looked like he was in his early twenties. The other one couldn’t even be called a man. He was clearly a boy of 16 or 17 years old. Naturally, it was Chen Han and Kirin Chen Yan who had just arrived in Helan Star.
Obviously, the name Chen Yan is much better than the fire, and Kirin finally accepted the name, which is better than the previous broken name.
The little boy, whose figure swept through the air, was grabbed by Chen Han and gently placed on the ground. He pinched his little face with a smile, without looking at others, and said faintly, "What kind of hatred makes you even attack a child who is less than ten years old and still distracted?"
"Two Taoist friends, you … we handle internal affairs, please don’t interfere." The thin man was going to be angry, but he didn’t know the depth and background of the two, and he fought back his anger and bowed his hand.
"I’m asking you what hatred you have, but you haven’t answered me." Chen cold light said.
"Dare to ask where friends come from?"
"No door, no faction, no one."
"In that case …"
The thin man’s face was not cold, and he laughed angrily and pointed to Chen Han: "I dare to mind my own business if I have no door or faction. Do you know what it means to cultivate the skill of controlling the Yuan God without door or faction? Take it for our seat and dedicate it to the Lord Star. This is a great achievement. How can this fellow be allowed to run wild in the territory of my refined heart Sect? "
Chen’s cold just appeared, and he used the skill of Yuan God’s control, killing ten Taiyi Jin Xian with one blow. This aspect alone made the other party misunderstand his background.
Now, since he himself admits that he is not from the super power, it is tantamount to violating the interests and bottom line of the super power.
The celestial world also has its hidden rules. Non-super powers and super powers are subordinate factions, and others can never practice the skill of Yuan God’s control. Chen Han is not only used, but also does not belong to any super power. This kind of situation is very common in the celestial world, but the result of these people is the same-they are stunned by the super power.
There are even express provisions in various forces that anyone who reports the attack by Yuan God will get a great reward once it is verified.
Even a little reward from the super power is amazing for low-ranking immortals.
"There is really something that is not afraid of death."
Kirin Chen Yan shocked the four fields with a long laugh, grabbed the sword light that was coming head-on, and at the same time, a circle of crimson Ming Xia enveloped the area: "Little guy, do you think there is still a chance to report?"
Several pick Jin Xian sword light released at the same time, he grabbed directly crushed into free energy, the two sides are not at the same level.
When the fist crosses the place, he will kill Luo Jinxian. Chen Leng laughs: "If anyone dares to start work or report, there is no doubt that you will die soon."
Pa …
Three pick Jin Xian was shot back by him, and the right hand and five fingers of the sword tactic were blasted at the same time, and the bloody phalanx was split into several pieces on the spot.
Defeat several pick Jin Xian with bare hands without even using a magic weapon. The two men shocked everyone with one hand. More than 500 people trapped in the central area seemed to seize the lifeline and knelt down to kowtow and shouted for help. The large family was killed by more than one-third of the people. Originally, they had no hope.
The thin man looked at Chen Han and Kirin Chen Yan coldly, and said slowly, "There is still a demon clan in the celestial realm of Luotian. Today, we will see how you can fight against our thousands of troops and kill these two bastards together. Kill!"
Whew! Whew! Whew!
With swords and swords coming from all directions, the two men were the targets of the attack, and even the Chinese Xuanxian did not dare to resist them head-on.
At this time, Chen Han put on a look of compassion, shook his head and sighed: "Forget it, I can’t stop you from pursuing death … the mysterious arrow-Sunday."
The powerful force of Yuan God condensed into 360 gold and silver gas arrows with finger length, releasing three waves continuously at incredible speed.

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