上海品茶后花园-爱上海同城交友论坛 品茶喝茶联系方式 Chen Young timely chimed in at a side "master brothers don’t say it’s them, even we are curious about the answer to this question. Your skills are amazing! If you are willing to tell us, I am willing to exchange this secret. "

Chen Young timely chimed in at a side "master brothers don’t say it’s them, even we are curious about the answer to this question. Your skills are amazing! If you are willing to tell us, I am willing to exchange this secret. "

It’s no wonder that Yan Chenhui is so eager for this exercise skill. It’s really because everyone saw in that game just now that the master knelt down and licked me. It was with this trick that he bullied the eternal God!
In the eyes of Chenmeng players, this move is simply an enemy, and it can be done by practicing skills, which is equivalent to a secret book where everyone can learn martial arts!
If we can really get this secret, Yan Chen’s strength will rise several times. Of course, this is limited to vice!
"Really? Then I’ll go back and think about it. If it’s nothing, let’s call it a day! " God-class master knelt down and licked me, but he didn’t give Chen Young and others a chance to reflect and just walked out of the way
"It’s a little too fast? I still want to add his friends! "
"You just remember to add friends? I have already tried it. He blocked it. "
Others don’t know that Cheyenne can’t do it without blocking it. He doesn’t have an independent friend list, and it’s easy to reveal it.
Cheyenne quit the game and went straight to sleep, while a group of Chenmeng players didn’t leave, but they chatted with relish about the origin of the mysterious players in the team. The main topic of discussion was how powerful this person was
"I don’t see it. Anyway, I don’t think I can catch up with flattery." Asked about the original tank of the team, the knight master McGee said in everyone’s mind.
"I feel that he is better than the average god-level master in the vice!" Chen Young said.
In fact, Chen Young’s words are conservative, not only in the vice, but also in the pk master level. I am definitely a master level! Other players in Chenmeng had a feeling about this for a long time, but their professional reasons were that the master knelt down to lick my knight, but they didn’t expect that an arena competition would make the master kneel down to lick my pk level.
There is a big difference between beating monsters and pk. All players know that there are rules and tricks to follow when beating monsters and thin silk, but pk depends on personal awareness and exercise. In other words, the skill of thin silk is not too bad with a little IQ, but pk needs talent and constant training.
A priest player said, "The best way to feel the strength of a tank is that our priest kneels and licks me and adds blood to the master, but he has always been discouraged, but mainly because he didn’t believe him at first. Now, on the whole, he has never been abroad and needs our priest to make up for his mistakes. We just need to do the most basic work."
The priest’s player analysis has been unanimously recognized by other priests in the team, and they have expressed how relaxed and happy the priest will be if he has such a tank. Although praising another knight in front of the team tank is somewhat hurt, the Maijiji people are also kind people who kneel down to the master level and lick my heart, and the players in the Morning League have no scruples.
"We Chenmeng must try our best to win over such a master!" Chen Young’s final statement made other players happy. Even McGee, who was about to be robbed of his position, looked happy and not jealous.
The 30-level sub-demon Sleeping Place Guild of the Morning League has already been publicized by the world news, and other teams that are still struggling here have inquired about the secrets of the Morning League through various channels.
This time, the vice-communication is a big hit for Chenmeng.
At this time, Chen Young also received a message from the Dragon City Flying General, "Is the devil asleep?"
Longcheng Camp is not in Sirius City, but they are the first to enter foreign forces, especially Yan Chenlong City, which is also considered to be the understanding of the two houses. It is not necessarily the key moment.
"Well …" Yan Chennai replied. He hoped that other people didn’t notice it. For the time being, he wouldn’t know that the master of God knelt down and licked me, so maybe they could mix with the master for a few more days and he would have more time to woo the master.
"I heard that you are relying on one person this time?" Dragon city flying general asked
Yan Chen’s heart thumped and said blankly, "It’s our team’s hard work, not just one or two players!"
"Yan big take charge of you don’t and I installed it would have opened said your guild out of a poor equipment but go against the super master! Presumably, you can pass the level 3 deputy because of him? "
"Who is this rumor? It’s pure fabrication!" Chen Young angrily said
"Yan Dadang, your acting is really good, but the eternal imperialists are very sure about it!" Dragonfly will firmly way
Level 30 vice, the highest level vice, those big guilds have already tried, but they all failed without exception. Longcheng Feijiang Liuzhou core main force has also participated in the vice, and they clearly know the difficulty of level 30 vice. It is difficult for them to pass this vice at this stage, but at this moment, the vice news of the alliance came out in the morning.
Dragon City Taitai immediately instructed Dragon City Flying Commander to try to get the morning alliance video. Dragon City Flying Commander was still thinking about it, such as spying on this secret, but he received a message from the eternal famous minister telling him about this master.
Yan Chen took a deep breath. He really didn’t expect that the eternal empire would rather lose its reputation than be exposed to the fact that the master of the God level kneels and licks me. He said, "Well, our guild has just received a master, thanks to him, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to pass the level 30 deputy demon sleep place today."
"Is there really such a person?"
"I have an agreement with you, and we are an alliance to some extent, so I will tell you the truth. This man is really good, but his origin is very suspicious. I suspect that he is sent by other guilds." Chen Young said half-truths.
"How good do you think he is?" Dragon City Flying General seems to be completely indifferent to God-level experts kneeling and licking me to explore my identity.
"Not worse than your Dragon City Shield!" Chen Young said.
Dragon City Flying General will scold Nima in his heart. Isn’t this nonsense? Dragon City Shield is the first guardian knight of Dragon City, but if he is really better than the master of God level, he will not pass the level 30 vice.
But this evaluation also evaluates that the weight is not light. The strength of Liuzhou Shield is already super-class, stronger than Liuzhou Shield, and that is the master of God!
"Do you know which guild he is from?" Dragon city flying general asked
"This is not clear. He just joined the club today. I need to find out at one o’clock." This is the ultimate goal of Chen Young’s words. He hopes to make a final investigation on the master of the gods after a while and try his best to drive him.
"in that case, I have a good idea!" Dragon Chen Fei will ourtenant said.
Chen Young had a bad feeling but still had to ask, "What idea?"
"Since you said he was probing, why don’t you let us help Liuzhou? You know we are professional in this field, and we can soon find out the specific route of this person."
Isn’t that what Nima wants to dig people up? That’s impressive! Yan Chen secretly scolded in his heart.
Although the master of God kneels and licks me, it is not only that such a master of God can make day by day, but also that he is a high-end laborer! Who doesn’t want a god-class thug? Chen Young white this dragon fly will also white this even if they suspect that this person is absolutely not let go!
"I’d like to ask you for help, but he’s not online now."
"Let’s talk about it in the next day".
The same scene has been played several times, and even Bai Mengyan has asked the master of the gods to kneel down. I naturally mean to win him over. Although Chen Young likes Bai Mengyan, he will not give in in this respect. Bai Mengyan is very unhappy because the other party is not online.
Before Cheyenne got up early, he was suddenly awakened by a crackling firecracker, and then he beat gongs and drums to celebrate Cheyenne’s climb from bed to the window. When he saw the street upstairs, it was like singing a big drama.
Then Cheyenne’s words rang.
"Hey, where the hell are you? Didn’t I tell you that today is the team establishment day? You have one minute to come and help me! " Baimengyan angry call way
Cheyenne remembered that Bai Mengyan did say such a thing yesterday. He rubbed his eyes and dug his nostrils and said, "My boss, what time is it now? You will beat gongs and drums, which will cause public anger, and then you will be more than you can bear!"
"Don’t give me nonsense. If you don’t come again, it will be you!" Bai Mengyan said and hung up. To be continued.
Chapter I am lucky to have you.
Cheyenne washed his face in a hurry and then went upstairs to see Xiao Dao, Wang Lame and others all in high spirits. Bai Mengyan and Enron were at the front of the team with ambitious faces.
"All right, everyone is here. Now let’s take the first photo of the ceremony to commemorate the great moment when the pig ring team was formally established!" Baimengyan mercilessly stared at Cheyenne and then shouted with arms
"oh? Is the backbone of our team here? " Cheyenne asked in surprise. I didn’t expect Bai Mengyan to move very fast. He needs a little more time for Bai Mengyan to get together with these people. Now it seems that Bai Mengyan really feels a sense of urgency.
Bai Mengyan holds her breath in her heart and wants to catch up with her sister Bai Hanyue, which Cheyenne knows.
However, touching the conscience, it can be said that the difference between Bai Mengyan and Bai Hanyue’s ability can be described as a hundred thousand miles. Bai Hanyue’s own strength is high and strong, and it is not like a woman’s idol to do things decisively. Bai Mengyan’s body is a mess. Even pulling people depends on repeatedly pleading. She is careless and doesn’t look like a woman.
Well, it seems that the two sisters still have something in common, Cheyenne thought
Then Wang Lame took the initiative to gather together.
"Those two are Yan Pu, Yan Que, two brothers, the God Storm and the plane aunt. These two couldn’t come because of something, and the red high heels didn’t come. The others came."

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