上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 喝茶工作室VX However, when the blood fog enveloped them, the spiritual connection between the three people disappeared out of thin air, and when they quickly took out the summons order to prepare for the news, they found that they could not even contact the captain with horror.

However, when the blood fog enveloped them, the spiritual connection between the three people disappeared out of thin air, and when they quickly took out the summons order to prepare for the news, they found that they could not even contact the captain with horror.

This thing is a bit weirder than the ordinary enchantment, which can not only block the external contact, but also cut off the contact of everyone in the blood fog.
"How about I stay?"
Chen’s cold voice sounded in one of them, and the man only felt that there was something behind him. In a hurry, he tried his best to blast the sword light all over the sky.
It’s a pity that the immortal knowledge clearly locked the target, so it disappeared from the immortal knowledge and appeared in front of it strangely. Then, let him temporarily mobilize one of the few immortal powers, and in the face of the immortal power that is stronger than he is, and the pure power that is several times stronger than the immortal power, his body was directly blown to pieces.
In the same order, if you meet an outstanding person in the past, such as an opponent who has a third-order special physique and is equally powerful in mind, fighting skill and magic weapon, it will take some time to kill each other. Now, with the second-order special physique, the powerful strength and defense against the enemy, especially the sorcery spell secret method and the broken void complement each other, and the master of the same order usually only gets seconds killed.
Two consecutive sounds of flesh and blood shattered, and the other two pick Jin Xian were beheaded on the spot, at the cost of his sorcery spell, which consumed nearly 10% of God’s strength.
As for the blood that started the witch spell, it’s nothing. It’s just not ordinary blood and it’s not the original effort. He doesn’t care if it costs more.
Chapter 537 Elite duel 2
Three people were killed in a split second, and the other five people left less than 50 thousand miles.
It’s not easy for Luo Jinxian of the same rank to chase him. Conversely, it’s another way of saying that he chases others.
Mind, posture, flight and physique are all wind attributes, and the same order is almost more or less slower than him, unless he has a special physique with a third-order wind attribute, but that possibility is slim.
Strong flesh can be provided in an instant, far exceeding the immortal power of any pick Jin Xian, which means that as long as his immortal knowledge can reach out, there is a teleport, which is impossible for other immortals. Generally speaking, they can only reach one-third of the exploration distance of immortals, and their bodies, meridians and immortals can’t bear such a strong energy output.
Chen Han can bear such output, even if he is ten times stronger than the immortal power output, there will be no burden for him. More importantly, his immortal knowledge is comparable to that in the early days.
On this planet, which only allows the late pick Jin Xian to enter at most, the detection distance of pick Jin Xian’s immortal knowledge is no more than five thousand miles.
In other words, the teleport distance is less than two thousand miles!
It is comparable to the fairy knowledge in the early days of Luotian Fairy, which is five times that of the later Luo Jinxian, that is, 25,000 miles. Chen Han’s teleport distance is equivalent to the detection distance of fairy knowledge, and a teleport is ten times that of other pick Jin Xian. Isn’t it easy for a few people who want to kill more than 40 thousand?
"Daoyou, you are polite in the next Yunfeng."
Five people flew less than 60,000 miles away, and when they just showed their body, they felt that the surrounding space was almost stagnant. A young man whose wrist was spraying blood smiled at them.
"Are you …"
They didn’t know Chen Han, and the three men intercepted them one step ahead before, so naturally they didn’t know the appearance of the intercepted target. However, the other person’s breath is very clear, and five people have changed color. How can this cargo run in front of them? Didn’t the three companions stop him?
Of course, as a team that fights monsters in the natural punishment star domain, it doesn’t matter between members before, and it is impossible to give their soul jade to each other. The three people hung up these five guys completely unaware of it.
"How is it possible that the three bastards didn’t stop you? !” The captain looks horribly pale. He doesn’t think that the three companions died, but decided that the three people underestimated the target to escape. After all, this man is a wind attribute in all aspects, and the speed is by no means comparable to other immortals.
"Can they … stop me?"
Chen Han’s smile is full of coldness, and the purple blood fog spreads around him, teleporting through thousands of meters of space in Fiona Fang: "Five, I’ll send you to reunite with your companions now, and they are anxious on the road to the grave. The comrades who left their companions are not good comrades."
No way!
They didn’t know until now that the three companions were actually killed by this man!
Although the three men are not extremely existing in the pick of Jin Xian, none of them is the elite of the elite. At worst, they all have second-class special physique, and one of them is a third-class special physique. Three people’s art and lighter are also excellent, and two of them hold the best fairy wares. Even if the top pick Jin Xian is well-equipped to the limit and has absolute defense against attacks, it will take a long time to kill the three of them.
How long has this been?
At most three or five breaths, three people were killed, and this fellow actually stopped them first, which is simply inconceivable.
It’s a pity that they didn’t have a chance to think. In that purple blood fog, the dragon blade easily tore a weak body. Time is a little more than a second, and the best of the five pick Jin Xian is completely gone.
Only those magic weapons and resources with high quality are left behind, as well as many important organs obtained from wild and fierce beasts.
Scraping all the treasures away, Chen Han casually printed a SHEN WOO seal, holding his arms and mumbling: "Well … I can’t tell them about this, and I can’t go back now, otherwise it’s hard not to be suspected. The six of them have absolute defense, completely ignoring the attack and fighting with all their strength. They will definitely kill those twelve people in half an hour, and it is not too late to go back when those bastards are dead. "
He simply took the opportunity to absorb the power of the stars. Now, the original embryo has turned into the nucleus of the stars, and the five major planetary bodies have also been formed in the five internal organs. Those who increase and weaken the power of the stars consumed by Xuanyin can provide a steady stream of energy by themselves. However, the energy needed for practicing SHEN WOO Seal must still be absorbed from the outside world.
It’s like when I was still a fix-true person, I had to absorb high-grade metals in order to upgrade to the five elements of Xuanli, while I only needed a lower level of metal to display other Xuanli.
Boo …
The silver light symbol burst on the top of the head, turning into silver rain to nourish every part of the body, from the visible flesh bone to the invisible Yuan fairy baby.
Half an hour has passed in an instant, so I have stayed twice as long, and I can even really feel that the late stage of Luo Jinxian is just around the corner.
"I almost can break through at any time, damn it!"
Look at the time. After nearly an hour, he took off with his flying sword on his foot and slowly flew to the valley hundreds of miles away.
While flying, Xuan Yin was displayed until the distance was shortened to Wan Li, and the speed was accelerated several times …
In the valley.
Six people were unscathed but obviously weak. There were some residual limbs and broken arms on the ground, and Yu Changying stood with her head bowed and her face guilty.
"Mistakes can improve, alas … Lao tze almost hang up …"
Chen Han came down from the sky with a natural and unrestrained look. When he came back, everyone’s looks relaxed a lot. When you are sad, Xin You’s eyebrows spread out and he quickly asked, "What’s the matter? Those people … Did you really draw them away? Are you hurt? What about those people? "
"Don’t look at me, I dare not say anything else. How many are faster than me in speed?" Chen cold glanced at Yu Changying intentionally or unintentionally.
"Without this absolute defense, you would have died a long time ago, boasting!" Ningling gave him a white look.
"Come back."
Chen Han’s haunting brilliance, like being summoned, turned into a stream of summer clouds and flew to the eyebrows of Yu Chang Feng. He nodded faintly: "You have made great contributions this time, and the other party was killed by us. The other five people can’t hide from things. However, I believe that they will spread the story to collect more people to kill us, and they will never dare to let us leave the heavenly punishment star field. Now there are two ways to go. "
After hearing what he said, Chen Han frowned and said, "Or leave this planet now. With our cultivation, we can completely resist the crisis in the starry sky and fly to the city, but this road will take a lot of time."
"no! As long as I leave the atmosphere of this planet, I can contact the master in the door and explain that naturally someone will come to meet us and take us away. " Yu Changfeng denied Chen Han’s words.

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