上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 品茶喝茶联系方式,私人外卖工作室品茶 In an instant, Qin and Han were the only people left on the top of the mountain.

In an instant, Qin and Han were the only people left on the top of the mountain.

Qin and Han dynasties looked at the empty blood tank of the circle, but smiled. Qin Keer’s bloodline revived, and the effect was even better than he expected. Before the Qin and Han Dynasties, it was estimated that after Qin Keer’s recovery, her blood magic power was far from being able to exert blood madness, but she exerted its degree and shape to be close to perfection. The most important thing is that the crazy form with blood scales is a form that only prehistoric blood families can have and must be high-order blood families!
Qin Keer’s bloodline recovery is actually a return to nature recovery, which was finally defined in Qin and Han Dynasties.
At this moment, JunkoS Watanabe appeared at the end of Shibanshan Road, with a person in her hand. This person is actually Qin Tong.
JunkoS Watanabe walked five steps away from the Qin and Han Dynasties and threw Qin Tong, who fainted, to the ground. Then he knelt respectfully in front of the Qin and Han Dynasties. "See your Majesty, I am a humble minister."
"Get up," Qin and Han said. "Did he see it?"
JunkoS Watanabe got up and said, "Yes, I happened to meet him peeking in the Woods when I came. He forgot the order given by your majesty before, so I asked your majesty to dispose of it."
The eyes of Qin and Han dynasties fell upon Qin Tong. "Didn’t he always want to know the truth and get my legacy? I will turn him into the truth now and give him the most precious legacy! "
JunkoS Watanabe said, "Your Majesty is wise. If he kills his Japanese organization, it will be really difficult to control, so he will be a more valuable pawn."
Qin and Han Dynasties had a grim smile. He took out a bottle filled with green liquid and pried Qin Tong’s jaws open, so he poured Qin Tong a small part.
JunkoS Watanabe exclaimed, "Your Majesty, this primary liquid is hard to come by, and Zhang Tao in the special laboratory has not been refined into a perfect form. How can it be used by Qin Tong?"
Qin and Han Dynasties said, "Let’s take Qin Tong as an experiment. The blood clan may not have to wait for the perfect form of the primary fluid to have an immortal body."
JunkoS Watanabe said, "But Qin Tong is not a member of my blood clan?"
Qin and Han dynasties stopped talking and bit Qin Tong’s neck. He is a blood clan if he goes down this bite.

Chapter 48 Steel underwear
Xiao Wu met Yue Shi’s stone and grass all the way. In order to improve the degree, he put the cold iron stick into the storage bracelet.
As Xiao Wu’s wish, Qin Keer followed his ass closer and closer.
Shrubs are densely covered in the mountains, and Xiao Wu’s skin is hard and thick, and he has also been cut a lot. Qin Keer is bad, but it’s not her skin that is bad. The branches of red scales and shrubs on her skin can’t hurt her at all. What’s bad is her clothes. Since running all the way came down, her clothes have become "all kinds of clothes", and many places that shouldn’t be exposed have been exposed.
Xiao Wuyi ran all the way back, only occasionally looking back, but later, when Qin Keer’s clothes were getting worse, he began to look back frequently.
The forest is getting deeper and deeper, and the huge canopy of trees is propped up in the sky like handfuls of giant umbrellas. The sun can’t shine down, and the woodland is wet and dark.
Xiao Wu suddenly stopped running in a meadow.
"Stop!" Xiao Wuyi held one hand in his crotch and held it high. He cried, "Madam Qin, there are no outsiders here. Don’t chase us for a rest before you run."
Qin Kerr really stopped. She looked at Xiao Wu with a dreamy voice: "Blood …"
Xiao Wudao said, "You can’t suck blood. If you suck it, you can’t turn back. You should stop your blood madness and come back with me for a while. When my junior sister comes out, I’ll ask her to cast spells on you. She will definitely be able to change you back to your original appearance."
"blood." Qin Chloe’s voice suddenly sounded a lot louder.
"my god!" Xiao Wu swallowed a mouthful of saliva. "Don’t always remember blood. Think about Tang Lan and Xu Qingqing. They are your best sisters. Do you remember them?"
"Tang Lan? Xu Qingqing … "
"Yes, yes!" Xiao Wu quickly said, "The big boss and the third boss of the Beauty Bodycare, you are the second boss."
Qin Keer whispered, "I remember …"
Xiao Wu breathed a sigh of relief.
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"I remember …" Qin Chloe chanting to xiao five.
Xiao Wuyi naturally took Qin Keer, who was connected with him, to move him back. Qin Keer was also dragged back by him. Xiao Wu’s hand rested on Qin Keer’s neck, and Qin Keer also rested on his neck with a pair of hands with sharp blood nails and desperately tried to put his mouth to his neck.
Two people are red-faced like a couple whose feelings are broken. They are fighting over a trivial matter. Qin keer’s face was already red, and she still looked so enchanting and moving, but Xiao Wu’s face was red with anger, which was unlike anyone, just like Guan Sir Zhong.
Finally, something tripped at Xiao Wu’s foot, and he fell to the ground with Qin Chloe. This two people’s posture has become a cuddle. The two men rolled from the grass to the rock, then from the rock to the grass, and finally rolled over a stream flowing down from the mountain stream, took a cold bath in the stream and then rolled back to the grass.
Qin Keer’s red head is more resilient after getting wet. After having a profound experience, Xiao Wu even suspected that Qin Keer’s head could be better than a steel rope for towing a car. And between rolling, Qin Keer’s head wrapped Xiao Wu and her into a red conjoined zongzi. The posture is that the chest is as close as the chest and legs are wrapped around the legs.
Qin keer is fine. She only wants to suck the blood of Xiao Wu, but Xiao Wu is more uncomfortable. He is naked in such a posture, and Qin Keer is almost naked. A bloody man can’t restrain himself again.
To Xiao Wu’s surprise, Qin Keer’s red scales can be in contact with him. His feelings are no different from real skin. However, when his reaction became more and more fierce, he tried to send his brother between Qin Keer’s legs. As soon as his brother touched the key position between Qin Keer’s legs, the red scales suddenly reacted into a hard substance. So he stabbed Qin keer to block one way and cooperate with the tacit understanding.
Qin Keer is sure it’s nothing, but Xiao Wuke is in pain. His own brother is already angry and eager to take the lead in Huanglong, but he is frequently blocked and twisted.
"My god, steel underwear!" Xiao Wu wants to cry.
Unfortunately, Xiao Wu was just beginning to be distracted by the following war, and was bitten by Qin Keer in the shoulder. If it is to urge mysterious forces to carry out devastating attacks, Xiao Wu has at least ten ways to get rid of Qin Keer. But if you do that, Qin Keer will become a fragmented Qin Keer, which Xiao Wu will not accept anyway.
Because of this brief hesitation, Qin Keer has already started to suck.
Xiao Wu suddenly smiled. "Mrs. Qin, you suck. As long as you can suck it out, I’ll let you suck enough."
Qin keer failed to suck a drop of blood from Xiao Wu’s wound, and no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t suck out Xiao Wu’s blood. Qin Chloe was angered by this. She held Xiao Wu and began to roll aimlessly again, tossing Xiao Wu herself.
Two people stopped again Qin keer gasp howls xiao five full head big sweat. This is not the result of bumping all the way, nor the fatigue of avoiding Qin Keer’s mouth, but the stubbornness of his own brother. Qin Keer’s upper body is no different from that of a normal woman. As long as he doesn’t make an aggressive action, his smooth skin is in close contact with him, which leads to his own brother’s self-mutilation when his flesh touches the steel plate …
At this time, Qin Keer also puzzled Xiao Wu.
Xiao Wu’s understanding of the blood clan is not much, but he still knows the general situation. Blood clan attacks a normal person with a 70% chance of assimilating that person, and a 30% chance of making that person die beyond the blood magic of blood clan assimilation. Such a body without a drop of blood is equivalent to a drained empty shell. The first thing for the assimilated blood clan is to absorb fresh blood. Otherwise, there will be a phenomenon of blood magic self-eating. In the light, the whole body of blood poison will fester, and in the heavy case, it will explode and die.
Qin Keer is a bloodline revival. She is far from being compared by those assimilated blood families. In the ceremony of bloodline revival, she binged on blood, and it is impossible for her to be attacked by blood magic. However, Qin Keer appeared a weak phenomenon at this moment, a phenomenon completely different from the blood magic itself.

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